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The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

July 2008

Lockheed Martin acquires Aculight 31 Jul 08

Aculight's expertise in laser radar and directed energy is expected to fit well with Lockheed's core sensor and munitions businesses.

Hidden test article 31 Jul 08

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Laser beams are entangled in space 31 Jul 08

A breakthrough in laser entanglement could allow optical measurements to beat the diffraction limit.

Pirelli and CyOptics form photonics alliance 30 Jul 08

Integration with other companies is now Pirelli's strategy for growth in optoelectronics.

Liquid mirror shows promise for adaptive optics 29 Jul 08

Researchers have built the first deformable liquid mirror from a magnetic liquid, which could be used to help astronomers to correct for atmospheric aberration.

Business briefs 28 Jul 08

Featuring news from IPG Photonics, Aculight, JPSA, Photon etc., Ocean Optics, PHOTONEX08 and more.

All-polymer lasers move closer to mass production 25 Jul 08

High-throughput roll-to-roll production methods have been used to make a surface-emitting DBR source.

Bookham misses out on profits once more 25 Jul 08

Growth in the telecoms sector boosted revenues, but softness in non-telecoms markets is set to continue.

Shrinking talent pool creates massive recruitment problems 25 Jul 08

The shortage of graduates with the right skills is a major problem for companies looking to recruit in large numbers. Dawn Ohlson of Thales UK talks to OLE about the extent and origin of the problem.

Berlin builds on the past to drive optics growth 25 Jul 08

Berlin's optics and photonics industry is going from strength to strength. Tim Hayes visited Germany's capital city to find out more about the reasons that lie behind this success.

Cloaking moves into the visible 24 Jul 08

Optics.org speaks to researchers who have demonstrated partial invisibility in the visible region of the spectrum for the first time.

XeroCoat gets more power out of solar modules 23 Jul 08

An anti-reflection coating from a Silicon Valley start-up boosts a module's efficiency without having to modify the manufacturing process.

Vortex lens separates stars from planets 23 Jul 08

A direct imaging technique could help astronomers to detect the faint light from distant planets by blocking light from parent stars.

High-dispersion mirrors shrink femtosecond laser 22 Jul 08

Researchers have shown that high-dispersion mirrors can replace prisms and gratings to produce efficient laser output from a compact source.

Innolume is in the money 22 Jul 08

German start-up Innolume has secured a third funding round to ramp manufacturing of its quantum-dot-based lasers for short-reach optical interconnects.

Business briefs 21 Jul 08

Featuring news from Luz II, Northrop Grumman, Picarro, Bookham, PerkinElmer and more.

Pumped atom laser brings high-precision measurements in sight 21 Jul 08

A continuously operating atom laser is a step closer thanks to researchers in Australia.

Europeans close on III-V solar cell record 18 Jul 08

Fraunhofer ISE's best photovoltaic cell designs yet look set to rapidly enter high-volume production at Azur Space.

Lasers guide neuron growth 18 Jul 08

optics.org speaks to researchers trying to get to grips with how lasers influence neuron growth.

UV laser builds structures atom by atom 17 Jul 08

A 326 nm laser system is the latest tool for researchers trying to create precise 3D nanostructures via atomic nanofabrication.

Attosecond insight tracks electron motion 17 Jul 08

Attosecond pulses could allow us to explore the ultimate limits of many modern technologies including semiconductor electronics and optoelectronics. Marie Freebody speaks to Reinhard Kienberger about the progress so far and what to expect in the future.

Solar market offers new opportunities for lasers 17 Jul 08

Lasers are being exploited in the manufacture of both silicon and thin-film solar cells. Gaetan Rull of Yole Developpement sizes up the opportunity for laser makers.

Chiral structures record laser helicity 17 Jul 08

Tiny structures that resemble propellers are giving researchers an accurate recording of the handedness of circularly polarized light.

Intel Capital strengthens its interest in solar 17 Jul 08

The company's cleantech portfolio has been boosted by the spin-out of silicon solar cell technology, and a separate investment in a thin-film PV developer.

Microchip laser emits axisymmetrically polarized beam 16 Jul 08

A highly efficient end-pumped microchip laser has for the first time been engineered to emit radially and azimuthally polarized light.

PolarCoN project to bridge green gap 15 Jul 08

A project looking to develop green-emitting laser diodes based on nitride materials has been awarded EURO2million in funding.

GSI buys Excel Technology for $360 million 15 Jul 08

The acquisition pushes GSI Group into non-semiconductor markets and new Asian territories.

Thin-film dyes boost solar cells 15 Jul 08

Light-capturing dyes have enabled researchers in the US to increase the power output of solar cells by up to ten times.

Business briefs 14 Jul 08

Featuring news from StockerYale, GSI Group, Intel Capital, Dynasil, Arden Photonics, Synova and more.

Slowing terahertz promises all-optical processing 14 Jul 08

On-chip integration of optical circuits, optical data storage and ultrafast optical communications are the ultimate goal of researchers developing a metallic grating to slow down terahertz waves.

Eyes give easy access to glucose levels 11 Jul 08

People with diabetes could soon have a non-invasive way of measuring their glucose levels if a clinical trial underway in the UK proves successful.

Gooch & Houesgo acquires General Optics 10 Jul 08

The $21 million acquisition of General Optics by Gooch and Housego gives the company a new route into the aerospace and defence sector.

Ultrafast technology shifts to wafer scale 10 Jul 08

Combining a saturable absorber and a gain section in a single semiconductor structure could lead to a new generation of compact ultrafast lasers. Jacqueline Hewett talks to ultrafast pioneer Ursula Keller of ETH Zurich, Switzerland, to find out about her latest idea.

Organic PV market grows but only within niches 10 Jul 08

Significant progress in efficiency and lifetime is needed before OPVs replace conventional technologies in demanding applications.

Ultrashort pulses create ultrabroad source 10 Jul 08

An unprecedented near-uniform supercontinuum spanning 270 to 1000 nm will help researchers gain an insight into electron motion.

Coating traps more light in solar cells 09 Jul 08

Solar cells could be made thinner and more efficient thanks to a light-trapping coating designed by researchers in Germany.

Emerging standards drive SSL acceptance 08 Jul 08

A recently published standard for testing of solid-state lighting will help to build approval of the technology, but more are needed to complete the picture.

Business briefs 07 Jul 08

Featuring news from EOLITE, Philips, Sunic System, SVTC Technologies, ESO, QPC Lasers and more.

Mapping noise in optical devices 07 Jul 08

Device designers of the future could benefit from a near-field optical scanning microscopy method that is mapping optical noise in cascade lasers.

FROG reaches the attosecond scale 07 Jul 08

Sub-100 attosecond pulses can be characterized thanks to a new frequency-resolved optical gating algorithm.

Water-core PCF creates broad spectrum 07 Jul 08

optics.org speaks to the research team that claims it has created the first supercontinuum in a water-core photonic crystal fibre.

Laser pulses target individual cancer cells 04 Jul 08

An image-guided femtosecond laser is allowing surgeons to remove individual cancer cells while adjacent cells remain intact.

ICU project gives cars infrared eyes 04 Jul 08

Low-cost infrared night-vision systems could soon be a regular feature in cars thanks to a new EU project.

Doppler lidar gives Olympic sailors the edge 03 Jul 08

Wind conditions during the 2008 Olympic sailing regatta will be measured using a Doppler lidar system housed in a van.

Jenoptik forms joint venture in India 03 Jul 08

Growing automotive industry drives Jenoptik's industrial metrology into India, and more of the company's divisions could follow suit.

Chirped fibre laser drills faster 02 Jul 08

Researchers in Germany have engineered a fibre laser system with a high repetition rate that is allowing them to drill holes in metal faster than ever before.

Pressure grows within thin-film PV industry 02 Jul 08

Global output from thin-film photovoltaics will reach 3.5 GW in 2010, but only a minority of the companies intending to be in production by then will achieve their objective.

Nanotweezers trap tiny objects 01 Jul 08

An optical tweezer has for the first time been engineered to move nanometre-sized particles.

Nanotweezers trap tiny objects 01 Jul 08

An optical tweezer has for the first time been engineered to move nanometre-sized particles

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