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The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

August 2008

Nanolaser tunes in excess of 100 nm 28 Aug 08

Charles Lieber tells optics.org how new levels of control have led to nanowire lasers capable of emitting between 365 and 494 nm.

Avago files for $400 million IPO 28 Aug 08

Chip maker Avago Technologies is hoping to raise $400 million in an initial public offering (IPO) in spite of a turbulent stock market and a slumping semiconductor industry.

SLM boosts microscope resolution 27 Aug 08

Researchers have extended the resolution of a wide-field microscope beyond the diffraction limit to image cells in finer detail.

VCSEL extends its reach to detect CO 27 Aug 08

Carbon monoxide can now be detected by vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers, thanks to a design that pushes emission out to 2.3 microns.

Nanosphere-coated LEDs emit white light 26 Aug 08

Chinese researchers have found that adding an opal-like layer of fluorescent nanospheres to blue LEDs gives uniform white-light emission.

Couder turns the tables at Bookham 26 Aug 08

Despite burning its way through hundreds of millions of dollars over the past 20 years, InP and GaAs chip maker Bookham is still in business. Remarkably, it now looks like it will be generating cash by the end of 2008. Michael Hatcher asks CEO Alain Couder how he has turned around the company's fortunes.

Couder turns the tables at Bookham 26 Aug 08

Despite burning its way through hundreds of millions of dollars over the past 20 years, InP and GaAs chip maker Bookham is still in business. Remarkably, it now looks like it will be generating cash by the end of 2008. Michael Hatcher asks CEO Alain Couder how he has turned around the company's fortunes.

Sony reveals brightest red diode array 26 Aug 08

Sony has unveiled the world's brightest red laser diode array that it says is ideal for use in projection devices.

Nano-gold doesn't reflect THz radiation 22 Aug 08

Nanostructured gold films can be used as effective broadband terahertz antireflection coatings, say scientists in Germany.

Business briefs 21 Aug 08

Featuring news from JDSU, Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology, Powerlase, iSuppli, SPIE and more.

Cree's lighting strategy brings dazzling sales 21 Aug 08

The LED maker’s vertical integration pays off at the packaged chip level, but at the price of reduced annual profits.

GSI drives UK diode laser project 20 Aug 08

A £1.2 million research programme will give the UK a leading position in fibre-coupled sources for mainstream materials processing.

Intraoperative images improve surgical precision 20 Aug 08

A NIR fluorescence imaging system could offer real-time image guidance during cancer surgery.

Silk worms produce biocompatible optics 19 Aug 08

Biodegradable, biocompatible and implantable optical components made of silk are unveiled by researchers in the US.

Inverted metamorphic cell claims solar crown 19 Aug 08

Using GaAs instead of germanium substrates, NREL scientists can exploit the ideal combination of materials to produce a compound semiconductor cell.

Business briefs 18 Aug 08

Featuring news from Jenoptik, Zygo, Boeing, Applied Energetics, OSRAM and more.

Quantum dot laser emits twin peaks 18 Aug 08

A quantum dot laser that emits at 1543 and 1571 nm simultaneously is the first in a new generation of dual-wavelength self-modelocked sources.

BioSolar makes PV backsheet from beans and cotton 15 Aug 08

Backsheets made from renewable biomaterials could be more cost effective than petroleum-based films for crystalline silicon solar cells.

3D cloaking points to realistic applications 15 Aug 08

US researchers have unveiled two different approaches to 3D cloaking that they say is a significant step towards fabricating practical cloaking devices.

Emcore confident despite solar curveball 14 Aug 08

Doubts over cell customer Green and Gold Energy hit Emcore's solar business, but there are more customers in the pipeline.

In-fibre Bragg grating taps spinal pressure 12 Aug 08

Canadian researchers have unveiled a tiny fibre Bragg grating that could replace conventional spinal disc pressure sensors with a less invasive alternative.

Multi-species spectrometer assists carbon storage projects 12 Aug 08

A new design of ring-down spectrometer allows in situ measurements of methane, carbon dioxide, and a carbon dioxide isotope in the same instrument.

Nanopositioning: how to make the right choices 12 Aug 08

The range of nanopositioning solutions on the market is broader than ever before as applications continue to drive the technology. Stefan Vorndran of PI outlines the options.

Fly provides biotemplate for compound lens 11 Aug 08

Nanostructured lens copy is a candidate for compact imagers and tiny optical sensors.

Business briefs 11 Aug 08

Featuring news from Microvision, II-VI, IPG Photonics, Plastic Logic and more.

Rofin looks to grow in solar segment 08 Aug 08

Current softness in semiconductor markets and flat growth in materials processing will not prevent expansion into other markets

Zero-indium laser hits UV record 07 Aug 08

By growing AlGaN sideways from angled seed crystals, Hamamatsu Photonics has cut non-radiative recombination while providing a suitable bandgap for UV lasing.

Silicon camera goes curvilinear 07 Aug 08

Researchers in the US unveil a silicon-based CCD camera that mimics the shape of a human eye.

BMW deal underlines IPG's processing power 07 Aug 08

Increasing sales and an order for fibre lasers to weld car doors demonstrate growing confidence in the effectiveness of laser manufacturing tools.

Optofluidic microscope shrinks to fit on a chip 06 Aug 08

A low-cost and high-resolution microscope has for the first time been engineered to fit onto a single chip.

Financial focus 04 Aug 08

A round-up of the latest financial reports from Newport, Corning, Toshiba and StockerYale.

Plasmons put laser light on the straight and narrow 04 Aug 08

A semiconductor laser that has been engineered to emit a narrow beam of light without the use of additional lenses could help to reduce the cost of optical systems.

Business briefs 04 Aug 08

Featuring news from Laser Photonics, Sydor Instruments, Universal Display, Goodrich, Boeing and more.

VCSELs shape up for high data rates 04 Aug 08

An 850 nm vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser capable of achieving data rates of up to 25 Gbit/s makes its debut.

Powerlase expands into solar marketplace 01 Aug 08

New green sources are designed for solar and materials processing applications, but will benefit the active matrix OLED sector as well.

Camera captures images at record rate 01 Aug 08

Researchers unveil a high-speed imaging system with an image quality, frame rate and frame count that they say is unprecedented.

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