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The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

September 2007

First glimpse of nanotubes inside living animals 28 Sep 07

Scientists have used near-infrared fluorescence microscopy to image carbon nanotubes inside a living organism for the first time.

Minimal product overlap is key to CVI's acquisition strategy 28 Sep 07

When CVI announced its plans to acquire Melles Griot back in May, it was just one link in a long chain of events regarding the deal. Stuart Schoenmann, the CEO of CVI, gives OLE a behind-the-scenes look at the acquisitions process and shares his thoughts on the need for further consolidation in the industry.

Optical inspection speeds up automotive prototyping 28 Sep 07

Laser scanners that enable 3D inspection of car components could shave ten weeks off the time taken to roll out new automotive production lines.

Femtosecond laser renders viruses inactive 28 Sep 07

Bacterial viruses can be made inactivate by a low-power visible femtosecond pulse, opening up new strategies for controlling micro-organisms.

Avalanche photo-detection for high data-rate applications 27 Sep 07

Researchers from Germany and the UK have used commercial avalanche photo-diodes in quantum information processing for moderate to high bit-rate applications.

Flat-panel display spans entire color range 27 Sep 07

A reflective flat-panel display that exhibits color tuning across the entire visible spectrum could be a valuable power saver.

Room temperature QCL emits IR efficiently 26 Sep 07

Optics.org speaks to researchers in the US who are hoping to develop a quantum cascade laser with an output power of 1 W and an efficiency of 50 %.

Business briefs 24 Sep 07

Featuring news from JMAR Technologies, MicroEmissive Displays, CDT, Advanced Photonix, Thorlabs, Boston Micromachines, FLIR and others.

Blue LED emits stronger light 21 Sep 07

Optical components could benefit from a blue LED which offers enhanced coupling efficiency, stronger light emission, and a more uniform optical power output.

Infinera's InP demo heralds 10 Tbit/s systems 21 Sep 07

ECOC 2007 sees Infinera promote the latest advances in its photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology, as it adds semiconductor optical amplifiers to its multi-channel receivers.

LED chip makers lock horns in Vegas 21 Sep 07

The city of sin sees leading chipmakers go on the offensive with claims of class-leading devices, while Seoul Semiconductor announces the first single-emitter LED to deliver 420 lm.

Vertical emission opens new doors for VCSELs 21 Sep 07

Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers have long been associated with the datacom market but as Karlheinz Gulden of Bookham explains, the laser's unique emission properties are now proving useful in applications such as optical mice and atomic clocks.

SOA delivers 100 Gbit/s performance for all-optical networks 21 Sep 07

CIP's nonlinear SOA allows easy integration for all-optical functions such as wavelength conversion and signal regeneration.

Laser transfer printing enables easy fabrication for top-emitting OLEDs 20 Sep 07

Byung Doo Chin of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology has developed a novel and simplified preparation method for fabricating top-emitting organic light emitting devices (OLEDs).

GaN development to open up new applications 20 Sep 07

Richard Stevenson travelled to Las Vegas, Nevada, to hear MBE pioneer Klaus Ploog set his agenda for future GaN LED development.

High-power LED breakthrough from Cree 18 Sep 07

Cree announces best-ever figures for high-power LED efficacy in both warm white and cool-white packages.

Optical parametric oscillator goes mirror-free 17 Sep 07

A tunable, mirror-free infrared source that is easy to align has been experimentally demonstrated for the first time.

Business briefs 17 Sep 07

Featuring news from LightWorks Optics, VueMetrix, Konarka, Luxtera, Polatis, JDSU and others.

Flir to acquire Cedip Infrared Systems 14 Sep 07

The deal will give Flir a European base and introduce mid-wave infrared cameras to its range.

Filters feature variable bandpass 14 Sep 07

Users of Schott’s latest all-purpose interference filters can choose and vary the transmission characteristics.

Imagine Optic targets bioimaging with AOKit 14 Sep 07

The company's integrated adaptive optics kit brings image precision to bioscience.

Unipolar nanowire LED delivers two-color emission 14 Sep 07

Researchers from Harvard University have demonstrated electroluminescence from a unipolar LED.

Fast growth forces image sensor suppliers to change 14 Sep 07

How is Europe placed in the global image sensor market? Tom Hausken of market analyst Strategies Unlimited looks at regional revenue shares and the consequences of a fabless versus integrated manufacturing approach.

Cheap polymer opals enable new applications 13 Sep 07

A new method for fabricating polymer opals could lead to new applications that could benefit from their color changing properties.

Ideal materials make for perfect invisibility 13 Sep 07

Swedish researchers have shown that an invisibility cloak must be made from ‘ideal’ materials to hide an object.

SolFocus funding spells good news for III-V solar 13 Sep 07

SolFocus, the Californian manufacturer of concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) systems, has closed a second venture funding round worth $52 million.

Simple optical imager maps out internal organs 13 Sep 07

US scientists have developed a simple and inexpensive optical imaging system that provides real-time mapping of animals' internal organs.

Business briefs 10 Sep 07

Featuring news from Hexagon, Syntune, Dow Corning, Osram, Seoul Semiconductor, Logitech and others.

Single-photon transistor plans unveiled 07 Sep 07

Physicists in the US and Denmark have unveiled plans for an all-optical transistor-like device that can be turned on by a single photon.

Single nanoparticle all-optical memory on the horizon 07 Sep 07

Latest result brings optically switched gallium nanoparticle system a step closer to market.

Teflon reduces loss in microfiber resonators 07 Sep 07

optics.org discovers why researchers in the UK are embedding microfiber coil resonators in a thin layer of Teflon - and it’s nothing to do with cooking.

High-power diode lasers modify surfaces directly 07 Sep 07

Direct applications of diode lasers for materials processing are receiving a great deal of attention. Tim Hayes spoke to John Haake of Coherent about the company's entry into this market sector and its HighLight high-power diode laser for surface treatments.

Giant CMOS sensor heads for SLRs 06 Sep 07

Sony develops a 12.47 effective megapixel CMOS image sensor for use in digital SLR cameras.

LCD panel adapts itself to different viewing angles 06 Sep 07

Taiwanese researchers have developed a new system that allows images on an LCD screen to look the same when viewed from any angle.

Focus on nanophotonics and metamaterials 06 Sep 07

Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics presents a special issue dedicated to research papers presented at the NANOMETA-2007 conference, a new European Topical Meeting which took place January 2007, in Seefeld, Austria.

Laser fusion project wins EU go-ahead 06 Sep 07

The European Commission has backed a $1 bn project that aims to achieve nuclear fusion using what will be the world's most powerful laser.

Hamamatsu samples its first room temperature QCL 05 Sep 07

A quantum cascade laser that operates continuous wave at room temperature is a first for Hamamatsu Photonics.

Banknotes boost ultraviolet LED firm's cash flow 04 Sep 07

A Japanese company is replacing conventional UV bulbs with GaN LEDs to study banknotes.

Efficient white OLED emits color stable light 04 Sep 07

A low power consumption white organic light emitting device could be a promising alternative to conventional lighting devices.

Business briefs 03 Sep 07

Featuring news from Osram Opto Semiconductors, Northrop Grumman, m.u.t and more.

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