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Room Temperature Terahertz Frequency Comb Using Quantum Cascade Lasers 22 Oct

Wavelength Electronics’ QCL LAB Driver and PTC temperature controller provide the high-precision and ultra-low noise current and temperature stability needed for harmonic frequency combs.

Learn about a novel narrow-linewidth 785 nm laser and how it can be used in low-frequency Raman spectroscopy, especially for inspection of pharmaceutical products. 01 Oct

Being able to access the low-frequency region in Raman spectroscopy promises better insight into the detailed composition of pharmaceutical drugs and also stronger Raman signal levels. In this white paper we introduce a stable narrow-linewidth laser source at 785 nm and discuss the performance required to address low frequency Raman spectroscopy needs.

In vivo NIR-II Small Animal Imaging with C-RED 2 14 Sep

In vivo NIR-II Small Animal Imaging with C-RED 2 – high-speed and sensitive imaging of ICG in vivo distribution in a nude mouse

Two-photon fluorescence microscopy - imaging of invitrogen fluocells, kidney, liver and collagen. 10 Sep

The Chromacity 1040 provides the perfect balance of peak-power, pulse duration and average power for generating images of biological samples through a two-photon non-linear process.

What’s in a GRISM? Uses & Advantages 26 Aug

Combining a GRating and prISM allows light to be dispersed while canceling out beam deviation to enable in-line optical layouts ideal for compact spectral imaging. But the advantages don’t stop there. In this tech note, we’ll share 5 tips & tricks we’ve learned about grisms to get the most out of your next optical design.

Understanding High Performance SWIR Imaging Cameras – Seeing beyond the visible! 24 Jul

This white paper discusses the performance of InGaAs detector arrays with sensitivities in the Vis-SWIR region, discussing readout noise and dark current reduction.

Extended SWIR (eSWIR) High Performance and High Definition Colloidal Quantum Dot Imagers 24 Jul

CQD sensors exhibit sensitivity superior to traditional IR sensors employed in the 1600-2000nm band, enabling the first commercially available room temperature 2.1MP camera with sensitivity to 2.0 micron.

Unlocking the Unknowns of Industrial Sensing 25 Jun

Ocean Insight offers robust, scalable sensing tools and deep application knowledge, design and manufacturing expertise to help customers unlock the unknowns of industrial applications.

Polymeric Systems Bring Clarity to Optical Applications 01 Jun

Understand optical transmission, refractive indices, temperature and humidity testing, as well as the role of these measurements in choosing an effective adhesive for optical applications.


An active long-range FTIR spectroscopy system can acquire high-resolution gas absorption spectra such as hydrocarbon emissions.

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