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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

November 2008

New Kodak dopant gives OLEDs more life 27 Nov 08

A green dopant is set to help move OLEDs into emerging large-market applications.

27 Nov 08

Ultraviolet pulses close in on 1 fs regime 27 Nov 08

optics.org speaks to the team that has produced 3.7 femtosecond pulses in the deep ultraviolet, the shortest duration ever reported in this waveband.

A simpler route to invisibility 27 Nov 08

Researchers unveil a way to create broadband cloaks using the geometry of curved space.

LED illumination market to triple in five years 26 Nov 08

An updated report from ElectroniCast suggests that the high-brightness LED segment is largely immune to the wider economic downturn.

Europe unveils astronomy investment plan 26 Nov 08

Funding for the European Extremely Large Telescope is given top priority in a new 20-year investment roadmap.

Thermal management ups VECSEL power 25 Nov 08

Ursula Keller's group reveals details of a vertical external cavity surface emitting laser that offers a big leap in output power.

Business briefs 24 Nov 08

Featuring news from Planar Systems, Raytheon, Oree, Novaled and more.

Raydiance pulls in $20 million of financing 21 Nov 08

Ultrafast laser developer Raydiance bucks the downward economic trend by raising $20 million in new funding.

SolFocus boasts highest PV energy yield 20 Nov 08

After the CPV system maker optimizes its optics, upcoming improvements in III-V solar cells look set to push performance even further.

Diamond debuts in Raman laser 20 Nov 08

Diamond crystals of sufficient size and quality have been grown and used in compact Raman lasers for the first time.

Periodic stack tunes into photonics market 19 Nov 08

Tuneable optical filters that have been fabricated using a simple nanoimprinting method offer unique advantages for display and lighting applications.

Waveguide reduces diode divergence 18 Nov 08

A high-power laser diode that emits light with a very narrow vertical divergence offers unique advantages for beam shaping and coupling.

JDSU vies to switch off tunable competition 18 Nov 08

The Californian optoelectronic component manufacturer is asserting its monolithic InP integration patents against other chipmakers and even its own customers.

Business briefs 17 Nov 08

Featuring news from Jenoptik, Rofin-Sinar, Sofradir, StockerYale and more.

First 'bona fide' direct images of exoplanets 17 Nov 08

The Hubble, Gemini and Keck telescopes have spotted four new planets outside our Solar System.

Short fibre creates ultrafast OPO 13 Nov 08

Biophotonic applications look set to be the first beneficiary of a microstructured-fibre-based OPO that produces sub-100 femtosecond pulses.

Coherent restructures to face the future 13 Nov 08

Solar is the bright spot for the company as it aims to shed 5% of its workforce.

LED backlights to grab TV share in 2009 12 Nov 08

The potential for super-slim designs will be the key market driver behind LED backlighting of large LCD TVs, predicts the Korean analyst firm Displaybank.

Protecting the IP is the key to investing in university research 12 Nov 08

The way that UK university research is turned into profitable spin-outs is changing, with several specialist investment companies now operating as funding sources. Rob Rule explains the benefits for both parties.

The Netherlands offers focal point for photonics 11 Nov 08

Sitting at the heart of Europe, the Netherlands is a photonics hub. Marie Freebody speaks to people who live and work in the country to uncover the reasons behind this success.

Fraunhofer makes hyperspectral imaging cheaper 11 Nov 08

A MEMS route to cost-effective hyperspectral imaging could open up new uses in spectroscopy and holography.

CMOS technology moves to the next generation 11 Nov 08

Developments in complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology allow the sensors to penetrate into high-performance applications that were previously not practical. Lars Hansen of Basler Vision Technologies, Germany, describes the current state of the art.

Europe leads the way in attosecond research 11 Nov 08

Breaking the 100 as barrier and making the first movie of electron motion are just two recent milestones achieved by European researchers. Nadya Anscombe talks to key players in the attosecond community to see what the future holds.

Visiting China essential to explore local market 11 Nov 08

The saying "look before you leap" applies to any optics business thinking of establishing a presence in China. Jacqueline Hewett speaks to Richard Farmer of ATG Airports and Richard Freeman of Zeeko about their first-hand experiences of China's optics industry.

Phoenix unlocks the icy history of Mars 11 Nov 08

Mars is a cold desert planet with no liquid water on its surface. Jacqueline Hewett speaks to Peter Smith, the principal investigator on NASA's Phoenix mission, to learn how optical instruments and a robotic arm are charting the water ice that lies under the planet's surface.

Measuring ultrashort pulses needs precision 11 Nov 08

Techniques for measuring ultrashort pulses have come a long way in the last 10 years. Marie Freebody speaks to Rick Trebino about the intricacies of working at femtosecond timescales and how the devices that characterize such pulses can be commercialized.

Optical oscilloscope is fit for high-speed studies 11 Nov 08

An all-optical oscilloscope beats the resolution of conventional devices by more than a factor of five.

Chirping boosts solar cell efficiency 11 Nov 08

Chirped silicon reflectors have been integrated into thin-film silicon solar cells for the first time.

Business briefs 10 Nov 08

Featuring news from Coherent, IPG Photonics, Arbor Photonics, Powerlase, Qioptiq and more.

OCT sees clearly at one micron 07 Nov 08

Optical coherence tomography images acquired at a wavelength of one micron are said to offer improved contrast between healthy and cancerous tissue.

Single laser traps and dissects cells 07 Nov 08

Researchers have shown for the first time that a single near-infrared laser can be used to both trap and dissect living cells.

Tiny terahertz spectrometer turns to VECSELs 06 Nov 08

Bulky terahertz spectroscopy systems based on ultrafast lasers could be superseded by a miniature design based on a semiconductor source.

Newport aims to ride out the storm 05 Nov 08

Growth in photovoltaics and a focus on costs gives the company confidence, despite the slowdown in semiconductor markets.

LEDs create wireless network using light 05 Nov 08

An $18.5m US project that aims to develop LEDs that emit information as well as light could see its first commercial applications in the next few years.

3DIcon promises high-res 3D images 05 Nov 08

Volumetric three-dimensional images made without mechanical or moving parts have been demonstrated.

Practical silicon-core optical fibre debuts 04 Nov 08

Silicon-core optical fibres that can be mass-manufactured using a conventional fibre-draw process unite optoelectronics and fibre-optics.

Falling sales trigger JDSU upheaval 04 Nov 08

The optical technology giant's CEO resigns, but not before he slashes seven test and measurement research centres and merges two laser diode-based divisions.

Business briefs 03 Nov 08

Featuring news from Newport, JDSU, NanoMarkets, Corning, Zygo and more.

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