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The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

December 2007

Rofin-Sinar buys Nufern 21 Dec 07

One of the world's leading laser manufacturers has added Nufern’s specialty fiber and fiber laser business to its product portfolio.

Plastic optics lower mass manufacturing price tag 21 Dec 07

What factors should be taken into account when considering plastic versus glass optics? Andreas Maahs of JENOPTIK Polymer Systems discusses the merits of using plastic optics and explains the criteria that optical systems designers should bear in mind.

Adaptive optics flexes for sharper images 21 Dec 07

French firm CILAS has unveiled a deformable mirror with 1377 piezoelectric actuators.

Capturing electrons in attosecond action 20 Dec 07

Femtosecond pulse stabilization captures attosecond electron transport in real time.

Lasers clean up diesel engines 20 Dec 07

In a bid to develop cleaner diesel engines, researchers are using lasers to pinpoint the exact location where soot is formed.

Self-assembled photonic crystal confines light in 3D 20 Dec 07

A photonic crystal that can confine and guide light in all three dimensions offers new possibilities for novel laser designs.

Start-up spotlight: Gilden Photonics 20 Dec 07

A Scottish distributor of spectroscopy solutions also assembles equipment under its own brand.

Photonics industry to exceed $600 billion in 2015 19 Dec 07

A new study reports that the European optics sector grew by 12% last year, and predicts that the world photonics market will grow by 7.6% annually for the next eight years.

Electro-optics modulator switches in 2 ns 19 Dec 07

An ultrafast electro-optic switch achieves high repetition rates to provide short pulses of laser light for detecting atoms in an interferometer.

Intel walks away from tunables 19 Dec 07

Emcore picks up the chip giant's tunable laser business for $85 million to plug a gap in its own telecom portfolio.

Business briefs 17 Dec 07

Featuring news from Alpine Research Optics, Microvision, BAE Systems, PhotoMedex, LEDtronics, Schott, SPI Lasers and others.

Another take on light-transmitting concrete 17 Dec 07

A new "translucent concrete" is said to offer users greater design flexibility.

Rapid laser patterning takes display market by storm 14 Dec 07

Developing lasers that process plasma display panels at rates of up to six metres per second is commonplace at UK firm Powerlase. Mike Mason and Matt Henry tell Jacqueline Hewett about the company's technology and the new opportunities that are on the horizon.

Optical system stores light as sound 13 Dec 07

A new technique for storing light pulses as sound waves could improve the performance of optical communications networks.

Pico-projectors to dominate laser projection market 13 Dec 07

Applications requiring low-power lasers are expected to drive growth in the laser projection market, according to the latest report from Insight Media.

Silicon waveguide cleans up optical signals 12 Dec 07

US scientists have unveiled a centimetre-sized silicon chip that can regenerate optical signals transmitted through an optical fiber.

Nanolasers boost data storage 11 Dec 07

US researchers have made a nanolaser that could enable data to be stored with a density of 10 Tbit per square inch.

IBM unveils tiny silicon modulator 11 Dec 07

IBM's silicon optical modulator is one hundred times smaller than previous devices, which could enable high-density optical integration in silicon.

Business briefs 10 Dec 07

Featuring news from Imagine Optic, 3M, Tessera, Bystronic, Toptica, and others.

Two teams unveil quantum-dot light switch 07 Dec 07

Generating interactions between single quantum dots and photons could open the door to quantum information processing and ultra-secure, long-distance communication.

Thin-film coolers take the heat out of lasers 07 Dec 07

Thermoelectric coolers the size of chips are helping to control the temperature of lasers used in data networks and spectroscopy applications. Tim Hayes spoke to Burkhard Habbe of Micropelt to find out more about the technology, its applications and its benefits.

STED microscopy sees details on the nanoscale 07 Dec 07

Stimulated emission depletion (STED) microscopy has shown that diffraction-unlimited spatial resolution is viable with conventional lenses and visible light. Stefan W Hell, Lars Kastrup and Katrin I Willig explain the latest technical advances, and show how the technique is being put to use in the life sciences.

Tunable bandgap heralds new photonic devices 06 Dec 07

A new semiconductor material with a tunable bandgap could allow precise control over the wavelength of light emitted by a laser.

ArF excimer drives lithography to 32 nm 06 Dec 07

Gigaphoton has released a 90W argon-fluoride excimer laser for use in next-generation semiconductor manufacturing.

QPC supplies BrightLase platform to laser TV manufacturer 06 Dec 07

An initial three-year production order is worth $11 million, while a ten-year exclusive supply contract could reach $230 million.

EU project targets photonic integration 05 Dec 07

The chemistry of paint is the unlikely starting point of a EU project to develop new materials for building all-optical integrated circuits for telecommunications processing and routing.

Interferometer exploits Schrodinger's "kittens" to achieve record precision 03 Dec 07

Clever use of quantum feedback and single photons has produced the most sensitive interferometer yet devised, with a precision approaching the Heisenberg limit.

Business briefs 03 Dec 07

Featuring news from BCC Research, Tarquin, Precision Optics, Matrox, LG Philips, Gooch & Housego and others.

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