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26 Feb 21
Gooch & Housego announces positive trading update

Virtual AGM reports improved levels of industrial laser demand and further streamlining of manufacturing.

25 Feb 21
Covid update: 25 February 2021

A round up of this week's coronavirus-related news and countermeasures from the photonics industry.

25 Feb 21
€26M round to expand diffractive optics production at NIL Technology

New European Innovation Council Fund takes part in series B effort by Danish maker of optical components.

24 Feb 21
Terahertz spectroscopy maps meter-scale graphene samples contactlessly

Europe’s Graphene Flagship develops new method to analyze graphene that could boost production and optimize devices.

24 Feb 21
Jenoptik and 4JET jointly launch new tire laser prototyping method

Light & Production Division working with Alsdorf-based laser applications company to commercialize technique.

24 Feb 21
Phase-changing metalens focuses without moving

MIT project develops active lens for optical devices, drones and cameras.

24 Feb 21
Universal Display powers to record sales on OLED boom

Long-standing developer of organic LED materials reaps financial rewards as the displays technology proliferates.

23 Feb 21
LiDAR developer AEye to go public via merger with CF Finance Acquisition

Active-sensing LiDAR technology delivers partial or full autonomy; boards of both parties have unanimously approved the transaction.

23 Feb 21
Physicists use resonance to harness photonic energy in microresonators

Researchers at University of Bath maximize ability of a resonator to store energy by optimizing sharpness of resonance (finesse).

23 Feb 21
Osram backs deep-UV LED disruptor Bolb

Lighting giant’s venture unit leads $16 million investment in California startup developing efficient short-wavelength emitters for germicidal applications.

23 Feb 21
Light-sheet microscopy reveals details of obesity in human tissues

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign project could lead to new therapies or treatments.

18 Feb 21
Covid update: 18 February 2021

A round up of this week's coronavirus-related news and countermeasures from the photonics industry.

Realistic Optical System Tolerancing: A Practical Example 28 Jan


While lens design software can assist with tolerancing, complex and/or critical optical systems require expertise beyond the software’s basic functionality. We represent tolerancing of optical systems as close to reality as possible by utilizing the most advanced tolerancing tools both built into lens design software and of our own creation

Interfacing the Vision Research S990 to the BitFlow Cyton-CXP frame grabber 07 Dec 2020


This document explains how to interface the Vision Research S990, a high speed camera running 4K x 2k at 1000 FPS, to the Cyton-CXP4.

Light engine operating lifetime Robustness, Reliability, Longevity in Maintenance-free lighting 11 Nov 2020

Estimates of the operational lifetimes of solid-state light sources ranging from 10,000–50,000 hours of light output are frequently cited in research and commercial publications. However these estimates are often derived from performance data for single light emitting diodes (LEDs) and are not necessarily representative of integrated light engines in typical working environments. This white paper provides operating lifetime estimates for Lumencor’s solid-state light engines based on analysis of service history data.


OAPs have many advantages because they can focus without aberrations; but are notoriously difficult to align. We present a method and mount for accurate alignment to any coordinate system.

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