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Contents: May 2008 edition

02 May 2008

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BACK CHAT Optics companies looking to trade abroad have a local ally

British companies setting up in the US need specialist advice, as do American businesses looking to invest in Europe. Matthew Whiteley tells how he can help them be successful.


Metamaterials move beyond nature's limits

Metamaterials are poised to impact every area of optics with their unusual and often surprising properties. Natasha Litchinitser and Vladimir Shalaev review recent progress and look at some of the potential applications of these fascinating materials.


Green laser meets mobile projection requirements

A lack of suitable green lasers has slowed the integration of scanning projectors into mobile devices. Now Michael Schmitt and Ulrich Steegmüller from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors claim that they have a device that meets all the requirements for this challenging application.


New growth for optical coherence tomography

Optical coherence tomography is an emerging medical imaging technology with an ever growing list of applications. Marie Freebody speaks to James Fujimoto to find out more.


Power meters rise to the challenge

As lasers become more powerful and diverse, so power meters have had to adapt. Ephraim Greenfield of Ophir Optronics gives us an overview of the different power meters available and outlines how they have advanced to meet the new demands of today's laser systems.


Entrepreneurial spirit creates optical oasis

Tucson in Arizona, US, is recognized as an emerging leader in the knowledge-based global economy, and optics is a key driver. Jacqueline Hewett speaks to community leaders in academia and industry to discover the factors that are fuelling the city's growth.


'Multidisciplinarians' are the future of photonics

Photonic enabling technologies are undergoing a second renaissance, argues Tom Baer, executive director of the Stanford Photonics Research Center in California, US. Joe McEntee asked him how industry and academia can take maximum advantage of the growth opportunities.

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