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The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

May 2007

Newport launches first fiber laser 31 May 07

Newport has unveiled its first UV fiber-based laser, which it says will displace existing sources for micro materials processing.

UCSD spin-off bags $3m for dilute-nitride LEDs 31 May 07

Layers of InGaNP material are the key to brighter, cheaper high-brightness red LEDs, claims Quanlight, a spin-out of the University of California, San Diego.

Atomic photoionization by attosecond pulses in a strong laser field 31 May 07

Andrey Kazansky and Nikolai Kabachnik of the Universität Bielefeld, Germany, offer a theoretical description of atomic photoionization by attosecond XUV pulses in the presence of an intense laser pulse.

Hybrid waveguide brings photonic integrated circuits closer 31 May 07

A photodetector utilizing a silicon waveguide could be incorporated into power monitors or preamplified receivers.

Venus Express captures images in any light 31 May 07

ESA's Venus Express is capturing atmospheric details of day and night areas simultaneously thanks to an onboard thermal imaging spectrometer.

Incoherent light illuminates the past 29 May 07

A novel scanning technique brings ancient cuneiform tablets into sharp relief.

Lasers trap radioactive radium 25 May 07

A team of researchers in the US say they have optically trapped radium for the first time.

The optics of microscopy 25 May 07

Colin Sheppard of the National University of Singapore reviews the latest developments in the theory of microscope optics of the microscope, and addresses various shortcomings in the traditional theory.

Business briefs 25 May 07

Featuring news from Opnext, Cedip, Illinois Tool Works, Redlake, BAE Systems, Applied Photonics, Optium, Planar Systems, Resolve and others.

ZYGO unveils its high-precision optics capabilities 25 May 07

Although most people know ZYGO for its expertise in metrology and interferometry, the company has a rich history in high-precision optics fabrication. Jacqueline Hewett speaks to John Stack, the president of ZYGO’s Optical Systems Division, who lifts the lid on what he sees as the best-kept secret in the optics industry.

Thin-film SOI enables portable UV sensors 24 May 07

OKI, the Japanese telecommunications manufacturer, claims to have developed the world's first UV sensor using thin-film SOI.

Two micron diode aims for soft tissue surgery 24 May 07

A continuous wave diode laser operating at two microns is ideally suited for use in soft tissue surgery.

Negative refraction gets natural 23 May 07

Physicists in Germany claim to have found the first naturally occurring material that has a negative, rather than a positive, refractive index.

Beetles inspire tunable micromirrors 23 May 07

The unusual outer shell of a South American beetle, which can control both the polarization and wavelength of reflected light, could lead to a new breed of tunable micromirrors.

A laser focus on radiation generation 23 May 07

Will laser-generated radiation one day prove useful in cancer therapy? A UK collaboration aims to find out.

QPC Lasers gathers momentum 22 May 07

The latest results show substantial increases in revenues for the California-based laser supplier.

CLEO: post-deadline highlights 21 May 07

Post-deadline papers at this year's CLEO conference revealed what's happening at the cutting edge of optics research. Here is our selection.

Novel laser powers high-speed OCT scanner 21 May 07

A new laser source has enabled US and German researchers to build an OCT scanner that is ten times faster than commercial versions.

US invests a further $13.3 m in solid-state lighting 21 May 07

Cree, Sandia National Labs, and the University of California, Santa Barbara, spin-out Inlustra Corporation are among the winners of the Department of Energy’s third funding round for solid state lighting.

Business briefs 21 May 07

Featuring news from QPC, Sofradir, Fianium, Corning, Cambridge Display Technology, Ionatron, Novalux, OCP and others.

Petawatts place tough requirements on optics 18 May 07

Creating optics for petawatt lasers requires careful consideration of the actual-use conditions and an understanding of thin-film performance trade-offs, as David Kemp and Dave Collier of Alpine Research Optics, US, explain.

Adapting to new ideas is the key to staying on top in optics 18 May 07

What’s the best way to prepare yourself for a long and rewarding career in optics? Berndt Zingrebe, managing director of Sill Optics, and who celebrates 25 years with the company this year, shares his secrets.

NASA approves new telescope technologies 17 May 07

Lightweight cryogenic mirrors and a wavefront sensing system are just two of the ten new technologies that NASA will deploy on the James Webb Space Telescope.

Seeking guidance from the stars 16 May 07

What can astronomers and medical imaging specialists learn from each other? A new project at Harvard University aims to find out.

New look for optical data storage 16 May 07

The first optical memory element to be made from a single gallium nanoparticle could compete with DVD and hard disks.

Fluorescence sensors aid crop growth 15 May 07

A fluorescence-based sensor could soon be used to optimize crop growth by monitoring levels of polyphenolics in crops.

Business briefs 14 May 07

Featuring news from Gooch and Housego, Trumpf, IPG, OpVista, SPI, Lantis, Aurora, Bookham, Rohm and others.

MicroEmissive Displays opens new manufacturing center in Dresden 14 May 07

Set up adjacent to Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems, the site represents a total investment of over $10 million.

CVI to acquire Melles Griot 11 May 07

Optics and photonics big-hitters CVI and Melles Griot will be merging once the terms of the acquisition are signed off. optics.org speaks to CVI's CEO Stuart Schoenmann to find out more.

Nichia announces blue laser plans 11 May 07

Mass production of 250 mW blue-violet sources will begin in January 2008, with 320 mW on the way.

Gold gratings give off terahertz pulses 11 May 07

A new method of generating terahertz pulses could be a step closer to producing safe radiation for medical imaging, biological research and homeland security.

Chilling out with polaritons 11 May 07

US researchers believe that polaritons could offer the key to laser cooling a semiconductor.

Deformable mirrors reach pivotal point 11 May 07

Cost is no longer the prohibitive factor holding back the adoption of deformable mirrors. Jacqueline Hewett speaks to Paul Bierden of pioneering US firm Boston Micromachines Corporation about the new and emerging applications of the technology.

Osram to build chip plant in Malaysia 11 May 07

German lighting giant Osram has underlined the importance of LED applications to its future by building an additional chip-making plant for its Osram Opto Semiconductor business.

Nanospikes sharpen germanium's appeal 11 May 07

Femtosecond laser treatment could improve infrared photodetectors, solar cells and field emission displays.

Thin-films boost solar cell efficiency 10 May 07

Polymer solar cells could soon rival silicon panels thanks to scientists in the US and Korea, who have increased the efficiency of thin film photovoltaics to more than 6.1%.

Advances in fiber-optic sensing in medicine and biology 10 May 07

Researchers from the UK and Italy present a review of the applications of optical fibers in medicine and biology.

Light Blue Optics teams up with Thales 09 May 07

The companies will collaborate on the development of miniature projection displays for cockpit applications.

Atmospheric white-light laser hits the stratosphere 09 May 07

Researchers have shot a 32 TW laser pulse some 20 km into the sky.

Frequency quadrupling brings high-power UV within reach 04 May 07

A 250 mW UV source developed by US researchers could suit quantum cryptography, spectroscopy or micromachining.

Business briefs 04 May 07

Featuring news from CVI, Bookham, MicroEmissive, JDSU, PerkinElmer, Wyatt, Onefive, Intense, Dalsa, 3DIcon, Powerlase and Codixx.

Carbon dioxide lasers experience rapid uptake 04 May 07

A growing number of applications are turning to carbon dioxide lasers. Cathy McBeth explains what the far-IR source has to offer and what selection criteria potential buyers should bear in mind.

Single quantum dot lowers lasing threshold 03 May 07

Applications such as telecommunications and optical computing could benefit from a quantum dot laser with a lasing threshold of 500 nW.

Laser surface analysis spotlights counterfeiters 03 May 07

A new anti-fraud technique brings biometric-style security to inanimate materials.

Coherent enters high-power materials processing sector 03 May 07

US laser manufacturer acquires Nuvonyx Inc in a bid to address the growing direct diode market.

Fiber resists CERN's radiation to carry data 02 May 07

A radiation-resistant fiber is soon to be used in the world's largest particle accelerator for essential communication links.

Massive power boost for non-polar GaN LEDs 02 May 07

Researchers working on non-polar GaN at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) have fabricated a blue-violet LED with the highest efficiency and output power ever reported.

Single-photon sources with optical-fiber integration 02 May 07

UK researchers have demonstrated a 'plug and play' single-photon source based on single-quantum dots with an integrated optical-fibre output.

Two-photon source brings quantum cryptography closer 01 May 07

A microstructured optical fiber is an efficient source of photon pairs for quantum information systems.

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