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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

September 2008

QPC builds surface-emitting eye-safe diode 29 Sep 08

The first high-power eye-safe surface-emitting diode pump could be used for military, industrial and medical uses.

Business briefs 29 Sep 08

Featuring news from StockerYale, Tessera, Dell, NanoMarkets, Innolume and more.

A simpler way to test quantum computers 29 Sep 08

Quantum computers could be a step closer thanks to a more classical approach to testing optical components.

Adaptive optics sees retinas clearly 26 Sep 08

A new retinal imaging system enables cellular-level imaging even in eyes with significant optical aberrations.

Optical mask boosts iris identification 25 Sep 08

Iris recognition systems could become faster and more accurate thanks to a carefully designed phase mask, which increases the imaging depth of field.

VCSEL shrinks position sensor 24 Sep 08

Combining a VCSEL and a photodetector array creates a compact and highly accurate position sensor.

Powerlase and Eolite aim for untapped markets 23 Sep 08

The two companies will exploit their combined engineering and applications capabilities to attack new applications

Business briefs 22 Sep 08

Featuring news from Nanomarkets, Koheras, Kodak, Newport, Oerlikon and more.

Lasers slim down radiotherapy equipment 22 Sep 08

Hospitals could benefit from a new technique that uses ultra-short laser pulses to simplify radiotherapy equipment.

PD-LD develops enhanced glass for displays 19 Sep 08

Holographic glass with superior transparency and reflectivity will improve the performance of laser projection displays.

Enhancing your booth can help you to stand out from the crowd 19 Sep 08

Designing a booth that hits the mark at a trade show can be the difference between making the right impression and getting lost in the crowd. OLE speaks to Steve Lindsey of Prime Events Solutions to bring you advice on how to make the most of your booth and help you to stand out from the rest of the exhibitors.

Miniaturization pushes spectrometers forward 19 Sep 08

Spectrometer technology has advanced rapidly in the last 20 years. Jorge Macho of Ocean Optics tracks the developments and describes the massive impact that the latest generation of wireless spectrometers could have on an ever-growing list of applications.

Wider markets beckon for fibre-optic sensors 19 Sep 08

A new design of external cavity laser allows sensors to penetrate applications where reliability and lower cost are essential. Tim Hayes speaks to Radu Barsan to learn more.

Samsung to enter 6-inch LED production 17 Sep 08

Substrate maker Rubicon Technology says that Samsung exemplifies the trend to larger diameters that will make up for the weakness it is feeling in the 2-inch market.

Nanowires light up photonic crystal waveguides 17 Sep 08

Photonic circuits could benefit from the first hybrid nanowire photonic crystal structure that demonstrates efficient light coupling.

Business briefs 15 Sep 08

Featuring news from Sony NEC Optiarc, Avantes, Omnisens, Gerber Scientific, Rofin-Sinar and more.

SiC quantum dots image live cells 15 Sep 08

Researchers have made the first, chemically inert, biocompatible silicon carbide quantum dots for fluorescence imaging of living cells.

Solar market continues to boom in US 12 Sep 08

Rapid growth is being spurred by a combination of financial incentives and consumer demand.

UK hospital seeks lighting suppliers 12 Sep 08

Are you trying to find a customer for your energy-efficient lighting technology? A new UK scheme could be of interest.

Frequency combs make astronomy debut 11 Sep 08

Laser frequency combs calibrate an astronomical spectrograph to new levels of precision.

UK pumps £15 million into photonics projects 11 Sep 08

New research into energy-efficient lighting, lasers and displays will keep companies competitive and contribute to Britain's climate change goals.

Intracavity design targets argon-ion 11 Sep 08

Developers of argon-ion lasers and their rivals take note, researchers in France have unveiled a new challenger.

Anti-cloak unmasks invisibility 09 Sep 08

In a follow-up to recent breakthroughs in cloaking devices, a team of Chinese scientists has devised a way to cancel the effects of invisibility cloaks for the first time.

TRUMPF targets SPI for acquisition 09 Sep 08

The British fibre laser specialist will complement TRUMPF's product portfolio in the lower power range.

Detecting quantum dots in the dark 09 Sep 08

A new technique that detects the light absorption by a single quantum emitter could enable sensing applications without the need for fluorescence labelling.

Business briefs 08 Sep 08

Featuring news from the European Commission, Northrop Grumman, Newport, e2v and more.

Photonics21 unites the future of European photonics 04 Sep 08

Photonics21 is a voluntary association of photonics professionals that has grown rapidly from a handful of participants to over 1000 members. Marie Freebody finds out more from the president of Photonics21 and CEO of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, Martin Goetzeler.

Menlo takes frequency combs to the masses 04 Sep 08

How do you convert Nobel Prize winning research into a robust product suitable for everyday use in a range of applications? Nadya Anscombe asks the optical frequency comb experts at Menlo Systems in Germany to share the secrets of their success.

LED sales receive Olympic surge 04 Sep 08

Taiwan’s LED manufacturers report strong growth, boosted by the Beijing games.

MOPA-based fibre lasers offer processing options 04 Sep 08

As the march of the fibre laser continues unabated, Bill O'Neill looks at a new generation of MOPA-based sources that are set to challenge DPSS Q-switched technologies.

Plasmonics propagates into new optical fields 04 Sep 08

This month's topic is the promising field of plasmonics. Marie Freebody speaks to Niek van Hulst about the potential wealth of applications that are on the horizon.

Spanish PV industry seeks fair tariff 03 Sep 08

With Spain's photovoltaic market growing so strongly, changes to the feed-in tariff are causing concern among the industry.

Photonic textiles are a perfect fit 03 Sep 08

A glove incorporating plastic optical fibre is ideal for autonomously monitoring vital health statistics such as blood oxygenation.

Microsoft says hello to blue LED mice 03 Sep 08

Leaked details suggest the Windows firm has switched a red diode laser source for a blue LED in the latest attempt to improve the usefulness of our dependable computer controllers.

VECSEL premiers in microscopy system 02 Sep 08

A compact and reliable frequency doubled VECSEL could be an ideal replacement for the gas lasers used in confocal microscopy systems.

Laser emits tunable blue light 02 Sep 08

A solid-state laser that offers practical output powers and a tuning range of 425 to 489 nm is unveiled by researchers in Spain.

Novaled dopants allow CMOS-logic 02 Sep 08

Making n- and p-type organic thin-film transistors from the same organic semiconductor material could benefit lighting and display technology.

Concave microlens offers shortest focal length 01 Sep 08

A microlens that uses negative refraction to achieve a record focal length of 12 µm could benefit high-density imaging and optoelectronics systems.

Business briefs 01 Sep 08

Featuring news from Rofin-Sinar, LG Display, StockerYale, JPSA, GT Solar and more.

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