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The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

July 2007

Business briefs 30 Jul 07

Featuring news from CVI, Corning, StockerYale, Electro Scientific Industries, Spectranetics, Luxtera and others.

Overlapping lasers write Bragg grating in biochemical sensor 27 Jul 07

Changes in reflected light identify contaminants without needing to pre-treat the sample.

INSIDE VIEW: Copycat syndrome is becoming a growing problem within industry 27 Jul 07

The laws of the marketplace can sometimes lead companies to model themselves on their competitors. Gary Colquhoun of SPIE Europe explains why adopting this way of working does their customers no favours.

Electro-optical lenses focus lasers in two dimensions 26 Jul 07

The ability to focus laser light in two dimensions could herald a new era of high-speed optical storage and retrieval.

The world's first 40G silicon laser modulator 25 Jul 07

Researchers at Intel's Photonics Technology Lab have developed a laser modulator that encodes optical data at 40 Gbit/s.

Tandem design sets new efficiency record for plastic solar cells 24 Jul 07

Linking two organic solar cells with different absorption characteristics allows a wider range of the spectrum to be used.

Color changing crystals use magnetic fields 23 Jul 07

Photonic crystals that can change color thanks to a simple magnet could benefit display screen technology.

Flir high-resolution camera picks out the hot spots 23 Jul 07

Remote control and high resolution allow close monitoring of steel emerging from the furnace.

Asia's LED capacity build gathers pace 23 Jul 07

Osram, Showa Denko and Nichia are investing in new production facilities in a bid to meet growing demand for high-performance LEDs.

Business briefs 23 Jul 07

Featuring news from Trumpf, Osram, Tessera, Cambridge Display Technology, Corning, Gooch and Housego, and others.

Optical microcavity enables single-molecule detection 20 Jul 07

A nanoscale optical device that can detect individual molecules in a solution could aid the search for cancer therapies.

Lasers speed up magnetic data recording 20 Jul 07

A laser-based hard drive that transfers data up to 100 times faster than conventional data writers could pave the way to a new generation of magnetic recording devices.

Smallest cw nanolaser operates at room temperature 20 Jul 07

Photonic chips are set to benefit from the first highly efficient room-temperature nanolaser to demonstrate continuous wave operation.

FDA to evaluate ultrashort pulse lasers for medical applications 20 Jul 07

A joint project between Raydiance and the US Food and Drug Administration will examine the safety and effectiveness of Raydiance's platform for laser-based medical treatments.

Optical sensors enable local and global strain measurements 20 Jul 07

Researchers from Australia and China describe a simple scheme for simultaneous local and global strain measurements by multiplexing fiber-optic white light interferometric (FOWLI) and fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors in the spectral domain.

Adaptability drives market for laser cutting equipment 17 Jul 07

A new survey predicts that sales of laser cutting equipment will rise from $345 million in 2006 to $578 million in 2013.

Fiber-based cryptography combats fraud 16 Jul 07

A fiber-based quantum key distribution system could be a step closer to achieving secure, high-speed data transmission over distances up to 10 km.

E-paper market to reach $2 billion by 2012, $4 billion in 2014 16 Jul 07

New opportunities in applications exploiting e-paper's unique properties will boost the global market, according to a new report.

Business briefs 16 Jul 07

Featuring news from Trumpf, Novaled, Micronic, eagleyard, JPSA, 3M, Cedip, Bookham and others.

Natural look for white-light LEDs 16 Jul 07

An LED chip coated with quantum dots has produced light emission that mimics natural daylight.

Emcore adding more capacity for solar in 2008 16 Jul 07

With a backlog of orders building up in Europe and Asia, and interest growing in the US, Emcore is looking to further expand its solar cell manufacturing capacity.

Distortion-free mirror takes flight 13 Jul 07

A mirror that maintains its shape to provide a constant optical image at extreme temperatures will be flying high in the world's largest airborne observatory.

GaN laser market to break $1 billion by 2011 13 Jul 07

A new market study predicts that sales of GaN lasers will more than triple over the next five years.

QPC introduces 1 W seed laser 13 Jul 07

Laser diode specialist QPC Lasers launches a smaller, more powerful seed laser.

Coherent laser control of the current through molecular junctions 12 Jul 07

Researchers from Germany describe electron tunneling through a molecular junction in the presence of a time-dependent external field.

Coatings market to reach $5.6 billion in 2012 11 Jul 07

Specialized designs lead the growth in the optical coatings market according to the latest report from BCC.

Optical link gives ground controllers a perfect view 11 Jul 07

French researchers have demonstrated a two-way laser-based communications link between an aircraft, a geostationary satellite and the ground.

Lasers focus on materials processing at the smallest scale 06 Jul 07

A recent workshop highlighted innovative optical techniques for micro- and nanomachining.

Business briefs 06 Jul 07

Featuring news from Avago, Prism Solar Technologies, Research & Markets, Carolinas Photonics Consortium, Avanex, Moritex and others.

Holey foils enter lighting market 05 Jul 07

Researchers from Illinois are developing flat, flexible plasma lamps that they hope will surpass the efficiency of fluorescent lighting.

Nanotubes shine brightly in batches 05 Jul 07

Large batches of fluorescent nanotubes have been produced which shine brightly enough for nanoscale medical applications.

Nanowire laser enables sub-wavelength imaging 04 Jul 07

US scientists have incorporated a nanowire laser into a prototype microscope that could enable biological samples to be imaged with sub-wavelength resolution.

Ultrafast nonlinear all-optical processes in silicon-on-insulator waveguides 04 Jul 07

A group of researchers present an overview of recent progress in the rapidly emerging field of integrated silicon-on-insulator (SOI) waveguide photonics.

Organic LEDs brighten up 04 Jul 07

Magnetic nanoparticles could boost the efficiency of an organic light-emitting device by more than 30%, say US researchers.

Solar start-up wins £1.35 million seed funding 04 Jul 07

Quantasol, a spin-off from Imperial College, London, aims to commercialize solar cells based on quantum well structures made from gallium aresenide.

Laser monitors exhaust emissions 03 Jul 07

A portable near-IR spectrometer could directly measure emissions from a moving vehicle.

Trumpf introduces single-mode fiber laser 02 Jul 07

The TruFiber 300 is a 300 W system suited for precision cutting and welding.

Quantum dot detector images at room temperature 02 Jul 07

High speed, high operating temperature applications could benefit from research into quantum-dot infrared photodetectors.

Business briefs 02 Jul 07

Featuring news from Exfo, Zygo, Polatis, Aculight, Cypress Semiconductor, Agilent, Firecomms and others.

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