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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

February 2007

JDSU buying Picolight for $125m cash, stock 27 Feb 07

JDSU is to buy VCSEL manufacturer Picolight for $115 million in stock and up to $10 million in cash.

Infinera to raise $150 million through IPO 27 Feb 07

Company plans to use IPO proceeds for mix of working capital, debt servicing and to acquire other businesses.

Lumileds claims upper hand in patent battle 27 Feb 07

Philips Lumileds believes that it has won a significant battle in its patent war with rival LED manufacturer Epistar.

Powerlase, University College Dublin jointly work on EUV 26 Feb 07

Powerlase is working with University College Dublin to develop a light source for "next-generation" extreme-ultraviolet lithography technology.

Business briefs 26 Feb 07

Featuring news from Stocker Yale, Dynasil, Datalase, Red Shift Systems, Morgan Advanced Ceramics, Photek, Laser Lines, Lasag, Color Chip, OpVista, Siemens Enterprise Communications, MRV Communications, Avanex, Adva Optical and others.

OFC/NFOEC 2007 previewed 23 Feb 07

The optical communications extravaganza in March will showcase many breakthoughs including data transmission at "record" rates, improved food inspection and space laser communications.

Top-emitting OLED performance boosted 23 Feb 07

Top emission OLEDs are the future of display and lighting applications, says the company that has just improved outputs of these devices.

Submarine pump laser deal boost for Bookham 23 Feb 07

Better news for the optoelectronic component company as key fiber-optic system vendor Tyco Communications chooses Bookham's 980nm laser pump modules for a submarine network upgrade.

Powerlase reports 'record' year-on-year growth 23 Feb 07

DPSS laser developer posts 400% growth as turnover increases from £2.4 million to £9.5 million.

22 Feb 07

Casting technique puts new spin on AR coatings 21 Feb 07

Researchers in China believe that spin-casting polymer latex onto glass is an effective way to mass-produce antireflective coatings.

Superthin mirror could shrink lasers 20 Feb 07

US scientists have designed an ultrathin mirror with a reflectivity of 99.5% that could replace distributed Bragg reflectors as the mirror of choice in laser optics.

INSIDE VIEW: More emphasis on networking could help technology transfer 19 Feb 07

High-performance microchannel plate photomultipliers developed for use in space could have a wealth of terrestrial applications from drug screening through to environmental science, as Jon Lapington tells James Tyrrell.

Halma buys up Labsphere for $14 million 16 Feb 07

Halma strengthens photonics industry presence to three key subsidiaries with further acquisitions in prospect. optics.org interviews Halma director Keith Roy about the decisions behind the deal.

Fiber to eclipse copper in 'structured cabling systems' by 2008 16 Feb 07

In a major industry shift, fiber-cabling shipments will exceed those of copper by 2008, according to a market forecast.

Laser research confirms Renaissance painting 16 Feb 07

Scientific analysis of paint from a Madonna and Child painting, based on laser Raman microscopy, supports the attribution of the work to the Renaissance period.

LED breaks the 1000 lm barrier 16 Feb 07

Osram Opto Semiconductors has, with the latest version of its Ostar lighting technology, developed its first cold-white LED (module) to produce more than 1000 lm.

Business Briefs 16 Feb 07

Including news from Alcatel-Lucent, Tessera Technologies, Flir Systems, US Display Consortium, Plextronics, Research And Markets (Chinese Solar Cell and Solar Panel), Optomec, Infinera, Little Optics, Qioptiq, McPherson, Gelcore/Lumination, EuroLED 2007, ASML Holdings and others.

Optics seeks out viruses 15 Feb 07

Optical phenomena are at the heart of a new generation of detectors that can spot viruses in seconds.

Optical network component market to hit $2.7 billion by 2011 15 Feb 07

Component market to grow at average rate of 3.5% per year, driven by business decentralization and growing demand for high-rate communications.

Philips Lumileds solves LED efficacy 'droop' 15 Feb 07

Philips Lumileds develops an undisclosed technology that enables LEDs to maintain their efficacy at higher drive currents.

Ultrafast laser pulses generate nanoparticles 15 Feb 07

Fiber laser specialist IMRA comes up with a simple way of producing nanosized particles at room temperature.

Bismuth boosts all-fiber lasers 14 Feb 07

Russian scientists show how bismuth-doped fibers can be used to create a simple all-fiber pulsed laser.

mPOF includes internal biosensor 14 Feb 07

Researchers in Denmark unveil a fiber-optic biosensor made from a microstructure polymer optical fiber (mPOF) that features internal localized sensing regions.

InterFab research facility opens at Southampton 09 Feb 07

An interdisciplinary fabrication facility at the University of Southampton, UK, will enable world-leading research teams to carry out new areas of optics related research.

Folded optics enables ultrathin camera lens 09 Feb 07

US researchers explain to optics.org how they have produced an "origami" lens that could form the basis of thinner cameras for mobile phones.

Business briefs 09 Feb 07

Featuring news from Rofin Sinar, Newport, Perkin Elmer, CIR, Applied Plasmonics, IPG Photonics, Ecritel, Ekinops, Nanonics and others.

FTTH Council Europe Conference in pictures 08 Feb 07

A selection of eye-catching images from the FTTH Council Europe Conference, which is being held in Barcelona, Spain, this week.

Snow clusters improve coupling efficiency 08 Feb 07

Scientists in Israel measure the ability of snow covered targets to absorb high intensity Ti:Sapphire laser pulses.

"Diamond" light source opens for business 07 Feb 07

A £250 m synchrotron light source - the largest scientific facility to have been built in the UK for 30 years - has now opened its doors to researchers.

Deformable mirror lights up eye disease 07 Feb 07

A MEMS-based deformable mirror could significantly enhance retinal imaging systems and enable the early detection of common eye diseases.

Quantum dot nanowire emits light 07 Feb 07

Researchers in the Netherlands have made the first light-emitting diode to be made from a single quantum-dot nanowire.

Bookham gets that shrinking feeling - again 07 Feb 07

Optoelectronic chip maker Bookham tells a familiar story of declining sales and aggressive cost-cutting measures - and this time its Caswell InP fab is in the firing line.

Lamp-laser combination improves welding 06 Feb 07

A team of researchers from Russia, Italy and Germany says that a combined light-and-laser welding system based on powerful polychromatic energy sources addresses several shortcomings of conventional laser welding.

FTTH: Europe must open its eyes 06 Feb 07

With Japan racing ahead on FTTH build outs, Hartwig Tauber of the FTTH Council Europe outlines the deployment status in Europe todayand proposes some reasons for Europe's apparent ambivalence.

Two-photon emission seen in semiconductor 02 Feb 07

Electrical engineers in Israel claim to have observed two photons being emitted from a single-electron process in a semiconductor for the first time.

Business briefs 02 Feb 07

Including news from JDSU, Heptagon, Florida Photonics Center of Excellence, Osram Opto Semiconductors, OSA and others.

IR sensor sheds light on ant activity 01 Feb 07

Researchers in Cuba are using an infrared sensor to study the collective behaviour of ants and hope to apply their findings to engineering problems.

Femtosecond laser enhances microlens array 01 Feb 07

Researchers in Austria demonstrate a single-step Ti:Sapphire laser process that creates well-defined, round apertures in metal-coated microspheres.

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