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The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

April 2007

Photonic crystal laser achieves greater sensitivity 30 Apr 07

An electrically pumped photonic-crystal laser with improved tuning sensitivity could be used for free-space communications.

Business briefs 30 Apr 07

Featuring news from Micronic, Hoya, Cymer, Laser Components, Ionatron, Toptica, Corning, OpVista and others.

3D photovoltaics promise smaller, cheaper solar cells 30 Apr 07

Drawing inspiration from the way that skyscrapers trap heat in a city like Manhattan, US engineers have designed a photovoltaic array that promises smaller and more versatile solar cells.

Lasers take the wheel 27 Apr 07

Driverless cars will compete on an urban street circuit in DARPA's Urban Challenge

Efficient lamp technology ready for personal projection 27 Apr 07

Philips believes that its compact, high brightness and efficient Ujoy lamp meets the stringent requirements placed on light sources for personal projectors. Pavel Pekarski tells OLE why the lamp is ready for immediate market adoption.

Thermal camera never shuts 26 Apr 07

A new thermal imaging camera from Thermoteknix needs no shutter mechanism.

Sony ramps monthly GaN laser volumes to 1.7m 26 Apr 07

Already reckoned to be the world's biggest volume manufacturer of semiconductor lasers, Sony readies for mass production of high-power devices used in high-definition DVD recorders.

KTP key to better frequency doubling 25 Apr 07

Replacing KDP with KTP improves the conversion efficiency of frequency doubling of an infrared laser, which can lead to more efficient pumping schemes for ultrafast lasers.

Stabilized laser measures Earth's movement 25 Apr 07

A wavelength-stabilized laser diode could soon be heading for the sea-floor to study how the Earth's crust moves.

Focus on photonic crystal devices 25 Apr 07

A series of invited articles in Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics offers a unique insight into some of the most recent advances in the application of photonic crystals.

Time to express your mood 24 Apr 07

Award winning ultrathin Seiko watch uses electronic ink in its breakthrough display technology.

Rochester builds on its proud history in optics 23 Apr 07

OLE’s regional focus series turns its attention to Rochester, US, home to big names such as Kodak, Bausch & Lomb and Xerox. James Tyrrell talks with Tom Battley, executive director of the Rochester Regional Photonics Cluster, and Wayne Knox, head of The Institute of Optics, to find out how Rochester’s rich history is fuelling a new wave of smaller, more agile firms.

Business briefs 23 Apr 07

Featuring news from Tarquin, DIPIX, BT, IPG, Research and Markets, Rofin-Sinar, Rohm and Haas, Litetec, Avanex, Newport, QPC and TXP.

Machine vision enjoys strong market growth 23 Apr 07

A new market study reveals that 2006 was generally a good year for the machine vision and imaging industry, with continued growth expected for 2007.

Imprinting method makes its mark on terahertz optics 20 Apr 07

Researchers in UK say that an imprinting technique is a fast and reliable way to make optics for terahertz wavelengths.

Medical imaging goes for gold 20 Apr 07

US researchers have shown that gold nanorods can enable two-photon luminescence imaging to detect early-stage cancer in skin cells.

An XUV-FEL amplifier seeded using high-harmonic generation 20 Apr 07

A team of scientists has designed a free-electron laser that will form part of the 4th Generation Light Source (4GLS) facility at Daresbury, UK.

Adaptive optics sees more clearly than ever 19 Apr 07

Astronomers at the European Southern Observatory have achieved a startlingly clear view of Omega Centauri from the ground.

Lasers sort spheres by size 19 Apr 07

Researchers in the UK use optical tweezers to sort four different sizes of particles.

All-fiber Q-switched laser operates at 1 micron 13 Apr 07

Portable devices for communication, microscopy, precision machining and other applications could use the 1 micron source.

CMOS counts single photons 13 Apr 07

Researchers in Italy unveil what they believe to be the first CMOS-based single photon counter.

Business briefs 13 Apr 07

Featuring news from Manz Automation, Jenoptik, ESI, Philips, Neuroptix, Visioneer, IPG Photonics, JDSU, OSA, Oxxius.

Tiny 'nanolamp' lights up 13 Apr 07

An interdisciplinary team of researchers in the US has built one of the smallest organic light-emitting devices to date.

Microstructured fiber creates simple interferometer 13 Apr 07

A side effect of fusion splicing is put to good use to make an optical strain sensor only a few centimeters in length.

Optical microphone sounds promising 12 Apr 07

An optical microphone based on a fiber laser has many applications in defence.

Hubble spots water on distant planet 12 Apr 07

Optical observations have helped astronomers to discover what they believe to be the first extrasolar water-containing planet.

Semiconductor wafers house reaction chambers 12 Apr 07

Precision laser micromachining is at the heart of a project to fabricate lasers and LEDs with reaction chambers formed directly into the semiconductor device. Nadya Anscombe questions Huw Summers about the work of the UK’s Optical Biochip Consortium.

INSIDE VIEW: Local thinking paves the way for taking research to market 12 Apr 07

Commercializing university research can be problematic. François Salin, chief technology officer of EOLITE and former director of Bordeaux’s PALA technology-transfer facility, pinpoints some of the hurdles.

OIDA holds first forum on consumer applications of optoelectronics 11 Apr 07

Group explores technical advances, trends and market opportunities in mobile appliances, solid-state lighting, automotive, energy and medical sectors.

Spins turn light off 10 Apr 07

A new spin on plasmonics

Tunable lasers to star in fibre-optic 'mini-boom' 05 Apr 07

CIR's latest analysis of the future market for optical components predicts that sales of tunable lasers will grow rapidly to reach almost $1 billion by 2012.

Business briefs 05 Apr 07

Featuring news from Rofin-Sinar, Photonic Products Group, Xponent, AMO, Applied Materials, PerkinElmer, EXFO, Optium, PMC-Sierra, OFS, Oki and Blonder Tongue.

Imaging colorimeters give advanced options 05 Apr 07

CCD-based instruments can provide accurate measurement of spatial colour and luminance information for displays, instrument panels, light sources and luminaires. Sean Skelley, Doug Kreysar and Kevin Chittim weigh up the options when buying imaging colorimeters.

Electron tunnelling seen in real time 04 Apr 07

Quantum-mechanical process caught in the act

Jenoptik results boosted by photonics focus 04 Apr 07

A renewed focus on lasers and photonics helped the Jenoptik Group to post substantial increases in both sales and earnings for 2006.

Buffer layer brings optical integration one step closer 04 Apr 07

Japanese researchers have brought closer the prospect of integrating electrical and optical processing functions in a single communications device.

OCT moves beyond the tipping point 04 Apr 07

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) - a non-invasive interferometric optical imaging technique - offers a vast, and as yet mostly untapped, range of potential applications in areas such as cancer diagnostics, orthopaedics and vascular disease.

Quasicrystals are selective with terahertz light 04 Apr 07

Physicists in the US have found that they can transmit terahertz light at selective wavelengths by shining it onto a metal film perforated in an aperiodic, "quasicrystal" pattern.

Racetrack laser pushes silicon photonics to the next level 03 Apr 07

Hybrid AlGaInAs-silicon laser specialist Alexander Fang talks with optics.org about how developers are addressing manufacturing issues.

Holographic movies study the potency of cancer drugs 02 Apr 07

US researchers have designed a laser-based holographic imaging system to monitor what happens to a cancerous cell as an anti-cancer drug is administered.

Measurement of the 'single-photon' velocity and classical group velocity in a standard optical fiber 02 Apr 07

Jonathan Ingham and colleagues at the University of Cambridge, UK, have used kilometer lengths of standard optical fiber to demonstrate that changes in photon number states do not induce dispersion.

Business briefs 02 Apr 07

Featuring news from Jenoptik, University of Glasgow, Lasag, Cleveland Crystals, Atomic Weapons Establishment, Southern Vision Systems, BFI Optilas, Photon Lines, Leutron Vision, Multiwave Photonics, Intense, Cornes Dodwell, Synova, Kataoka.

Nerve stimulation gets infrared light treatment 02 Apr 07

Stimulating nerves with pulses of infrared light could help to restore balance, intensify hearing implants and lead to more advanced prosthetic limbs. James Tyrrell talks with Mark Bendett to discover more about Aculight's role in this up-and-coming research area.

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