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The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

March 2008

Graphene makes for better optical displays 31 Mar 08

The cost and quality of LCDs could be improved by replacing conventional indium tin oxide electrodes with graphene.

Start-up spotlight: Admesy 31 Mar 08

A Dutch start-up focuses on turnkey colorimeters and colour measurement solutions for production environments.

Business briefs 31 Mar 08

Featuring news from Jenoptik, Corning. LG, PerkinElmer, SensL and more.

Silicon chip processes single photons 28 Mar 08

The first single-chip logic gate capable of processing individual photons represents an important step towards practical quantum computers.

Philips joint venture makes low-energy lamps in Lesotho 28 Mar 08

A new manufacturing and recycling facility will promote the uptake of energy-efficient light bulbs and fuel economic growth in Southern Africa.

Flexible slab laser gives industry an alternative 27 Mar 08

A laser that produces high-quality light in a variety of beam shapes could be adapted to suit a range of applications. Marie Freebody speaks to Keming Du of EdgeWave to find out more about its slab laser technology and the areas that could benefit from the design.

Finding hidden value in high-precision manufacturing 27 Mar 08

There are several common misconceptions surrounding high-precision manufacturing. Jacqueline Hewett speaks to John Stack and David Erickson of Zygo to get a clear picture of what is involved and the benefits of adopting this approach.

Computer giants embrace on-chip optics 27 Mar 08

Competition is mounting in the race to use light rather than electronics to transfer information in next-generation supercomputers.

Photon research breaks new boundaries 26 Mar 08

Three independent research groups have demonstrated how the quantum nature of individual photons could boost the performance of both imaging and data transmission systems.

Microsharp expands optical film capacity 26 Mar 08

A new production line designed for development work and short production runs of speciality films will support a range of European projects.

US invests $13.7 million in solar energy projects. 26 Mar 08

Eleven projects have won funding to develop advanced photovoltaic technologies, as Washington aims to make solar energy cost-competitive by 2015.

Business briefs 20 Mar 08

Featuring news from L-3 Communications, QPC Lasers, 3M, Tessera, Osram, Biolase and more.

Optical microscope tracks nanoparticles 20 Mar 08

A new imaging technique that detects tiny particles using a common optical microscope could offer an alternative to fluorescent labelling.

Quantum dot lasers poised for mass production 20 Mar 08

QD Laser has firm orders for its quantum-dot Fabry-Perot lasers and by the end of this year should become the first company to make such devices on a volume production scale.

"New light" boosts neutron detection 20 Mar 08

A sensitive neutron detector that measures the UV light emitted when neutrons are absorbed by helium atoms could help to improve the safety of nuclear power plants and high-power accelerators.

Optical trapping moves towards microfluidics 20 Mar 08

Optical trapping is a rapidly advancing and versatile field. Kishan Dholakia speaks to Marie Freebody about the breakthroughs so far and his expectations for the future.

Faster modelling speeds CMOS sensors to market 20 Mar 08

Computer models of what happens when light hits the pixels of a CMOS image sensor are so complex that each simulation can take days to run. Tim Hayes hears how recent advances in software and hardware can speed up the process by a factor of twenty or even more.

Thin-disk lasers set new benchmarks 20 Mar 08

Two separate research groups have unveiled thin-disk lasers that push the performance boundaries of both pulsed and continuous-wave laser sources. Optics.org finds out more.

Luminus Devices looks beyond televisions and display applications 20 Mar 08

The LED maker is widening its focus to include applications in general illumination, following the injection of $72 million from investors.

Start-up spotlight: Cyrium Technologies 19 Mar 08

A Canada/US start-up predicts a bright future for high-efficiency solar cells in concentrator photovoltaic applications.

Laser simulates wood grains on MDF 19 Mar 08

A variety of laser-based etching and coating processes can produce decorative colours or designs on MDF, or simulate the appearance of expensive wood grains.

Giant optics gives telescope a wider view 19 Mar 08

The world's most powerful wide-angle survey telescope uses a huge two-in-one mirror to become the widest, fastest and deepest eye of the new digital age.

$20 DVD head images graphite terraces 18 Mar 08

Optical chips that are commonly found in DVD players could pave the way for low-cost atomic force microscopy.

Business briefs 17 Mar 08

Featuring news from Laser Optics Berlin, Northrop Grumman, Tessera, DILAS, Nualight and more.

Solar dish breaks 20-year efficiency record 17 Mar 08

A honeycomb structure of highly accurate and reflective mirrors boosts conversion of sunlight to electricity to beyond 31%.

Pico-projection market to reach $350 million 17 Mar 08

Opportunities abound in the tiny projectors market for laser diode and LED manufacturers.

Price and performance key to laser projectors 14 Mar 08

Low-cost lasers are being developed for the display market at previously unheard of price/performance ratios. Matthew Brennesholtz of Insight Media looks at the device specifications for various projection applications and the key players in the market.

Iterative steps ensure successful LED lighting 14 Mar 08

White LED technology is evolving rapidly. Pat Goodman and Christos Sarakinos discuss the iterative process that all developers should follow when designing a lighting system.

Stuttgart opens €1.825 m fibre facility 13 Mar 08

optics.org learns that a new speciality fibre production facility in Stuttgart, Germany, will target materials processing applications.

New optical clock promises increased accuracy 12 Mar 08

A record-breaking optical clock uses aluminium and beryllium ions to boost accuracy.

Laser materials processing continues to boom 12 Mar 08

The European market for laser materials processing machines grew more than 20% in 2007, while at the same time the Asian and American markets declined.

Intel extends silicon lasers to 1850nm 10 Mar 08

Intel's optical engineers have notched up another first: a cascaded Raman laser built in silicon that they believe could be used in gas sensing applications.

Business briefs 07 Mar 08

Featuring news from Micron Technology, Global Industry Analysts, Sony, Koheras, Agilent, Mobius Photonics and more.

IBM takes on-chip interconnects to light speed 07 Mar 08

As IBM's prototype optical interconnect technology hits the headlines, optics.org spoke to IBM researcher Clint Schow to find out what's really under the bonnet.

Tunable laser competition hots up 07 Mar 08

A deluge of tunable laser releases at last week's OFC will drive down selling prices, but 100 Gbit/s communications promise another round of innovation.

ICFO sees rapid expansion of Spain's photonics industry 07 Mar 08

The Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona is undergoing a significant expansion. Silvia Carrasco explains what ICFO can offer companies and gives a snapshot of Spain's thriving photonics industry.

Temperature stable laser emits green light 07 Mar 08

A battery-powered solid-state green laser that emits constant power over a wide temperature range is now commercially available.

Nanowires brighten up organic LEDs 07 Mar 08

Organic LEDs that use gold nanowires to boost light-emitting efficiency show promise for future lighting and display technology.

Picosecond pulses sort real jewels from fakes 05 Mar 08

A new laser technique could spot counterfeit gemstones without damaging the material.

Raman spectroscopy peers into pills 05 Mar 08

A new laser analysis technique can characterize the bulk chemical content of pharmaceutical capsules without needing to open them.

Fresnel zone plate forms optical tweezer 05 Mar 08

An optical tweezer that uses a Fresnel zone plate to trap instead of an objective lens could provide a cheaper and more flexible alternative to conventional optical traps.

IPG strengthens IP protection as sales soar 04 Mar 08

Revenues and income have reached record levels for the supplier of high-power fibre lasers, which has also purchased an extensive portfolio of patents from BT.

Business briefs 03 Mar 08

Featuring news from StockerYale, Sharp, Sony, Zygo, Synova. Zecotek, Battelle and more.

Novel research boosts solar cell efficiency 03 Mar 08

Solar panels that combine the ubiquity and low cost of silicon-based solar cells with the high efficiencies associated with more expensive compound semiconductor technologies could be in production within three years.

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