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October 2007

Quantum dots detect single photons 31 Oct 07

Quantum computing applications could benefit from research into single-photon detectors based on semiconductor quantum dots.

Cryptography secures Swiss elections 29 Oct 07

Last week's Swiss national elections made history by using a quantum cryptography system to protect the results.

Business briefs 26 Oct 07

Featuring news from Philips, Toshiba, Corning, II-VI, Michelson Diagnostics, Konarka, Zecotek, StockerYale and others.

Cash-rich Cree eyes acquisitions 26 Oct 07

The LED maker is planning its next M & A foray after posting record sales and cashing in its Color Kinetics shares.

Laser antenna holds promise for nanoscale imaging 26 Oct 07

A laser that focuses infrared light to a spot size of 100 nm or less could enable high-resolution imaging and spectroscopy.

Dendrimer nanomaterial enables photonic integration 26 Oct 07

A novel waveguide based on dendrimer polymer materials could yield more powerful terahertz sources as well as small and cheaper devices for optical communications.

Emission properties tailor SLEDs to many markets 26 Oct 07

Superluminescent diodes combine the advantages of LEDs and laser diodes in a single compact package. Christian Vélez and Chris Armistead detail the factors to consider when purchasing SLEDs and the applications that are already putting the source to good use.

Active learning inspires new interest in optics 26 Oct 07

UNESCO's Active Learning in Optics and Photonics project is making the final preparations for its latest workshop to stimulate interest in optics in developing countries. Marie Freebody speaks to Minella Alarcon, programme specialist at UNESCO, to find out more.

3D imaging drives visualization growth 25 Oct 07

The growing use of 3D imaging in medical applications will boost the market for advanced visualization techniques, according to a new report.

Power efficient OLEDs exploit novel carrier transport layers 25 Oct 07

Chinese researchers have improved the power efficiency of organic light-emitting diodes by introducing novel n-doping and p-doping layers.

Start-up spotlight: Vehicle Occupancy Ltd 25 Oct 07

Imaging technology from a Loughborough University spin-out offers a new approach to congestion charging for traffic control.

Novaled partners with steel maker for flexible OLEDs 23 Oct 07

Flexible OLED applications could benefit from a new partnership between OLED manufacturer Novaled and steel maker ArcleorMittal.

White OLED achieves color stability 23 Oct 07

A white organic light-emitting diode that exploits stacked phosphorescent materials maintains the same color output at both high and low luminance values.

Business briefs 22 Oct 07

Featuring news from Research & Markets, Synova, Aculight, SA Photonics, Osram, IPG Photonics, Rofin and others.

UK and Taiwan partner on nanoscience research 22 Oct 07

Nanophotonics is set to benefit from a new collaboration between research centers in the UK and Taiwan.

Craford bags innovation prize for LED development 19 Oct 07

Veteran LED technologist and Lumileds CTO George Craford wins an Economist innovation award, and believes that the company now understands the root cause behind a long-standing problem in high-power InGaN LEDs.

CyOptics focused on hybrid designs for "TeraPICs" 19 Oct 07

Integrating laser and receiver arrays with silicon waveguides are the key technical challenges as CyOptics and Kotura work towards a terabit-per-second communication platform.

Single electron-spin memory with a semiconductor quantum dot 19 Oct 07

Researchers from Cambridge, UK, have stored the circular polarization of an optical field by transferring it to the spin-state of an individual electron confined in a single semiconductor quantum dot.

Start-up spotlight: Micropelt 19 Oct 07

Technology based on semiconductor manufacturing allows a German start-up to produce extremely small thermoelectric coolers.

Autofocus liquid lenses target new applications 19 Oct 07

Liquid-lens technologies designed to meet the insatiable demands of the mobile-phone industry are now being deployed in other imaging systems. Philippe Ruffin explains to OLE how Varioptic is adapting its products for an increasing number of uses.

Practical applications beckon for 3D metamaterials 18 Oct 07

US researchers have found a simpler, cheaper and more reliable way to make metamaterials with a negative index of refraction.

Liquid-core fibers improve sensor sensitivity 18 Oct 07

New research is improving the performance of sensors based on fluid-core optical fibers, while also making them easier to fabricate. Tim Hayes reports.

On-chip intelligence advances scientific imaging 16 Oct 07

Active-pixel sensor technology has the potential to break the constraints of current scientific imaging, according to new work by a UK-based research collaboration.

Industrial markets beckon for high-power diode lasers 15 Oct 07

Changes in the design and manufacture of laser diodes are seeding fundamental shifts in the way that we think about the cost and reliability of high brightness laser systems. Robert Martinsen of nLight Corporation tells OLE more.

Business briefs 15 Oct 07

Featuring news from Trumpf, Texas Instruments DLP Products, Philips, Photonex07, Telops, Zygo, OpVista and others.

Self-mode-locked ceramic laser makes debut 12 Oct 07

optics.org learns how a simple self-mode-locking design applied to ceramic lasers could aid other high-power lasers.

Tunable VCSEL includes intracavity microlens 12 Oct 07

Fabricating microlenses directly on to the top of a VCSEL's gain structure creates a versatile single-mode source.

Gigapixel camera searches the skies 12 Oct 07

The world's largest digital camera will soon be scanning the sky for asteroids that are on a potential crash course with Earth.

Deformable micro-mirror exploits PZT films 11 Oct 07

Researchers from Zhejiang University, China, have used a simple and inexpensive method to fabricate a novel deformable micro-mirror.

nLight buys Liekki 09 Oct 07

nLight continues its rapid growth with the acquisition of fiber manufacturer Liekki.

Plastic laser on the horizon 09 Oct 07

Encapsulating polymer chains in nanopores forces luminescent semiconducting plastics to emit polarized light.

Two-photon imaging offers new view of cancer growth 09 Oct 07

Two-color two-photon absorption has been used to image blood vessels with micrometer resolution, both in vitro and in vivo.

CVI Melles Griot buys CIOL - the inside story 09 Oct 07

Following CVI Melles Griot's acquisition of CIOL reported on optics.org last week, Marie Freebody speaks to CVI Melles Griot's CEO, Stuart Schoenmann, to find out more.

CO2 laser offers hope to glaucoma patients 08 Oct 07

Glaucoma sufferers could soon benefit from a surgical technique that uses CO2 lasers.

Business briefs 08 Oct 07

Featuring news from Saint-Gobain, Alpine Research Optics, Quantel, Spire Corporation, FLIR, Glasgow University, MAZeT, Ocean Optics and others.

Japanese team revives solar lasers in quest for clean fuels 05 Oct 07

Researchers have developed a solar-powered laser that could be used to convert magnesium chloride in the sea into an emission-free fuel.

Stuttgart opens doors to New Trade Fair Centre 05 Oct 07

Delegates attending VISION in November will be some of the first to see the new EURO 800million Trade Fair Centre in Stuttgart, Germany. Can’t wait till then? The official opening is between 19 and 21 October.

Crystal IS nets $2m to develop UV LEDs 05 Oct 07

The New York company is looking to use high-quality polar and non-polar AlN substrates to boost UV LED performance.

Sony launches ultra-thin OLED TV 05 Oct 07

The first commercially available OLED TV could be the first step towards a new generation of ultra-thin screens.

Organic semiconductors aid quest for silicon laser 05 Oct 07

Overcoming silicon's intrinsically poor light emission is a crucial problem that many research groups are tackling. Graham Turnbull and Ifor Samuel describe how their simple hybrid silicon-polymer laser could pave the way towards optical chip-to-chip interconnects.

Global thinking tackles the skills shortage in the photonics industry 05 Oct 07

Overcoming the skills shortage in the photonics industry pushes companies to recruit internationally. Per Stenius, CEO of Liekki Corporation, describes how a smaller high-tech firm approaches this challenge.

II-VI to acquire majority share of HIGHYAG 04 Oct 07

The deal will expand II-VI's portfolio of infrared and near-infrared laser optics and components.

Mixed CO2 beams create terahertz source 04 Oct 07

optics.org speaks to researchers who are frequency-mixing two CO2 lasers to create a terahertz source.

CVI Melles Griot buys infrared optics capability 03 Oct 07

CVI Melles Griot continues its spending spree with the acquisition of Coherent's infrared component business.

Bioimaging techniques see more clearly 01 Oct 07

Two programs aimed at enhancing OCT imaging techniques could revolutionize the diagnosis of cancers and neurological disorders.

Business briefs 01 Oct 07

Featuring news from Light Blue Optics. CIR, Newport, Lockheed Martin, Prism Solar Technologies, NASA, Northrop Grumman and others.

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