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May 2008

UV instrument spots hidden contaminants 30 May 08

Craic Technologies says that its latest product is the first to combine UV microscopy and microspectroscopy in a single tool.

Laser sets heart beating to a new rhythm 30 May 08

optics.org speaks to researchers in Japan who have created a femtosecond laser pacemaker.

Reflex makes optical interconnects easy 29 May 08

US firm Reflex Photonics says that its new product line is perfect for ultrashort reach optical interconnects to and between IC packages on a single PCB.

OmniVision unveils "radical" CMOS design 29 May 08

Collecting light through the backside of a CMOS sensor allows OmniVision to extend its pixel roadmap down to 0.9 microns.

Osram's ultrabright green shines for LCDs 29 May 08

Touting its RGB backlight breakthrough at the Society for Information Display symposium, the German LED maker is thrilled at the prospects for wall-to-wall television.

Tailoring the laser to the application essential for material processing 29 May 08

What is the optimal laser for material processing? Jens Bleher, managing director of TRUMPF Laser Technology Division, answers in his own words and explains why TRUMPF needs to offer its customers a complete range of laser technologies.

Complex event becomes permanent fixture 28 May 08

The next optical complex systems conference organized by the French POPsud cluster will be held in 2011.

Terahertz laser emits at room temperature 28 May 08

A quantum cascade laser that emits terahertz radiation at room temperature opens up applications in biological imaging and security screening.

3D microscopy images cells with nanoscale resolution 27 May 08

The inside of a single cell has been imaged in 3D with nanoscale resolution for the first time.

Business briefs 23 May 08

Featuring news from TeraView, Enfis, Northrop Grumman, FLIR Systems, Nichia and more.

Laser-driven light spans the spectrum 23 May 08

The "world's first source of truly broadband power" generates high-brightness output from the deep ultraviolet to the visible range and beyond.

Arasor holds on for laser TV take-off 23 May 08

The Mitsubishi LaserVue could mark a turning point in the aspiring chipmaker’s fortunes, after optoelectronics supply deals in India put a big burden on its finances.

Water boosts laser ablation efficiency 22 May 08

An ablation technique that fires nanosecond pulses onto a sample with a layer of water on its surface could aid laser processing of metals.

Light takes off for Lévy flight 22 May 08

Researchers in Italy have for the first time engineered an optical material to support Lévy flights, which fundamentally alter the way that light waves travel through the material.

Fibre delivers self-healing Bessel beam 21 May 08

A fibre-based source of near-ideal Bessel beams will be crucial for applications that require remote beam delivery as well as diffraction-free propagation.

Solid-state to supplant argon-ion 21 May 08

A solid-state laser emitting 200 mW continuous-wave at 244 nm is set to replace power-hungry argon-ion sources.

EU invests in tunable IR lasers 20 May 08

The European SENSHY project will produce tunable 3.3 micron sources to be used in hydrocarbon detection systems.

'Polaritonics' forges ahead 20 May 08

Particles that are 'half-matter and half-light' could be used in optoelectronics devices.

Finisar and Optium aim for top components spot 19 May 08

The merger of Finisar and Optium could create the largest optical components supplier, ousting JDSU from the number one position. UPDATED 19/05/08

Business briefs 19 May 08

Featuring news from BCC Research, Multiwave Photonics, 3M, Sony, BrightSource Energy and more.

Femtosecond laser delivers breakthrough performance 19 May 08

A Ti:Sa laser that emits sub-50 fs pulses at repetition rates of 10 GHz offers unique advantages for applications in spectroscopy.

Analysis focuses on ultrashort pulses 19 May 08

Optics.org speaks to Rick Trebino about a new approach to characterize focused ultrashort light pulses.

Medical imaging via mobile phone 15 May 08

Medical images that can be uploaded onto a mobile phone and transmitted to health professionals for analysis could help make diagnosis and treatment more accessible.

Shrimp see a polarized world 15 May 08

Research into the way that shrimp view the world is giving scientists a better understanding of imaging with polarized light.

Photometer simplifies headlight testing 14 May 08

A new method for analysing the illumination pattern of car headlights combines a CCD photometer with custom software.

Laser deregulation prompts debate 14 May 08

Should the UK government deregulate the use of class 4 lasers and intense pulsed light sources that are used for cosmetic treatments? Over 700 people have already signed a petition opposing the idea.

Financial focus 13 May 08

A round-up of the latest financial reports from JDSU, Newport, Corning, Cree and more.

Business briefs 12 May 08

Featuring news from Trumpf, Modulight, Faro Technologies, iSuppli, NanoMarkets and more.

'Multidisciplinarians' are the future of photonics 08 May 08

Photonic enabling technologies are undergoing a second renaissance, argues Tom Baer, executive director of the Stanford Photonics Research Center in California, US. Joe McEntee asked him how industry and academia can take maximum advantage of the growth opportunities.

Entrepreneurial spirit creates optical oasis 08 May 08

Tucson in Arizona, US, is recognized as an emerging leader in the knowledge-based global economy, and optics is a key driver. Jacqueline Hewett speaks to community leaders in academia and industry to discover the factors that are fuelling the city's growth.

Power meters rise to the challenge 08 May 08

As lasers become more powerful and diverse, so power meters have had to adapt. Ephraim Greenfield of Ophir Optronics gives us an overview of the different power meters available and outlines how they have advanced to meet the new demands of today's laser systems.

New growth for optical coherence tomography 08 May 08

Optical coherence tomography is an emerging medical imaging technology with an ever growing list of applications. Marie Freebody speaks to James Fujimoto to find out more.

Auroral light is polarized after all 08 May 08

Polarization measurements of the Northern Lights overturn 50 years of conventional wisdom and could provide a new way of studying the atmosphere of Earth.

IPG back on track with diode laser ramp 08 May 08

The fibre laser specialist says that it has solved the manufacturing problems that hit laser yields in 2007.

Green laser meets mobile projection requirements 07 May 08

A lack of suitable green lasers has slowed the integration of scanning projectors into mobile devices. Now Michael Schmitt and Ulrich Steegmüller from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors claim that they have a device that meets all the requirements for this challenging application.

Tessera zoom lens has no moving parts 07 May 08

A combination of lens design and specialized algorithms in the OptiML Zoom allows up to 3x continuous optical zoom.

Metamaterials move beyond nature's limits 07 May 08

Metamaterials are poised to impact every area of optics with their unusual and often surprising properties. Natasha Litchinitser and Vladimir Shalaev review recent progress and look at some of the potential applications of these fascinating materials

Optical sensors boost mobile device efficiency 07 May 08

Mobile devices that include an optical sensor from Osram can detect how they are being used and adapt accordingly to save battery power.

Trumpf expands at Connecticut factory 06 May 08

Production of laser products and research & development will be the main focus of a new facility on the company's Farmington site.

Powerful supercontinuum spans infrared 06 May 08

Optics.org speaks to researchers in the UK who are scaling up the power of supercontinuum sources in a bid to reach new applications.

Nitride LED pumps polymer laser 02 May 08

A polymer laser that is pumped by an LED could provide a low-cost and compact source of visible light.

Business briefs 02 May 08

Featuring news from CVI Technical Optics, Northrop Grumman, PerkinElmer, Kopin, SPI Lasers, Sofradir and more.

Optics companies looking to trade abroad have a local ally 02 May 08

British companies setting up in the US need specialist advice, as do American businesses looking to invest in Europe. Matthew Whiteley of UKTI tells OLE how he can help them be successful.

Random lasers yield their secrets 02 May 08

Researchers in Switzerland and the US have developed a new theoretical framework that for the first time explains the behaviour of unconventional laser systems such as diffusive random lasers.

Luminescent nanowires grow horizontally 01 May 08

Ultralong gallium oxide nanowires that emit blue light could benefit biological science

Laser light cools silica resonator 01 May 08

A special laser cooling technique originally developed for single particles has now been applied to a silica structure.

157 nm laser facility opens its doors 01 May 08

An open-access laboratory will allow researchers to exploit the benefits of 157 nm laser light on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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