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The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

April 2008

DARPA bankrolls optical computing project 30 Apr 08

Integrated optical solutions that can control the movement of photons in future optical computers will be the subject of DARPA’s latest research programme.

QCL emits terahertz at higher temperature 29 Apr 08

optics.org speaks to researchers who believe that there is no fundamental physical limit to achieving a room temperature terahertz quantum cascade laser source.

Business briefs 28 Apr 08

Featuring news from Zygo, Trumpf, ESA, II-VI, Kopin, NPL, eSolar and more.

Choosing adaptive optics for precision applications 25 Apr 08

Knowing how to decide between the various options is a daunting task for anyone considering adaptive optics. Jerome Ballesta and his colleagues from Imagine Optic take some of the mystery out of choosing adaptive optics products for precision applications.

EU laser team readies cancer surgical strike 24 Apr 08

Backed by industry and the European Commission, the 'Brighter' project is delivering powerful 635 and 650 nm diodes for medical applications as the first of its many goals.

GaN VCSEL delivers electrically pumped lasing 24 Apr 08

GaN VCSELs are now producing electrically pumped lasing thanks to superlattice structures in the n-type mirror and indium tin oxide coating of the aperture.

Active-matrix OLEDs set for break-out year 23 Apr 08

Passive-matrix OLED displays dominated the market in 2007, but will be surpassed by shipments of active-matrix OLEDs by 2012.

Mitsubishi Chemical to produce white LEDs 23 Apr 08

Combining in-house technology with assets acquired from another Mitsubishi subsidiary will allow the development of white LEDs by 2010.

Tiny pixels aid 3D imaging 22 Apr 08

An image sensor that contains submicron pixels arranged as subarrays could be a key component in compact and low-cost 3D cameras.

Business briefs 21 Apr 08

Featuring news from Osram, Coherent, QPC Lasers, Micronic, Redfern Integrated Optics and more.

2D VCSEL arrays aim for pumping applications 18 Apr 08

Arrays of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers boast properties such as narrow emission spectrum and a stable output wavelength. Jean-Francois Seurin and Chuni Ghosh of Princeton Optronics argue that the technology is cost-effective for many high-power and high-energy applications including end-pumping and laser rangefinding.

Optical clocks move towards miniaturization 18 Apr 08

Optical atomic clocks have the potential to measure time with unprecedented precision. Marie Freebody speaks to experts John Kitching and Leo Hollberg to find out more.

Picarro develops ultrasensitive HF gas analyser 18 Apr 08

Wavelength-scanned cavity ring down spectroscopy avoids optical feedback and reflection effects, and can detect 10 parts per trillion of hydrogen fluoride.

Femtosecond laser takes aim at thunderclouds 18 Apr 08

Aiming high-power pulses of laser light into a thunderstorm has helped a French–German collaboration to deliberately trigger electrical activity in thunderclouds.

Raman lines up for in vivo imaging 17 Apr 08

Raman spectroscopy offers an alternative to fluorescence techniques for the molecular imaging of living subjects.

Emcore buys more Intel assets and prepares for restructuring 17 Apr 08

Following further acquisitions from Intel's optical platform and optical cables businesses, Emcore intends to separate its fibre and photovoltaic units.

Infrared spectroscopy detects Alzheimer's 16 Apr 08

An optical technique for diagnosing Alzheimer's disease in living patients has been proposed by researchers in the US.

Start-up spotlight: Laser Micromachining 16 Apr 08

Expertise in laser manufacturing and fabrication techniques is on offer to a range of industry sectors from this UK start-up.

New model illuminates extraordinary optical transmission 15 Apr 08

Nano-optical devices could benefit from research into the sub-wavelength behaviour of light.

Business briefs 14 Apr 08

Featuring news from Sunny Optical, Elbit, Powerlase, Research and Markets, Sony Europe and more.

Rohm and Haas pays $40m for OLED expertise 11 Apr 08

The chemicals company's acquisition of OLED specialist Gracel Display is the latest evidence of its push into display technologies and optical films.

Terahertz emission enters narrowband regime 11 Apr 08

Researchers have shown for the first time that coherent terahertz radiation can be produced from the interaction of a laser pulse with a high-energy electron beam.

Start-up Spotlight: Mobius Photonics 11 Apr 08

A Silicon Valley start-up supplies fibre-based laser sources for materials processing, medical therapy and other commercial applications.

Compact sources produce bespoke wavelengths 09 Apr 08

Optically pumped semiconductor laser technology enables scaling of output power and wavelength throughout the visible and near-infrared regions of the spectrum. Matthias Schulze and Andrew Masters of Coherent look at the applications benefiting from these tailor-made wavelengths.

6GW of concentrating photovoltaics by 2020 09 Apr 08

Analysts at the Prometheus Institute predict a big future for concentrating solar power, and suggest that as much as 6 GW of concentrator photovoltaics could be installed by the end of the next decade.

Femtosecond pulses combat counterfeiting 09 Apr 08

Product-related counterfeiting is a global problem that can have major social and economic consequences. Eric Mottay of Amplitude Systemes reviews current anti-counterfeiting technologies and the market opportunity for an ultrafast laser solution.

Spliced fibres yield sensitive strain sensor 09 Apr 08

The spherical microbubble formed when a single-mode fibre is spliced to a hollow-core photonic crystal fibre produces a high-precision strain sensor.

Laser precision to detect smaller planets 08 Apr 08

US researchers have unveiled a new optical frequency comb that could help astronomers to identify distant Earth-sized planets.

Business briefs 07 Apr 08

Featuring news from StockerYale, Osram, Varioptic, Thales, Photonic Products Group, nLight and more.

Collaborative R&D programmes establish European dominance 04 Apr 08

Funding from the European Commission and UK Technology Strategy Board is helping to bring the industrial and scientific communities together through collaborative R&D projects. OLE speaks to Fianium's R&D manager John Clowes about the effects that these initiatives have on SMEs within the photonics sector.

Novel thin films target device applications 04 Apr 08

A new class of optical thin-film materials enables the refractive index to be tuned to extremely low values. E Fred Schubert and colleagues believe that this capability could have important applications in real-world devices, including solar cells and LEDs.

Global imaging market worth $58.7 billion by 2012 04 Apr 08

Image analysis will become the largest single sector, while demand for multimedia capabilities and high-definition displays continues to grow strongly.

Fluidic lens allows universal imaging 04 Apr 08

An imaging device combining a fluidic lens with a set of fixed glass lenses can operate as a camera and as a microscope.

Warmer whites top DOE's wish list 04 Apr 08

The research focus on high-performance LEDs will now shift towards more warm-white LED and high-efficacy luminaire development, according to a US Department of Energy report.

Antenna directs light emission for first time 03 Apr 08

An optical antenna that redirects the light emitted by nearby molecules could benefit sensing and analytical applications.

Novel cascade structure aims for shorter wavelengths 02 Apr 08

A quantum cascade laser operating in the near infrared could be on the cards, thanks to research that has shown electroluminescence from an unusual combination of materials.

Oerlikon profits rise, but optics division to be sold 02 Apr 08

Growing the solar business is a key focus for the company in 2008, while it also plans to divest its remaining optics interests to streamline its portfolio.

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