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The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

June 2007

PyroFlex offers tailored laser pulses 29 Jun 07

A new laser platform shapes laser pulse parameters to exact specifications.

A quasi-distributed liquid level sensor based on a bent side-polished plastic optical fiber 28 Jun 07

Spanish researchers describe the design and development of a prototype liquid level sensor that exploits the changes in light transmittance in a plastic optical fiber cable.

Adaptive optics reveals galaxy collisions 27 Jun 07

Two black holes have been pinpointed at the center of a collision of two galaxies thanks to adaptive optics at the Keck Observatory.

Structured laser beam shines light on aerosol particles 27 Jun 07

A new optical technique measures both the velocity and trajectory of particles in an air stream, allowing real-time detection of contaminants or chemicals.

Fiber lasers: aesthetically pleasing 27 Jun 07

UK fiber-laser specialist SPI Lasers has won a $2.8 million order to ship its lasers to a medical equipment integrator for aesthetics applications.

New look for transparent nanowires 27 Jun 07

Researchers may have found an alternative to indium tin oxide for applications in flat-panel displays, solar cells and LEDs.

Fiber laser provides the spark for engines 27 Jun 07

A US team has for the first time used a nanosecond Nd:YAG hollow-core fiber laser as the ignition source in a commercial natural-gas engine, replacing conventional electrodes.

Image sensor sales exceed $6 billion per year 26 Jun 07

Record growth in the image sensor market will steady over the next several years, says Strategies Unlimited’s Tom Hausken.

Business briefs 25 Jun 07

LASER 2007 in pictures 25 Jun 07

The optics.org editorial team gathered some interesting photos from the LASER 2007 exhibition halls. Don't forget to visit our blog to read about our experiences from the show.

Scientists make liquid mirror for moon-based telescope 25 Jun 07

A team of Canadian and American scientists has made a liquid mirror that could one day be used to build a large moon-based telescope.

Laser technique could redefine the kelvin 22 Jun 07

Physicists in France have used laser spectroscopy to make the first direct measurement of the Boltzmann constant.

EU group demonstrates first optical interconnect layer on silicon 22 Jun 07

European researchers have demonstrated an integrated device that could form the basis for future on-chip optical interconnects.

22 Jun 07

Commercial blue fiber laser based on 'telecoms' FBG filter 22 Jun 07

JDSU has chosen Teraxion's "telecoms-grade" fiber Bragg grating (FBG) filters for its latest commercial 488 nm solid-state laser.

Bossa Nova's sensors suit production settings 21 Jun 07

Bossa Nova Technologies, US, is an expert in non-destructive testing equipment. Nadya Anscombe talks to its marketing and sales director Philippe Clemenceau to find out how the steel and cosmetic industries are making the most of the company's technology.

Ultraviolet pyrometer maps wafer temperature 21 Jun 07

GaN chip developers look set to benefit from an in situ pyrometer that can measure wafer temperatures with a precision of ±0.1°C. Richard Stevenson speaks to Thomas Zettler of optical sensor specialist LayTec to find out more about its ultraviolet pyrometer.

Terahertz generation benefits from laser know-how 21 Jun 07

Although many applications could potentially benefit from terahertz radiation, finding a convenient way to generate it has been problematic. Anselm Deninger and Thomas Renner of TOPTICA Photonics weigh up the merits of using distributed feedback diodes and femtosecond fibre lasers.

Calcium fluoride offers unique optical properties 21 Jun 07

The rapid progress that is being made in lithography and many other areas of technology owes a lot to calcium fluoride crystals. Peter Maushake, product manager of German firm SCHOTT AG, looks at the optical properties that have made this material so successful.

INSIDE VIEW: Knowing how to diversify is the key to surviving changing times 21 Jun 07

Diversifying an optics company can be crucial to its survival and success. In this month's interview Paul Ellis, CEO of SIFAM, discusses his experiences of keeping the company afloat after the telecoms downturn.

European project targets red-emitting disk lasers 21 Jun 07

A European project known as NATAL is striving to produce high-power optically pumped semiconductor disk lasers emitting in the visible for projection applications. Mircea Guina from the Optoelectronics Research Centre at Tampere in Finland updates OLE on progress.

Lamp-pumped solid-state lasers offer bright future 21 Jun 07

Neil Ball and Matthias Stein argue that rapid improvements in performance and lifetime will ensure that lamp-pumped solid-state lasers continue to outsell diode-pumped systems.

Philips to grab Color Kinetics for $0.8 billion 20 Jun 07

Dynamic lighting hot-shots Color Kinetics are picked to join Lumileds and TIR Systems on the Philips team, opening up a bright future for its award-winning lighting systems.

Nanoparticle arrays control light 18 Jun 07

Light can be guided and manipulated at the nanoscale using "plasmonics physics", according to new calculations by US researchers.

Business briefs 15 Jun 07

Including news from Strategies Unlimited (image sensor market forecast), Biomedical Photometrics, Synova, Disco Hi-Tec, Oki Electric Industry, Philips, TIR Systems, Boeing, Lambda Research and others.

Single chip houses spectroscopy setup 15 Jun 07

Miniaturizing spectroscopy onto a single chip is allowing researchers to study atoms in a portable device.

Tessera exploits wafer-level technology to shrink mobile-phone cameras 15 Jun 07

Manufacturing thousands of lenses on a wafer will reduce the size and cost of camera modules for mobile applications.

Narrowband detector helps spot airborne toxins 15 Jun 07

A UV photodetector with a bandwidth of only 6 nm could allow real-time detection of biological and chemical agents.

Expert tailors thin-films to diverse applications 15 Jun 07

Thin-film coating and filter manufacturer Barr Associates has developed products for applications as wide-ranging as the study of the planet Pluto to pinpointing early signs of cancer. OLE catches up with technical experts at the US company to find out more.

Spectrometer reveals nano-morphology 14 Jun 07

Plastic electronics mapped in a matter of minutes by broadband near-field optical spectrometer with 100 nm spatial resolution.

Laser-induced field-free alignment of the OCS molecule 14 Jun 07

Researchers from Greece and France offer a detailed study of the field-free alignment of a polar molecule using short laser pulses.

Scanning microscope sees quantum cascade laser modes 13 Jun 07

A scanning microscope is allowing researchers to image the modes inside a quantum cascade laser with nanometer resolution.

Dual-resonator VCSEL delivers higher bandwidths 12 Jun 07

A laser configuration known as a composite-resonator vertical-cavity laser (CRVCL) could offer the key to high-speed optoelectronics.

Skin cancers revealed by laser light 11 Jun 07

A non-invasive laser scan offers a unique insight into the characteristic biochemistry of a developing skin cancer.

Colloidal quantum dots offer laser promise 11 Jun 07

US researchers have achieved amplified spontaneous emission from colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals, which could pave the way for a new breed of quantum-dot lasers.

Varioptic signs liquid-lens agreement with STMicroelectronics 11 Jun 07

A new, slimmer version of Varioptic's Arctic lens will be integrated into STMicroelectronics' camera modules.

Photoacoustic imaging goes for gold 11 Jun 07

Gold nanoparticles are the key to a targeted photoacoustic imaging technique being developed by Dutch researchers.

Active fiber emits radially-polarized beam 11 Jun 07

High-power radially-polarized fiber lasers are a step closer thanks to researchers in Japan.

Business briefs 11 Jun 07

Featuring news from GSI, Electron Tubes, Gilden Photonics, Planar Systems, Satisloh, AP Technologies and others.

BinOptics CEO plans to sample GaN lasers in 2007 11 Jun 07

BinOptics CEO Alex Behfar says that his company will slash the cost of blue laser diodes by squeezing more chips onto a wafer.

Interferometry for LISA and LISA Pathfinder 08 Jun 07

Antonio García Marín and colleagues from the Albert Einstein Institute and University of Hanover describe the role that laser interferometry will play in the LISA and LISA Pathfinder missions.

CCDs evolve to suit vast array of scientific uses 08 Jun 07

Charge-coupled devices have been developing at a rapid pace over the past few decades. Antoinette O'Grady gives an overview of what's on offer today and provides useful guidelines on choosing the right detector format and the right architecture for your application.

Scattering technique detects spores in real-time 07 Jun 07

Detecting bacterial spores by using coherent Raman scattering could help to improve national security.

Scattering technique detects spores in real-time 07 Jun 07

Detecting bacterial spores by using coherent Raman scattering could help to improve national security.

Sales of OLED displays to continue rising 04 Jun 07

A new report predicts further growth for organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays, but barriers to their penetration of the television market remain.

Entangled photons cross 144 km free-space link 04 Jun 07

optics.org speaks to the team that has sent entangled photons over a record-breaking 144 km free-space link.

Business briefs 04 Jun 07

Featuring news from the US Department of Energy, Agilent, JDSU, Cambridge Display Technology, Nanotech Semiconductor, Jenoptik, Optikos, Heptagon and others.

Photon sieves benefit space telescopes 01 Jun 07

Future large space-based telescopes could benefit from photon sieves containing trillions of holes to gather and focus light.

Holographic film points light in the right direction 01 Jun 07

Flick through the technology press and you could be fooled into thinking that solar energy is now all about ultrathin films and flexible photovoltaics. Rick Lewandowski, CEO of Prism Solar Technologies, US, tells James Tyrrell that silicon is definitely still in the frame thanks to a clever holographic film that can squeeze more power out of traditional solar cells.

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