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November 2007

Knowing the needs of academia and industry aids tech transfer 30 Nov 07

Transferring technology from academia into industry is not an easy task, even for a commercially orientated research unit like Strathclyde University's Institute of Photonics, UK. OLE speaks to the institute's business development manager Simon Andrews to see how it approaches the challenge.

OLED project unveils see-through displays 30 Nov 07

Transparent and non-transparent OLED signage devices have been developed for automotive applications.

An efficient source of continuous variable polarization entanglement 30 Nov 07

A team of researchers from Germany, Japan and Denmark have developed a system that can efficiently create highly entangled bipartite continuous variable polarization states.

Cascaded VCSELs beat bandwidth record 29 Nov 07

A direct modulation bandwidth of 66 GHz has been achieved from two daisy-chained VCSELs, and the principle could be scaled up to reach over 100 GHz.

Berlin gains new semiconductor nanophotonics center 28 Nov 07

German research on novel optoelectronic devices and nanostructures is reinforced by a new Center of Excellence funded by the country's National Science Foundation.

Microstructured fiber boosts ultrafast photonics 28 Nov 07

The photonic crystal fiber produces ultrafast pulses at low powers and across a broad spectral range, as well as breaking new conceptual ground in photonics.

Start-up spotlight: Liquid Fiber Displays 28 Nov 07

A new display technology from a Canadian start-up produces high-resolution indoor LED displays that are brighter, cheaper and more reliable.

Business briefs 26 Nov 07

Featuring news from the US Department of Energy, eMagin, Research and Markets, Precision Optics, Blonder Tongue, Lumics and others.

Germany houses new production plant for organic devices 23 Nov 07

Next-generation fabrication technology is being installed to establish a European center for producing small-molecule organic devices.

Telecentric lenses aid machine vision accuracy 23 Nov 07

Finding the right set of lenses for your machine vision system can be a daunting task. Wiebke Marzahn of Sill Optics addresses some common concerns by breaking the puzzle down into a number of key questions to ask yourself before starting your search.

Lightweight optics star in Hubble's successor 23 Nov 07

Astronomers could soon be glimpsing farther back in time thanks to pioneering optics that are being built for the James Webb Space Telescope. Marie Freebody speaks to NASA's John Decker and Lee Feinberg to find out about the mirror and wavefront sensing technology.

Chirped FBG system enables simultaneous two-parameter sensing 22 Nov 07

Australian researchers have developed a spectrally-overlapped chirped-fiber Bragg grating sensor system for simultaneous two-parameter sensing.

Material mimics nature to enable high-speed adaptive optics 22 Nov 07

Inspired by the way a carnivorous plant captures insects, US scientists have designed a new material that could facilitate high-speed adaptive optics.

Optical technique achieves label-free imaging of cells 21 Nov 07

A new microscopy technique could enable biologists to detect cancerous cells without the use of any label to enhance optical contrast.

Laser imaging beats the bends 21 Nov 07

A laser-based system can diagnose decompression sickness in seconds, before the onset of physical symptoms.

Alfalight and Arasor drop merger plans 21 Nov 07

The two optoelectronic companies have cancelled Arasor's planned takeover, but Alfalight remains hopeful it can contribute to its suitor's new display projection venture.

Laser scanner sees wrinkles in plastic 20 Nov 07

A customized laser scanning system produces an accurate 3D analysis of wrinkles in laminated plastics.

Medical devices benefit from laser manufacturing 20 Nov 07

The use of lasers for manufacturing in the medical sector was the hot topic of discussion at a recent workshop organized by AILU.

UK invests £5m in silicon photonics 19 Nov 07

Silicon photonics could benefit from a research partnership between UK academia and industrial allies Intel and QinetiQ.

Simulations shine light on optical wire 19 Nov 07

US researchers believe that tiny optical versions of capacitors, resistors and inductors can be made by adjusting the size, shape and composition of sub-wavelength nanoparticles.

Business briefs 19 Nov 07

Featuring news from nLight, Canon, Tyndall National Institute, JPSA, Universal Display, Biolase, Ionatron and others.

Beam shaping expands laser processing potential 16 Nov 07

Lens array beam shaping is extending the scope of the laser materials processing market. Vitalij Lissotschenko and Paul Harten of LIMO explain why direct diode applications such as welding and cutting are in line to benefit.

Hybrid WLEDs get brighter 16 Nov 07

Luminescent nanocrystals and highly fluorescent polymers give controlled white-light generation with a CRI of more than 80.

Trapped rainbow promises all-optical processing 16 Nov 07

All-optical computers and ultrafast optical communications are the ultimate goal of a computer analysis that combines slow light with metamaterials.

Oerlikon establishes solar business segment 15 Nov 07

The Swiss company's new business structure will meet the demands of the rapidly growing solar market.

A switchable and tunable coherence-free microwave photonic filter 15 Nov 07

Researchers in Singapore describe a tunable and switchable coherence-free microwave photonic filter.

Start-up spotlight: Michelson Diagnostics 14 Nov 07

In vivo OCT developed by a UK company allows non-invasive detection and mapping of tumors.

Photonic crystal resonator catches light pulses 14 Nov 07

Dynamically confining light in volumes smaller than the wavelength is an important step towards the complete control of light.

Osram's LEDs light up Canadian sidewalks 12 Nov 07

LEDs are lighting the streets of Banff in Canada as part of a pilot project with Osram.

IMRA and Toptica sign agreement on ultrafast fiber lasers 12 Nov 07

The deal will allow Toptica to expand its product offering in femtosecond fiber laser technology.

Lasers trap particles on silicon wafers 12 Nov 07

Microfluidic devices and molecule manipulation could benefit from research into optical trapping on silicon wafers.

Business briefs 12 Nov 07

Featuring news from Rofin-Sinar, Lumera, BAE Systems, Orbotech, Samsung, Kopin, Novaled, Ocean Optics and others.

AlGaN detectors suit EUV lithography 09 Nov 07

Devices being developed for extreme UV detection in space could replace silicon-based detectors in the latest lithography tools.

Auto applications spur IPG Photonics 09 Nov 07

In a quarter that delivered record financial results, the fiber laser specialist took delivery of another new MBE reactor to increase diode production.

Single-photon detector operates at telecom wavelengths 08 Nov 07

A Chinese research team has demonstrated an integral gated-mode single-photon detector that monitors the charge number of an avalanche pulse rather than the peak current.

Israeli ingenuity powers photonics sector surge 08 Nov 07

Israel's government attributes the country's success in photonics to a combination of strong academia carrying out world-class research, a well-developed optoelectronics industry and an active venture-capital community. Tim Hayes went to see for himself.

Tunable gel senses surroundings 06 Nov 07

Colorimetric sensors could benefit from research into photonic gels that can be tuned across the entire visible spectrum.

Start-up spotlight: Lumanova 06 Nov 07

A German start-up supplies DPSS lasers and consultancy support to emerging markets.

Electroluminescent yarn lights the way 06 Nov 07

A team at the University of Manchester has produced yarns based on thin-film electroluminescent technology that emit light when powered by a battery.

Business briefs 05 Nov 07

Featuring news from Newport, Flir, Pirelli, JDSU, Bookham, Powerlase, QPC and others.

White LEDs offer radio-free wireless option 02 Nov 07

A photonic alternative to wireless networking could offer data rates of up to 100 Mbit/s in an unlicensed part of the spectrum.

A focus on key competencies helps firms tackle Asian competition 02 Nov 07

Many firms are facing increasing competition from Asia, a problem that will not go away, and one that certainly cannot be ignored. OLE speaks to Andreas Nitze, CEO of Berliner Glas, about his company's experiences.

Fiber laser sales to surpass $240 million in 2007 02 Nov 07

Sheet metal cutting and micro applications lead the growth in the fiber laser market, according to the latest report from Strategies Unlimited.

Progress in medical imaging hinges on more cooperation 01 Nov 07

Industry and academia must cooperate more closely on tightly focused research to ensure that patients benefit from emerging imaging technologies.

Self-assembly of tunable and highly uniform tungsten nanogratings 01 Nov 07

US researchers have demonstrated self-assembled tungsten nanogratings with highly uniform grating periods and tooth lengths that can be easily tuned during the fabrication process.

Negative-index material switches light 01 Nov 07

An optical modulator based on negative-index metamaterials could be faster and more compact than existing telecoms devices.

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