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The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

January 2007

Sofradir drives Euro 23m sensor project 31 Jan 07

French government contributes 30% to digital sensor project for "next generation" military/aerospace/civilian applications.

Photonics West 2007 exceeds SPIE's expectations 31 Jan 07

Record exhibitor, conference and show numbers set an optimistic tone for the entire industry, says event organiser SPIE.

Nakamura group presents non-polar GaN laser 31 Jan 07

The University of California, Santa Barbara team working on non-polar GaN materials says that its 405 nm laser diode could soon be challenging conventional devices in commercial applications.

SPI Lasers raises $19.5 million 29 Jan 07

Placings of 5.25 million new ordinary shares raises $19.5 million (£10.0 million).

Fibre to...wherever makes best economic sense 29 Jan 07

The exponential thirst for bandwidth has led the broadband industry to a fork in the road. Carriers can take the simplest road and see the steady, steep incline of the past level out for good, or take the fibre road and climb further to meet growing bandwidth demands.

Newport forms fiber laser group 29 Jan 07

Group to lead the company's efforts in fiber laser and amplifier technology development.

Business briefs 26 Jan 07

Including news from Plextronics, Xerox, MicroEmissive Displays, Optiwave, Zemax, IMS Research, Exfo, Agilent, Discovery Semiconductors, JMAR technologies, StockerYale, IPG Photonics, Reliant technologies, AOFR, Sabeus, Quintessence, Neuroptix, Ionatron and others.

Photonics West in pictures 25 Jan 07

The optics.org editorial team has been working round the clock this week to spread the word about developments in San José. But given that a picture tells a thousand words, a digital camera sure can save you from writer’s cramp...

Light modulates electro-osmotic flow 24 Jan 07

Scientists use a broadband light source to manipulate fluid flow in millimetre-sized channels, a process that could help to speed up mixing in microfluidic networks.

Fiber optics heading for every home - Fraunhofer report 24 Jan 07

By 2010 every tenth broadband household will be connected with the Internet via optical cable, according to a new report from Fraunhofer ISI in Karlsruhe, Germany. "Internetisation" of telecommunications is also set to continue.

Acquisition of Picarro strengthens Newport 24 Jan 07

Newport's recent acquisition of Picarro's laser business could be worth up to $7 million in sales in 2007, and also fills a significant gap in its life and health sciences portfolio.

QUB fires up massive ultrafast laser system 24 Jan 07

The UK's largest-ever commercially built laser system, TARANIS, was recently installed at Queen's University Belfast, UK. OLE talks with the system's designers to find out more.

Scotland showcases its optoelectronics flair 24 Jan 07

Scotland, UK, is home to a thriving optoelectronics sector. Nadya Anscombe talks to scientists in academia and local firms to find out the reasons behind the region's sustained success and new technologies that are in the pipeline.

Fluorescence lifetime gives sensitivity upgrade 24 Jan 07

The use of fluorescence measurement techniques is expanding rapidly, particularly in the life science and biotechnology sectors.

Fusion looks to optics for plasma diagnosis 24 Jan 07

In 10 years, ITER will be a major experimental facility studying the feasibility of fusion power.

Jenoptik ups diode laser quality and power 22 Jan 07

Jenoptik Laserdiode increases the output power of diode lasers while sister company Jenoptik Unique-Mode boosts brightness of integrated laser module.

High density optical storage on a single pulse 22 Jan 07

New technique developed at the University of Rochester stores and retrieves an entire digital image from a single photon pulse.

UK-India fiber research wins £0.5 million 22 Jan 07

Joint projects to investigate development and applications of Microstructured Optical Fibers.

Lexus first carmaker to deploy LED headlamps 22 Jan 07

The luxury car manufacturer is introducing the first series production vehicle to feature LED-based headlamps this spring.

Business briefs 19 Jan 07

With news from NL Nanosemicondcutor (rebranding as "Innolume"), JDSU, Cree, Nextrom, Daetwyler, Thorlabs, OFR, Aculight, Canon, Toshiba, Aspectrics, Edmund Optics, Agilent, Novalux, Sharp, Princeton Lightwave, Evans Analytical, Novaled and others.

Nanotubes light up solar cells 19 Jan 07

Researchers in the UK have made a new type of hybrid electrode from multiwalled carbon nanotubes and indium-tin oxide that could be used for solar cell applications.

Optics.org kicks off Photonics West blog 19 Jan 07

In a new innovation for optics.org, our editors are gearing up to provide you with on-the-spot coverage of the latest developments announced the San Jose Convention Center.

Tropical beetle has the brightest whites 19 Jan 07

The secret behind the brilliant white shell of a peculiar tropical beetle is an unusual, aperiodic structure, according to physicists from the UK.

Fractals improve imaging performance 18 Jan 07

A photon sieve containing pinholes that follow a fractal pattern produces high quality images. optics.org talks to Walter Furlan to find out more about fractal photon sieves.

SPI's 2006 revenue hits £7m - double that of 2005 17 Jan 07

SPI Laser reports improved revenue for 2006. On the back of booming sales of more powerful fiber lasers, 2007 could see sales reach £20 million. optics.org interviews David Parker, CEO.

ZnO nanowires promise more efficient LEDs 17 Jan 07

The demonstration of zinc-oxide nanowires with p-type conductivity could pave the way for LEDs that are cheaper and more efficient than those based on gallium nitride.

Plasmonics to 'revolutionize' lighting and vision 16 Jan 07

Plasmonics, a hybrid of photonics and electronics, is set to improve performance of both photosensors and LEDs. optics.org interviews project leader Ross Stanley at CSEM, one of the world's leading plasmonics research and development centers.

2006 'boom' year for Praezisionsoptik 15 Jan 07

Praezisionsoptik enjoys its best ever trading year with rising turnover and new investment.

Syntune and CyOptics agree tunable laser ramp 12 Jan 07

Strong demand for tunable lasers used in telecommunications has prompted Sweden's Syntune to recruit the automated chip manufacturing services of CyOptics.

Future Sony televisions to feature laser projection 12 Jan 07

Amid the Las Vegas hype-a-thon that is the annual Consumer Electronics Show, Sony this week revealed the details of some next-generation televisions to be based on laser diode components.

'Top of the Pops' on optics.org 12 Jan 07

At the end of 2006, November and December's figures for the Top 10 most-read stories on optics.org reveal that a few old favourites have staying power but once again it is mainly fresh material setting the agenda.

Business briefs 11 Jan 07

Including news from Exfo, Flir Systems, Bookham, Philips-Lumileds, JDSU, Casabyte, Cermet, Georgia Institute of Technology, Hoya-Pentax, Mid-Atlantic Broadband, Infinera and others.

Processing improves GaN microdisk performance 11 Jan 07

Low threshold, room temperature, continuous wave lasing from a GaN microdisk laser is now possible say researchers.

Photonics West: show preview 11 Jan 07

SPIE's well-established annual Photonics West exhibition and conference takes place in late January at the San José Convention Center, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley.

DeCIBELs set for laser projector debut 11 Jan 07

EpiCrystals believes its tiny RGB laser modules are ideal for handheld "pico-projector" systems. Optics.org speaks with company CEO Tomi Jouhti to find out more.

Light squeezes through nano coax 11 Jan 07

Physicists in the US have created the first nanoscale coaxial cables for the transmission of light.

Fianium awarded $2.7m to develop 'next gen' fiber lasers 10 Jan 07

A consortium led by UK company Fianium is awarded $2.7 million (Euro 2.1 million) to develop "next generation" fiber lasers for industrial and imaging applications.

Excimer laser cleans up nanotubes 09 Jan 07

Laser cleaning could improve the commercial viability of carbon nanotubes. optics.org speaks with John Lehman of NIST to find out more.

Solar bikini generates power while you sunbathe 05 Jan 07

At last, an end to the twin miseries of flat iPod battery and warm beer at the beach: a swimsuit that converts sunshine into electricity.

Optical access: is cost still the sticking point? 05 Jan 07

Roy Rubenstein investigates why some geographical regions are so far ahead when it comes to FTTH deployment.

Optical access: is cost still the sticking point? 05 Jan 07

Roy Rubenstein investigates why some geographical regions are so far ahead when it comes to FTTH deployment.

Business briefs 05 Jan 07

Including news from Epicrystals, Multiwave, SensL, Powerlase, Philips, Lumileds, PerkinElmer, Newport, Pacer, Melles Griot, Fi-ra, Qioptiq/Linos and others.

Portable 'read anywhere' display ready for mass production 05 Jan 07

Plastic Logic raises a whopping $100 million to manufacture and commercialize portable, rewritable electronic media based on E Ink Imaging Film.

Biological rhythms come under the spotlight 04 Jan 07

US researchers are exploiting a specially designed optical sensor to investigate the effect of light on our biological clock.

Faster, cheaper route to solar cells... and more 03 Jan 07

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Suss MicroTec have developed a nano-imprinting stepper that paves the way for improved production of technologies such as solar cells.

Shaper converts 'square' beam into round point 03 Jan 07

Schott's Beam Shaper corrals light beams into circular shape to improve laser diode applications from surgery to DVD writing.

Yokogawa set to open huge photonics fab 02 Jan 07

The Japanese company says that its Sagamihara facility will be fully functional on January 15.

Self-assembled nanotubes exhibit photoconductivity 02 Jan 07

Japanese scientists have made highly photoconductive nanotubes that they believe could be used for photovoltaic applications.

Infrared imager reveals near-field structure 02 Jan 07

Researchers in France have created a nanoscopic version of an infrared night-vision camera that could be used to optimize a new generation of photonic components.

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