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The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

June 2008

OLLA lays foundations for OLED lighting 30 Jun 08

optics.org catches up with the coordinator of OLLA, one of Europe's largest projects into white OLED technology that has drawn to a close this month.

Business briefs 30 Jun 08

Featuring news from Ophir-Spiricon, OSRAM, JPSA, FLIR, Domino Printing Sciences, SPIE and more.

£10 million investment boosts laser research 27 Jun 08

Hybrid and quantum-dot based sources could find application in new areas thanks to two European projects that have recently been granted over £10 million.

Airborne imager maps environmental change 26 Jun 08

Optical technology originally developed for space missions has been adapted for an airborne environmental monitoring programme.

Tiny green laser targets mobile projectors 26 Jun 08

Researchers in Korea believe that their tiny green laser ticks all the boxes for mobile projection applications.

Flexible display market to top $2.8 billion 24 Jun 08

A new generation of handheld devices is predicted to drive dramatic growth in the flexible display market over the next five years.

Terahertz measures paper dryness 24 Jun 08

Could the paper industry be next in line to benefit from terahertz radiation? Researchers in Germany think so, and tell optics.org why.

Lasers remain resilient despite economic woes 23 Jun 08

As the worldwide economy struggles to cope with rising fuel prices and falling consumer confidence, industry experts predict continued growth for laser manufacturers.

Business briefs 23 Jun 08

Featuring news from Ocean Optics, Labsphere, Thorlabs and more....

Evatec ups its coating capabilities 20 Jun 08

It's all change in the thin-film coating market this week as Satisloh gets snapped up by Essilor and Evatec makes some impressive product announcements.

High-power SLED emits broad spectrum 19 Jun 08

A superluminescent light emitting diode has for the first time been engineered to exhibit high output power as well as a broadband emission spectrum.

Flexible photonic skins shape up for sensing 19 Jun 08

optics.org speaks to the coordinator of a new EU project about the endless applications of photonic skins.

Imaging method identifies glaucoma risk 18 Jun 08

A development of Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography allows high-resolution non-contact imaging of the eye that could help glaucoma diagnosis

Start-up Spotlight: NISP Research Projects 17 Jun 08

An enterprising scientist has integrated two existing products into a sub-nanosecond electro-optical system, removing a hurdle from the path of researchers in the field.

Dilute nitride closes in on telecom demands 17 Jun 08

Perfect annealing conditions hold the key to fabricating room-temperature singlemode GaInNAs lasers operating at 1.5 microns.

Business briefs 16 Jun 08

Featuring news from DisplaySearch, Thales UK, iSuppli, Varioptic, Luxtera and more.

SPIE phases out regional chapters 13 Jun 08

A network of local societies will be a more flexible way of supporting an increasingly global optics industry.

Car makers drive 3D display project 13 Jun 08

A project that is aiming to develop an interactive 3D display for the automotive industry has kicked off this month.

Combined Raman-OCT targets skin cancer 13 Jun 08

The first system to combine Raman spectroscopy and optical coherence tomography could improve the diagnosis of skin cancers.

Patterned polymers boost OLED efficiency 12 Jun 08

The efficiency of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) could be boosted by 40% thanks to a nanoimprinting lithography technique.

Driving current crucial in blue diode failures 12 Jun 08

An extensive analysis of blue laser diode degradation has found that control of crystal quality is the key to making the devices more reliable.

Thin-disk laser yields energetic femtosecond pulses 12 Jun 08

A thin-disk laser has for the first time been engineered to achieve pulse energies greater than 10 microjoules without the need for external amplification.

Raman tweezers probe red blood cells 10 Jun 08

Researchers move closer to understanding devastating haemoglobin-related blood disorders thanks to a combination of optical tweezers and Raman spectroscopy.

Report predicts ultrafast market upturn 09 Jun 08

Ultrafast lasers are more robust and affordable than ever before. That's the upbeat message from Strategies Unlimited as it publishes its first insight into the ultrafast market.

Business briefs 09 Jun 08

Featuring news from the UK Photonics Cluster, the Hong Kong Optical Engineering Society, QPC Lasers, GSI, eSolar and more.

New position detector shrinks spectrometer 09 Jun 08

Optics.org speaks to researchers in Sweden who have developed 1D and 2D position sensitive detectors as well as a compact and cost-effective spectrometer.

Close-packed array improves LED output 06 Jun 08

Etching a photonic crystal structure onto the surface of an LED boosts light emission intensity by a factor of three.

Extreme UV light made easy 06 Jun 08

A new system to generate coherent extreme-ultraviolet light could be used as a tabletop source say researchers in Korea.

euroLED: in pictures 06 Jun 08

What do Darth Vader and Coventry City Football Club have in common with euroLED? All is revealed in our photo-blog from the event.

euroLED: OLEDs to complement HB LEDs 06 Jun 08

Industry experts discuss OLEDs, standards and knowing your customer's needs and motivations on the second day of euroLED.

LIDAR detector maps out planets 05 Jun 08

Optical imaging technology could help astronauts to create 3D maps of planets and moons prior to landing.

euroLED puts the spotlight on lighting 05 Jun 08

Solid-state illumination is the future of the entire lighting industry, said Geoff Archenhold, the founder of the euroLED event, as he kicked off this year's conference and exhibition.

Nano-imager will analyse samples from Mars 04 Jun 08

New technique to probe nanoscale structures could be used to analyse fossils and even samples from other planets, like Mars.

UniPixel launches fingerprint resistant film 04 Jun 08

A novel thin film that prevents fingerprints from obscuring a display has been developed for the expanding touch-screen market.

Coherence control spans 12 orders of magnitude 02 Jun 08

Gaps in the coherence spectrum of diode lasers have been known to hinder research. Anselm Deninger and Thomas Renner look at how these gaps are being filled and the applications that are benefiting from access to previously unachievable linewidths and coherence lengths.

Business briefs 02 Jun 08

Featuring news from Jenoptik, CDT, Modulight, Boeing, Nichia and more.

Detecting UV poses fabrication challenges 02 Jun 08

Matching the needs of your application with the numerous ultraviolet detectors on the market can be daunting. Tim Stokes of Hamamatsu Photonics offers his advice.

High-power CW OPO has narrow linewidth 02 Jun 08

Continuous-wave optical parametric oscillators emitting multiple watts of output power in the near- to mid-infrared are now a commercial reality. Angus Henderson of Aculight discusses the technical advances that have resulted in a tunable source with a narrow linewidth.

Optical frequency combs span new wavelengths 02 Jun 08

Optical frequency combs are breaking new ground in applications ranging from precision timing to breath analysis. Marie Freebody speaks to Jun Ye from JILA to find out more.

Silicon carbide meets optical grade standards 02 Jun 08

Silicon carbide boasts properties such as strength and stiffness. Marie Freebody speaks to Steve Hastings of optoSiC who believes that recent improvements in manufacturing techniques have enabled the material to be used as mirrors by the laser scanning industry.

International network gives companies the advantage 02 Jun 08

The Global Advantage programme is helping many companies gain traction in international markets. John Grabo from the University of Arizona, US, tells OLE how Tucson is benefiting from its participation.

Cavity soliton laser brings all-optical processing closer 02 Jun 08

A continuous-wave or pulsed laser that can be switched on and off using light pulses could play an important role in future photonic systems.

02 Jun 08

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