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The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

December 2008

Obama nominates his science advisor 22 Dec 08

'Science holds the key to our survival' says incoming US president.

Business briefs 19 Dec 08

Featuring news from Jenoptik, Osram, Hamamatsu, Sofradir and more.

Eyesafe heat capacity laser debuts 18 Dec 08

Europe's first solid-state heat-capacity laser is said to be the only one of its kind to emit at an eyesafe wavelength of 1.64 microns.

Nanocavities put the brakes on light 18 Dec 08

Slowing light down to one-hundredth of its normal speed using photonic crystal cavities shows promise for making all-optical circuits.

Ocean Optics snaps up Oerlikon Optics US 17 Dec 08

Oerlikon’s Colorado business unit will be integrated into Ocean Optics Thin Films.

Fluoride fibres guide mid-infrared light 17 Dec 08

Researchers in Australia have fabricated what they say is the first large mode area microstuctured fibre for use in the mid-IR.

3S Photonics pushes ahead with pump lasers 16 Dec 08

The French firm is taking on JDSU and Bookham with its 980 nm GaAs-based terrestrial pumps, and is confident they will contribute to 20 percent revenue growth in 2009.

Business briefs 15 Dec 08

Featuring news from Bookham, Powerlase, Kopin, Microvision and more.

Photonics community ponders future under new US president 12 Dec 08

As Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th president of the United States of America on 20 January, all eyes will turn to the White House to see how the photonics industry and science in general will fare. John Marburger, director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, describes the legacy that is being left by the Bush administration and what changes we can expect to see under the new leadership.

Cylindrical lenses offer many focusing options 12 Dec 08

The optics of cylindrical lenses allow their use in applications for which spherical lenses are not suited. CVI Melles Griot has developed the technology for use in several markets.

Nature gives photonic crystal fibres a boost 12 Dec 08

optics.org speaks to the researchers who believe that patterns found in nature could inspire a better class of photonic crystal fibre.

OLEDs seek a home in the lighting market 11 Dec 08

OLED materials are being developed for solid-state lighting. Michelle Bryner of market analyst NanoMarkets sizes up the potential opportunity for materials and lighting firms.

Water confirmed on distant planet 11 Dec 08

Measuring the infrared light emitted by a planet 63 light years away has established the presence of water once and for all.

WLEDs move forward 11 Dec 08

French researchers report on improvements in white-LED processing.

Cree embeds phosphors at LED die level 11 Dec 08

The chip maker says that blue-emitting GaN die can be converted to broad wavelength white emitters by material deposited in etched trenches.

MicroLEDs emit light in programmable patterns 10 Dec 08

Arrays of microLEDs can be used in imaging optics, biophotonics and other fields. Simon Andrews explains to Tim Hayes what the impact of this enabling technology could be.

Nichia claims GaN VCSEL breakthrough 09 Dec 08

Researchers at Nichia say they are the first to develop an electrically pumped GaN VCSEL that emits CW at room temperature.

Black silicon moves out of the laboratory 09 Dec 08

A new photonic material could have significant advantages for detection, imaging and power-generation applications. Tim Hayes asks developers at SiOnyx to explain more.

Levy flight moves light in mysterious ways 09 Dec 08

Levy flights in an optical material were observed by a team of scientists for the first time in May this year. Marie Freebody speaks to Diederik Wiersma, the man at the head of the group, to find out the significance of this type of light travel and its possible applications.

Intel's silicon detector is a runaway success 08 Dec 08

Intel is claiming another first for silicon photonics, with an avalanche photodiode that outperforms equivalent devices.

Business briefs 08 Dec 08

Featuring news from Oerlikon Optics, Ocean Optics, Firecomms, the Airborne Laser project and more.

Direct diode-pumped laser produces terawatt powers 05 Dec 08

optics.org speaks to the researchers that have created what they say is the first directly diode-pumped terawatt laser.

Integrated LED leads to user-friendly SNOM 04 Dec 08

Shrinking the optics in a near-field probe could see scanning near-field optical microscopy become a common lab technique.

Synchronized sources are right on time 04 Dec 08

A technique that synchronizes remotely located lasers and microwave sources with record precision over extended periods of time is attracting commercial interest.

NIST develops new LED test procedure 03 Dec 08

A temperature-controlled heat sink makes LED tests compatible with existing methods used in conventional lighting.

LIDAR sees which way the wind blows 03 Dec 08

A new LIDAR system mounted on a wind turbine measures wind speed and direction hundreds of metres away.

Light moves tiny devices 02 Dec 08

All-optical mechanical devices could be a step closer thanks to researchers in the US who are using light to drive nanoscale mechanical devices.

Business briefs 01 Dec 08

Featuring news from Applied Materials, Intevac, Crystal IS, Renishaw and more.

Waveguide boosts spectrometer sensitivity 01 Dec 08

A waveguide that converts light from the near-infrared part of the spectrum to the visible is allowing scientists to improve the sensitivity of an infrared spectrometer.

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