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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

December 2006

Business briefs 22 Dec 06

Including news from Nichia, Huawei, Siemens Networks, Nokia, Light Blue Optics, PMC-Sierra, Ultratech, Ericsson, Redback, Cymer, Nikon, Zygo, Osram and others.

IBM chip breakthough 'buffers' optical signal 22 Dec 06

Self-styled "milestone" is an optical device that delays light transmission on silicon; improves potential for all-optical computing.

Osram signs 'laser TV' deal with Coherent 22 Dec 06

Osram to develop RGB laser technologies, based on Coherent's designs, for consumer devices such as "laser TV" and mini-projectors.

50Mbit/s laser link between aircraft and satellite 22 Dec 06

Astrium, the French optical satellite communications specialist, has demonstrated a record-breaking laser transmission between aircraft and a satellite.

Siemens transmits 'record' 107 Gbit/s on one fiber 21 Dec 06

Siemens researchers achieve transmission rates of 107 Gbit/s on a single fiber channel using purely electric processing in transmitter and receiver.

Collaboration hails non-polar GaN LED advance 21 Dec 06

A Japanese-US collaboration headed up by University of California, Santa Barbara researchers says that it has set a new world best for the efficiency of LEDs based on non-polar and semi-polar GaN.

Picolight demonstrates VCSEL-based transceiver for 10GigE links 20 Dec 06

A power-efficient small-form factor transceiver from Picolight supports the IEEE 802.3aq optical interface standard.

'Next-gen' photonic crystal fiber project launches in Europe 19 Dec 06

The NextGenPCF consortium launches a pan-European R&D project worth Euro 12.2m to develop new types of photonic crystal fibers.

Business briefs 15 Dec 06

Including news from Ciena, Alphion, Optical Communication Products, Dynasil, JDSU, LG Philips LCD, DRS Technologies, Adlightec, Keopsys and others

Wide-angle lens promises distortion-free images 15 Dec 06

Gyeong-il Kweon of Honam University in South Korea tells optics.org about his plans to market a new wide-angle lens for security applications.

Quantum well lasers target defence, printing 13 Dec 06

Intense champions its revolutionary laser technology for next generation defense and digital printing roles.

Blue laser regulates 'super-accurate' atomic clock 12 Dec 06

A highly stable blue laser provides the key to controlling the most precise "ticks" ever recorded in a strontium-based atomic clock.

Thermal imager has the edge on cricket umpires 12 Dec 06

A thermal imaging camera originally developed to track missiles looks to be just as useful at making tricky decisions on the cricket field.

Optical systems benefit from aspherical lenses 12 Dec 06

Aspheres allow designers to build smaller, lighter and simpler optical systems, and can be found in everyday products. Edwin Diaz provides a back-to-basics guide to the technology.

Skin-cancer therapy gets OLED transformation 12 Dec 06

A Scottish physics professor and a dermatology consultant have developed a new way of treating skin cancers with light-emitting bandages.

Photovoltaics take a heavy load off soldiers 12 Dec 06

A US consortium is aiming to smash the solar-cell efficiency record with a radical design that uses a lateral architecture and a dispersive concentrator.

Wavefront coding slims down imaging systems 12 Dec 06

A new imaging technique known as wavefront coding is helping designers to reduce the cost and weight of imaging systems. Andrew Harvey and Gonzalo Muyo look at how the technique is being applied to thermal imagers used by the military and emergency services.

Virtual microscopy gets machine-vision upgrade 12 Dec 06

The digital imaging of microscope slides is benefiting from machine-vision know-how in the form of high-performance linescan cameras and custom software.

Solar cell efficiency boosted to 40% 12 Dec 06

A team of engineers at solar cell manufacturer Spectrolab has produced a photovoltaic system with a record-breaking conversion efficiency of 40.7%.

Business briefs 08 Dec 06

Including news from Tosoh, Huawei, RCR Tomlinson, Applied Laser (Australia), American Medical Systems, Iridex, Osram Opto Semiconductors, Intelligent Display Solutions, Goodrich, Redfern Integrated Optics, Agilent, Coractive, IMRA, Aculight, Lumics, Novonyx Europe, Roditi and others.

Researchers profile femtosecond laser pulses 08 Dec 06

A breakthrough at Imperial College, London, exploits attosecond X-ray pulses to characterize femtosecond laser pulses with unprecendented accuracy. In an interview with optics.org, researcher John Tisch explains its implications for research into high-speed atomic and molecular processes.

Photonic crystal yields ultrafast all-optical switch 08 Dec 06

Scientists at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (NTU) talk to optics.org about the commercial opportunities for their prototype all-optical switch.

Oerlikon acquires laser specialist Exitech 06 Dec 06

Exitech's equipment, capabilities and all staff to be integrated into Oerlikon's optics business unit.

'World's brightest' LED claimed by Seoul 06 Dec 06

A 240 lm single die light source, developed by Seoul Semiconductor, is claiming the crown of "brightest ever" LED.

European Commission boost for photonics 05 Dec 06

With the restructuring of the EU's 7th Framework Programme (FP7), the photonics sector has been given improved recognition of its importance.

Novalux develops 1.5 W red arrays for laser TV 05 Dec 06

Company says high power red laser output is milestone toward high-definition laser TVs based on "Necsel" color.

NL Nanosemiconductor acquires Zia Laser 05 Dec 06

Combined entity plans to deliver advanced quantum dot semiconductor laser technology.

Pyramid electrode extracts more light 05 Dec 06

LED emission gets a boost thanks to a pyramid shaped ZnO electrode.

Gain in nanowires boosts on-chip photonics 01 Dec 06

Researchers at Oregon State University tell optics.org about a new method that, in theory, would allow the speed of optical signals in nanoscale wires to be controlled from ultraslow to beyond the speed of light.

Business briefs 01 Dec 06

Including news from Alcatel-Lucent, Biophotonics (Kalorama Information), Ciena, Kodak, Belgacom, Siemens, Cristal Laser, Impulse Optics, Oerlikon, Melles Griot and others.

Photonics reveals cardiac threat 01 Dec 06

Data from a near-infrared spectroscopy system could help to identify patients who are at greatest risk of a heart attack.

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