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28 Jan 21
Osram raises revenue guidance for fiscal year 2021…

…while Jenoptik exceeds its own 2020 forecast for adjusted earnings margin.

27 Jan 21
Teledyne hopeful of imaging rebound

Company sees strong bookings in the closing quarter of 2020, as both X-ray and optical imaging sectors recover.

27 Jan 21
Simpler laser cooling offers route to chip-scale cold atom devices

NIST project employs metasurface beam shaping and planar optics.

27 Jan 21
Amplitude Laser to supply 60 TW laser to German ATHENA sites

French developer to install 60TW Pulsars first at DESY, Hamburg, then at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

26 Jan 21
Bloodline project to develop diode lasers for 3D metal printing

Led by University of Glasgow spinout Vector Photonics; based around proprietary PCSEL sources.

26 Jan 21
‘Hair-thin’ optical fibers promise performance innovations

University of Bonn team makes fine fibres simply; predicts applications in quantum, sensors, and gas detection.

26 Jan 21
Ellex acquisition pushes Lumibird sales

French photonics firm still feeling the impact of lower research lab spending, but lidar business grows and CILAS could be next acquisition.

26 Jan 21
Lasers bring technology to artisan watch crystal engraving

EPFL project creates 3D structures within sapphire glass materials.

25 Jan 21
Fraunhofer ILT and Cronimet Ferroleg develop laser scrap metal sorter

German Government-funded “PLUS” project yields sensor that boosts efficiency of metal recycling.

21 Jan 21
Covid update: 21 January 2021

A round up of this week's coronavirus-related news and countermeasures from the photonics industry.

20 Jan 21
Denso joins forces with Aeva for auto lidar commercialization

Major automotive component supplier sees frequency modulation approach as ‘missing link’ for future autonomous vehicles.

20 Jan 21
3D imaging with LEDs and smartphone points to simpler machine vision

University of Strathclyde project creates images without complex synchronizing of camera and lighting.

Unlocking the Unknowns of Industrial Sensing 25 Jun 2020

Ocean Insight offers robust, scalable sensing tools and deep application knowledge, design and manufacturing expertise to help customers unlock the unknowns of industrial applications.

Interfacing the Vision Research S990 to the BitFlow Cyton-CXP frame grabber 07 Dec 2020


This document explains how to interface the Vision Research S990, a high speed camera running 4K x 2k at 1000 FPS, to the Cyton-CXP4.


OAPs have many advantages because they can focus without aberrations; but are notoriously difficult to align. We present a method and mount for accurate alignment to any coordinate system.

Light engine operating lifetime Robustness, Reliability, Longevity in Maintenance-free lighting 11 Nov 2020

Estimates of the operational lifetimes of solid-state light sources ranging from 10,000–50,000 hours of light output are frequently cited in research and commercial publications. However these estimates are often derived from performance data for single light emitting diodes (LEDs) and are not necessarily representative of integrated light engines in typical working environments. This white paper provides operating lifetime estimates for Lumencor’s solid-state light engines based on analysis of service history data.

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