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The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

January 2008

IPG enters merchant diode business 31 Jan 08

The entrance of the fibre laser powerhouse into the diode business presents a challenge to other merchant suppliers.

Analysis captures optical trapping essentials 31 Jan 08

Optical waveguides have the potential to trap, sense and then release particles within lab-on-a-chip devices, but how can you predict whether such a system will work in practice?

Outdoor deployments drive LED lighting market 31 Jan 08

The general illumination market has reached a crucial tipping point, say LED manufacturers.

New optical effect promises enhanced laser writing 30 Jan 08

Using a femtosecond laser to write patterns on a lithium niobate crystal has yielded the first evidence for a new optical phenomenon.

Efficient white OLED emits clearly 30 Jan 08

High quality light has been produced by a white OLED using a novel three emission layer structure.

Business briefs 28 Jan 08

Featuring news from PerkinElmer, IPG, Dynasil, LINOS, Micronic, Philips and others.

Concentrator photovoltaics target deployment in 2008 28 Jan 08

Emcore has been winning multimillion dollar contracts for its terrestrial solar cells, modules and systems. Photovoltaics vice-president David Danzilio talks to Richard Stevenson about these successes and the company's progress in making products for space applications.

Bookham must wait for landmark profit 28 Jan 08

A sharp increase in InP laser sales has helped slim Bookham’s losses, but positive cash flow remains elusive.

Solitons underpin new laser 25 Jan 08

A semiconductor laser that can be switched on and off by an external laser pulse could remove the need to convert light pulses into electrical signals in telecoms systems.

New process boosts fiber production 25 Jan 08

A hollow-core optical fiber that can be produced in a day instead of a week suffers no loss in quality according to UK researchers.

Photonics West moves to San Francisco 24 Jan 08

Photonics West will be held in San Francisco from 2010.

Photonics West 2008: in pictures 24 Jan 08

The optics.org editorial team gathered some interesting photos from the Photonics West 2008 exhibition halls. Don't forget to visit our blog to read about our experiences from the show.

Laser sales set to grow further 24 Jan 08

Revenues will continue to increase in 2008, although the effects of wider economic factors are hard to assess.

Messenger spacecraft reaches Mercury 23 Jan 08

The first images have been taken of Mercury by Messenger's wide angle camera with enough spatial and spectral resolution to allow astronomers to determine its surface composition.

Dark material sets blackness benchmark 23 Jan 08

The new carbon nanotube material absorbs over 99.9% of the light falling on it.

Plasma panel shines brighter than ever 22 Jan 08

Philips is using an alternative green phosphor to achieve record levels of luminance in their plasma display panels.

LED lenses make eyes light up 21 Jan 08

Contact lenses with imprinted LEDs could benefit drivers, pilots, or patients with impaired vision.

Business briefs 18 Jan 08

Featuring news from BioOptics World, Bookham, DisplaySearch, Cilas, Tessera, Michelson Diagnostics and others.

New wavelengths expand cryptography's appeal 18 Jan 08

Momentum is building in the quantum cryptography market. Jacqueline Hewett speaks to Leonard Widmer and Alexis Rochas of Swiss firm id Quantique about real-world applications and new product releases at Photonics West that will widen the technique's reach.

Single photon source emits at higher rate 18 Jan 08

optics.org speaks to a research team that is "amazed" by the performance of its new single photon source.

PC-SEL emits blue-violet for first time 17 Jan 08

A short wavelength surface-emitting laser could help Japanese researchers to develop next-generation information storage devices.

Thin-film PV research gets funding boost 17 Jan 08

Durham University leads one of the UK's largest ever research projects into photovoltaic solar energy.

Start-up firm enters image sensor market 17 Jan 08

Turnkey image sensor solutions from cmosis will target demanding industrial and professional applications.

Optical active cables find new niches 17 Jan 08

Soon after unveiling the first 40Gbit/s optical active cable for data centers, Luxtera claims another first with a cable for video networks.

Euro project claims microring laser firsts 16 Jan 08

The use of microring laser technology could yield more compact optical transmitters and multiplexers for optical communications.

Transparent OLED lights up new applications 16 Jan 08

A transparent OLED prototype is helping Osram Opto Semiconductors to create innovative lighting designs.

Gooch & Housego unites under one brand 15 Jan 08

Global integration of five photonics companies acquired by Gooch & Housego is helping to improve efficiency and drive growth.

Business briefs 14 Jan 08

Featuring news from Jenoptik, Gooch & Housego, StockerYale, QPC, LightPath and others.

Light exhibits spin Hall effect 14 Jan 08

Detecting the spin Hall effect of light could enable position measurements to be made with picometer resolution.

Kopin unveils smallest color SVGA display 11 Jan 08

Shrinking the pixel size by a factor of 1000 has allowed Kopin to increase the resolution of its smallest microdisplay to meet the SVGA standard.

Arasor acquires Novalux for $7m 11 Jan 08

The Australian manufacturer of integrated optical chips has bought its US partner to own the complete light-source solution for laser TV.

Solar market thrives on venture capital and new technologies 11 Jan 08

The solar market has been growing at an annual growth rate of between 40 and 50% since 1990 and is a $12bn business today. OLE speaks to Steve Eglash about investment trends and emerging technologies.

DARPA kicks off green laser project 10 Jan 08

Non-polar GaN substrates and low-defect crystal growth will have an important part to play in powerful, practical green laser diodes.

New Corning glass for high-end mobile devices 09 Jan 08

Jade advanced display glass is designed specifically for low-temperature polysilicon and OLED applications.

Pulsed laser synchronizes electron spin 09 Jan 08

Quantum computers are a step closer thanks to research into electron spin in semiconductor quantum dots.

Photonics West highlights 2008 07 Jan 08

SPIE's Photonics West will draw an international crowd to San Jose in California, 19–24 January, for a wide range of conferences, exhibitions and professional development sessions.

Business briefs 07 Jan 08

Featuring news from BCC Research, Quantel, Goodrich, Mobius Photonics, Light Blue Optics, Holochip and others.

Photonic nanostructure yields tiny optical switch 07 Jan 08

What could be the world's smallest optical switch has been made by a team of researchers at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, and it's made out of silicon.

Polarized light brings exoplanet into view 07 Jan 08

Astronomers have for the first time detected the faint starlight reflected from the surface of a planet orbiting another star.

Optics or photonics: what’s in a name? 07 Jan 08

What do the terms "optics" and "photonics" mean to you? Leading researchers have had their say - and now it’s your turn.

UK invests £10m in energy efficient light sources 04 Jan 08

Collaborative research that aims to develop more energy efficient lighting, lasers and displays will benefit from a new £10m fund.

Teledyne expands infrared detector capability 03 Jan 08

Teledyne acquires infrared detector manufacturer Judson Technologies in a bid to extend its portfolio of infrared and visible detectors.

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