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'Top of the Pops' on optics.org

12 Jan 2007

At the end of 2006, November and December's figures for the Top 10 most-read stories on optics.org reveal that a few old favourites have staying power but once again it is mainly fresh material setting the agenda.

Three stories from October's most-read articles are still in the Top 10 for November/December but other technology news items hot from o.o's year-end fill the other top positions.

And registered membership of optics.org continues to grow. Our community – who enjoy free access to all research and industry news, the optics.org archive as well as all news and features published in Optics & Laser Europe – has increased by a further 20% since we last reported on visitor activity.

Signing up (at no cost) gives you access to exclusive content, where we feel we have dug extra deep to find the detailed information our readers are seeking.

So if you didn't catch them the first time round, due to office party or whatever, here are November/December's Top 10 most-read news reports (don't forget to keep checking us because new items go up every day).

optics.org's Top 10 in November/December 2006

• No. 1 Fiber laser improves micro-crack repairs. New in at the top with a cracking 72,000 views. Even in the chilly run up to Christmas these fabulous, flexible fiber lasers are hot stuff.

• No. 2 Thin-disk laser beats power record. Disk lasers are on a roll. Now in its fourth year, this news item is still sparking interest and is joined by yet another disk laser story at No.4.

• No. 3 Concrete casts new light in dull rooms. Glowing concrete, it seems, is never out of fashion - but have you actually seen any? If so, please let us know where it is brightening up the workplace.

• No. 4 Disk laser improves glass cutting. Clean-cut and straight out of Germany, comes a new way to achieve precise glass edges including on contours and tubes.

• No. 5 'Optical' bandage treats several skin cancers . In a significant step in the battle against cancer, Scientists in Scotland have achieved a 75% clear-up rate (in a modest sample).

• No. 6 Blue laser disc to allow 200 GB capacity. Blue is the colour, storage is the game, 200 GB together, winning is the aim...but if you want this to reach No. 1, read it again!

• No. 7 Lasers tackle radioactive waste. An easy job for the super-hero sounding Vulcan glass laser at Rutherford. Is there anything a laser cannot do?

• No. 8 Connector and splice market enjoys dramatic growth. The optics.org team has in recent months boosted our coverage of the fiber sector – and you seem to like the expanded range.

• No. 9 Cascaded photonic emission offers directional emission. Perhaps surprisingly, a simple photonic crystal structure is an effective way to couple light into fibers, ridge waveguides and lenses.

• No. 10 Solar cell efficiency boosted to 40%. Spectrolab produces a photovoltaic system with a record-breaking conversion efficiency of 40% – double that of conventional silicon cells.

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