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20 Jun 24
Oxford PV debuts commercial solar module with record 26.9% efficiency

Module measuring 1.6 m2, weighing 25 kg, is specified for residential applications.

19 Jun 24
FMCW lidar tapped for major automated train project in Germany

Aeva's sensor technology selected for federally funded initiative also featuring Siemens and Bosch.

19 Jun 24
Trumpf laser process enables recycling of batteries on ‘industrial scale’

Used power sources, such as from e-vehicles, can be cut up safely and valuable raw materials saved.

12 Jun 24
Leonardo DRS to provide advanced laser systems to protect military aircraft

QCL-based infrared countermeasures destined for Northrop Grumman.

11 Jun 24
TNO develops optical detector to protect cables on seabed

Netherlands Geological Survey (part of TNO) has conducted successful tests in the North Sea.

05 Jun 24
MIT controls muscles with optogenetics

Optical method could be better than electrical stimulation for treatment after paralysis.

03 Jun 24
CEA-Leti claims ‘breakthrough’ for 3-layer integration in AI-embedded image sensors

IEEE Denver conference hears of feasibility of combining hybrid bonding and high-density through-silicon vias.

31 May 24
BAE Systems to build hyperspectral ocean imager

The defense contractor will deliver all three hyperspectral instruments for NOAA's forthcoming geostationary constellation.

30 May 24
UZH hybrid camera helps drivers avoid pedestrians

Two camera modalities and AI processing detects obstacles more rapidly than current camera systems.

29 May 24
EarthCARE's optical instruments poised to refine climate models

Atmospheric lidar and multispectral imager among four on-board tools expected to improve understanding of cloud dynamics.

28 May 24
CO2 laser welds eight-meter seams on carbon-fiber fuselage

Major European consortium led by Airbus joined upper and lower halves of the world's largest composite fuselage segment.

22 May 24
On-chip detection of white cells points to cost-effective blood analysis

Imec and Sarcura develop flow cytometer with integrated photonics.

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