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March 2007

Mempile sets sights on 1TB optical storage 29 Mar 07

Storing one terabyte of data on a DVD-sized disk has just moved a step closer. Mempile has demonstrated that its TeraDisc technology can store nearly 300GB on a single disk, with larger capacities on the way.

980 nm pump laser makers go for power play 28 Mar 07

JDSU, Bookham and Lumics show off powerful new lasers designed to reduce the size, cost and power consumption of fiber amplifiers used in optical communications.

Lumileds rolls out the Rebels 28 Mar 07

Hoping to effect a rapid uptake of white LEDs in solid-state lighting applications, Philips Lumileds begins sampling its new Luxeon Rebel products.

Polariton laser reaches room temperature 28 Mar 07

The first polariton laser to operate at room temperature has been demonstrated by physicists in the UK and Switzerland.

Compact beam-shaping system for high-power semiconductor laser bars 27 Mar 07

Stefano Bonora from the University of Padova, Italy, exploits compact reflective optics in a new design for a beam transformation system.

Business briefs 26 Mar 07

Featuring news from CyOptics, Apogee Photonics, CIR, Arima Optoelectronics, Enablence Technologies, Olympus Microsystems America, Operax, Qinetiq, Alfalight, Transmode and others.

IBM researchers demonstrate 'world's fastest' optical chipset 26 Mar 07

Prototype 160 Gbit/s technology points to new era of data sharing and "instant" movie downloads.

Laser water jet cools and cuts in the material world 26 Mar 07

After 10 years in the making, Synova's water-jet-guided technology is being used to cut, drill, grind and dice materials as varied as gallium arsenide and polycrystalline diamond. Jacqueline Hewett catches up with Synova to find out the advantages of the approach.

Magnifying superlenses show more detail than before 23 Mar 07

Two US research teams have independently created the first truly magnifying "superlenses" using metamaterials with a negative index of refraction.

An optical fiber interferometric refractometer 22 Mar 07

A Suhadolnik Meas. Sci. Tech. 18 1205-1208

Lasers etch sub-micron structures into sapphire 21 Mar 07

Micro-optic and microfluidic applications could benefit from a laser-based patterning technique being developed in Germany and Greece.

Quantel grows diode and fiber laser activities 21 Mar 07

Quantel's acquisition of Nuvonyx Europe builds on last year's technology deals with Keopsys and Highwave. Director general Alain de Salaberry tells optics.org about his plans.

Double-negative metamaterial edges towards the visible 21 Mar 07

US researchers have for the first time pushed the limits for negative-index metamaterials to infrared wavelengths.

Liquid-lens module targets camera phones 20 Mar 07

Sunny Optics and Varioptic jointly announce the launch of first autofocus camera module based on a liquid lens.

Business briefs 19 Mar 07

Featuring news from Cree, Cotco, Ionatron, Lexitek, Arcelor Mittal, Noble International, Zygo, Quantapoint, Teraxion, Anvanex, Polatis and others.

Physicists control light at the nanoscale 19 Mar 07

A new experiment shows that the field intensity distribution of a laser can be controlled at dimensions that are much smaller than the wavelength of light.

UK produces giant camera for infrared astronomy 19 Mar 07

An infrared, 67 Mpixel, 3 tonne camera has been successfully installed on the VISTA telescope in Chile. Martin Caldwell from the UK's Rutherford Appleton Laboratory explains how the instrument pushed the limits of large-scale optics.

INSIDE VIEW: CEO shares secrets to running a successful high-tech start-up 19 Mar 07

What are the key attributes that make a successful business leader? In this month's interview Per Ibsen, CEO of Kaleido Technology, offers his thoughts on what it takes to manage a technology company.

Microlenses improve fiber coupling efficiencies 15 Mar 07

Coupling light from a 980 nm high-power diode laser into a single mode fiber can be done more efficiently by forming a microlens at the end of the fiber, say researchers in Taiwan.

Physicists watch the "birth, life and death of a photon" 15 Mar 07

Physicists in France are the first to watch single photons appear spontaneously, live a brief life, and then vanish into thin air.

Sharp readies blue laser for mass production 15 Mar 07

One of the world's key volume suppliers of red and infrared laser diodes reveals that its high-power blue emitter is about to enter mass production.

Meshed surface extracts more light 15 Mar 07

A textured polymer film that suits both large and small emitters can enhance the outcoupling efficiency of an OLED by 46% say its inventors.

Frequency converter accesses new wavelengths 14 Mar 07

Using nonlinear crystals to convert the frequency of a laser gets a new look as an Italian researcher unveils a 3/2 frequency multiplier that could simplify RGB laser systems.

Business briefs 12 Mar 07

Featuring news from Rofin-Sinar, M2K-Laser, Candela, Inolase, SPI Lasers, Aspectris, Northrop Grumman, Goodrich IMT, Oxford Instruments, Mitsubishi Electric, Optis, Corelase, Opton, Toshiba Imaging and others.

Nanohole array brings light into focus 12 Mar 07

Optical physicists in the UK and Spain have fabricated an array of nanoholes that can focus light into a spot that is smaller than the wavelength of light used.

US to invest $357 million in Solar America Initiative 12 Mar 07

The US Department of Energy has joined forces with 13 industry partners to fund R&D projects to cut the cost of producing and distributing sun power.

Global FTTH shipments up 58% in 2006 09 Mar 07

Market analysts at Dittberner predict a 50% growth in global FTTH shipments for 2007.

Intense buys High Power Devices to create 'global diode laser force' 08 Mar 07

Merger builds leadership position in high-power laser diodes and laser arrays for print and imaging, medical, defence and industrial roles. Intense CEO Scott Christie tells optics.org more about the deal and his future plans.

Scattered photons reveal tiny breast tumours 08 Mar 07

Embracing scatter is the way to boost the sensitivity of mammography, claims a team of Canadian scientists.

Photocatalyst makes better use of visible light 08 Mar 07

The optoelectronic properties of palladium oxide nanoparticles embedded in a titanium oxide matrix could be used to kill bacteria and power electronic devices, say researchers.

Weigh up your options before buying eyewear 06 Mar 07

Deciding which laser-safety eyewear is the best option for your experiment can be difficult. Tom MacMullin looks at what’s on offer and details the criteria to consider before choosing.

Extended VCSEL wavelengths offer gas sensing source 06 Mar 07

Markus Ortsiefer from Vertilas explains why long-wavelength tunable VCSELs are a better option for gas sensing than the lead-salt, quantum-cascade and diode-pumped solid-state lasers that are used today.

Microhand is a perfect fit for optical tweezers 06 Mar 07

A user-friendly set of optical tweezers that uses the position of the operator’s hands to move trapped particles is broadening the appeal of the technology. Jacqueline Hewett reports.

Business briefs 05 Mar 07

Featuring news from Quantel, Nuvonyx, European lamp Companies Federation, Agilent Technologies, BFI Optilas, Ciena, Sydenergi, Emtelle, Aston University (UK), Flir Sstems, Synova, Aculight, NP Photonics and others.

Video capability revives interest in laser method 05 Mar 07

Plastic surgery, neuroscience and dermatology could all benefit from the release of the first commercial instrument to image blood flow in real time, at up to 25 frames per second. James Tyrrell speaks to David Briers, one of the pioneers of laser speckle contrast analysis, to discover more about the technique that was first conceived over 25 years ago.

Entrepreneur takes over Avanex's French fabs 05 Mar 07

Alexandre Krivine, an entrepreneur with past connections to Alcatel, takes over the management of Avanex's III-V semiconductor operations in Nozay, France.

Nanorods make "ideal" anti-reflection coatings 02 Mar 07

Physicists in the US claim to have created the first thin optical film with a refractive index close to that of air.

'Top of the pops' on optics.org 01 Mar 07

New year, new chart. January's figures for the Top 10 most-read stories on optics.org reveal that exciting, new material continues to set the agenda. You showed much interest in the relatively new topics of plasmonics and nanotubes.

Nanorod arrays polarize light 01 Mar 07

Light propagation through nanorods needs a new theory, say physicists in Sweden.

Optical mammography offers complementary screening 01 Mar 07

Diffuse optical tomography could help clinicians to address some of the limitations of traditional X-ray mammography.

Intel demonstrates 30Gbit/s all-silicon optical modulator 01 Mar 07

Ansheng Liu, principal engineer at Intel's Photonics Technology Lab, talks to optics.org about the company's latest high-speed silicon modulator.

European Research Council launched 01 Mar 07

ERC will make available €7.5 billion for scientific research over the next seven years.

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