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Advancing time interval measurement techniques with FPGA-based instrumentation 22 May
Liquid Instruments
How to fast-track photon counting, optical communications, and oscillator characterization with time & frequency analysis: The ability to precisely measure the period of time between events is critical in a number of applications, ranging from oscillator characterization and pulse analysis to more specialized applications such as free-space optical communications, phase noise analysis, and photon counting in quantum optics experiments.
How SWIR spectral imaging-on-chip can advance your business - 12th October, 4pm Uk/ 5pm CET/ 11am EST/ 8am PST 28 Sep 2023
Join us for this must-attend event and witness firsthand how on-chip SWIR spectral imaging is poised to redefine industry standards and open doors to uncharted possibilities. Hosted on optics.org and presented Wouter Charle and Ash Prabala from imec Innovative on-chip filter technology is reshaping the landscape of spectral imaging, making the cameras more compact, real-time, power-efficient, and customizable. The technology makes them accessible even to those without specialized expertise in spectral imaging and data interpretation.
Cheaper, faster, better? What does the future hold for ultrafast high-power lasers? 31 May 2023
IPG Photonics, Edmund Optics and Fraunhofer ILT: 14th June, 4pm BST/ 5pm CET/ 11am EST/ 8am PST
Join IPG Photonic, Edmund Optics and Fraunhofer ILT for the optics.org panel discussion on ultrafast high-power lasers for materials processing applications. Join our Chair, Jeff Hecht (Internationally recognised Scientific Journalist), along with our panelists Tony Karam, PhD (IPG), Olivia Wheeler (Edmund Optics) and Matthias Trenn (Fraunhofer), as we take a look at the challenges and opportunities facing the materials processing market today. We’ll be discussing technical processes, and the challenges of meeting customer expectations. As part of optics.org’s industrial laser series this is a must-attend event with panelists from internationally recognised brand leaders in ultrafast high-power lasers and components.
Applying Systems Engineering methodologies to the development of Optical Systems 22 May 2023
SE-Training - 12th June, 4pm BST/5pm CET/11am EST/ 8am PST
The successful end-to-end development of Optical systems is notoriously a great challenge, consisting of many sub-challenges! The Optical Systems Engineer / Architect has a problem that is quite unlike many of the traditional engineering disciplines, in that the Optical system already begins with a very high dependency on the other disciplines. As the technical complexity increases, realising predictable schedules becomes even more difficult. Hence the need for supporting the development activities with a holistic approach, utilising skills, methods and processes from Systems Engineering. The presentation focuses on certain key areas of the development, that highly benefit from a Systems Engineering approach and toolbox.
Latest advances in industrial nonlinear compression with femtosecond lasers - Yoann Zaouter & Vincent Rouffiange 12 May 2023
Amplitude - Tue 6th June: 5pm CET/4pm UK/11am EST/ 8am PST
Join Vincent Rouffiange and Zaouter for this essential webinar as they explore the latest advances in femtosecond laser technology and their applications in various fields. They will also discuss the key benefits and challenges associated with using femtosecond lasers and provide practical advice on how to optimize their performance. Whether you are a researcher, engineer, or medical professional, this webinar will provide valuable insights into the cutting-edge world of femtosecond lasers. Sign up today!
How to monitor laser system performance with power measurement 19 Sep 2022
Gentec EO - Join Paige Stevens from Gentec EO on Wed 19th Oct. 8amPST/ 11am EST/ 4pm UK/ 5pm CET
Does your laser system always produce the exact same output? The laser itself, the optical components that guide your laser’s light to its delivery point and also the surrounding environment, all have an impact on the output and efficiency of your processes. To ensure consistent, repeatable results, it is important to track your system’s health at various checkpoints. Do you know how to measure it? This webinar will show you how to measure your laser’s power accurately and he right tools can help you track your laser system’s performances easily before problems arise for faster product development, increased productivity and standardized quality control. The basic principles for laser power measurement will be presented, both for continuous monitoring and spot-check measurements.
Why and how to measure your laser energy accurately? Technology overview 14 Apr 2022
Book your space now for the optics.org hosted webinar on accurate laser energy measurement. In this webinar, you will learn how to measure laser energy accurately. You will also discover the tools that can help you maintain standardized quality and ensure end-users’ safety, therefore ensuring the success of your operations. Presented by Ahmed Rihane from Gentec-EO, this is a must attend for engineers from a wide variety of laser applications from nuclear fusion to LIDAR. Register today! Date: May 11, 2022: Time: 8am PST/ 11am EST/ 4pm UK time/ 5pm European time
Frame Grabbers and their important role in Vision Systems 21 Sep 2021
Join BitFlow's Director of Sales, Donal Waide, for a Webinar detailing Frame Grabbers and their role in a Vision System. The webinar will take place on Tuesday, September 21st at 8am PST/11am EST/4pm BST/5 pm CET. Sign up here today!
SWIR imaging systems are deployed for defense and security applications, often in the harshest of environments. Using SWIR provides vision through haze, mist, rain, fog and in challenging atmospheric conditions. In this webinar we explore how those environments dictate the need for ruggedized engineering solutions. 8th September 2021 - 2:30pm BST/3:30pm CET/9:30am EST/6:30am PST - Sign up today!
Optical Filters in Space 01 Sep 2021
Iridian Spectral Technologies
Book your space now for the "Optical Filters in Space" webinar with industry expert Jason Palidwar - 1st September 9am PST/12pm EST/5pm BST/6pm CET “Space, the final frontier”. Over the past two decades optical filters have established their value as the key wavelength selective elements in many terrestrial photonics applications from telecom to 3D cinema. Rapid growth in two space-based applications, Satcom and Earth Observation, has created new extraterrestrial needs for optical filters. In this webinar we’ll discuss these applications and the optical filters that enable them.
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