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The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

April 2009

Free-electron lasers take aim 30 Apr 09

Could free-electron lasers provide the cornerstone of the US Navy's directed-energy weapons systems?

Photonic crystals stretch to the UV 30 Apr 09

Deep-UV photonic crystals and total optical absorbers are some of the applications for multiwalled nanotube arrays.

Big lasers, big science, big questions 29 Apr 09

Caryl Richards reports from Prague on Europe's plans for petawatt lasers and beyond.

Bookham plus Avanex equals Oclaro 28 Apr 09

After a protracted gestation period, Bookham and Avanex have officially merged into Oclaro.

Diamond takes the heat 27 Apr 09

The heat-dissipating properties of diamond yield higher-power disk lasers.

Grant consultants take the stress out of funding applications 24 Apr 09

Grant funding is instrumental to survival and growth in difficult economic conditions. Caroline Fearns of PNO Group explains why turning to a grant consultancy could save you time and money.

Polymer micro optics: because size matters 24 Apr 09

Developments in the manufacture of polymer micro optics are helping optical designers to meet the exacting tolerances that are required for miniaturized optical components and subsystems. Heidi Hall of Jenoptik Polymer Systems takes a closer look.

24 Apr 09

Belgian innovation: think local, act global 24 Apr 09

The photonics sector in Belgium has turned the country's location and a tradition of flexible entrepreneurship to its advantage. Tim Hayes speaks to the leading players.

PHOTON Expo on the move 24 Apr 09

Visitor and exhibitor numbers grew at the 2009 PHOTON Expo show, which is moving from Munich to Stuttgart to be nearer the industry's major players.

UK photonics vendors get down to business 23 Apr 09

Diversification into new markets, technology innovation and customer focus are helping UK photonics companies to navigate the financial crisis. Caryl Richards reports.

Hyperspectral imaging: seeing the big picture 23 Apr 09

Hyperspectral imaging is one of the fastest-growing segments of the analytical instrumentation market. David Bannon, chief executive officer of Headwall Photonics, tells Marie Freebody about the commercial potential of this next-generation technology.

And the winners are... 23 Apr 09

SPIE reveals its 2009 award-winners for contributions to optics.

Industry associations create stability during downturns 23 Apr 09

When it comes to surviving an economic downturn, industry associations offer strength in numbers. Tom Pearsall tells OLE how members of the European Photonics Industry Consortium are bearing up.

On-chip optics: the route to success 23 Apr 09

An eight-channel monolithic optical router brings all-optical networks closer.

Software modelling: the eyes have it 22 Apr 09

New software that precisely simulates the behaviour of the human eye allows aircraft designers to build a pilot's-eye view of the cockpit.

Camera upgrade boosts spectroscopy studies 20 Apr 09

Andor says that replacing a standard CCD with electron multiplying technology can deliver big gains in the speed and sensitivity of a low-light spectroscopy technique.

Industrial lasers: down but not out 17 Apr 09

The tough times continue for industrial laser vendors, although the gloom is not spread equally across all sectors.

Optical modelling points the way to PDT progress 16 Apr 09

Off-the-shelf commercial software is helping scientists to enhance the clinical efficacy of photodynamic therapy for targeted tumour destruction. Joe McEntee reports.

Bookham burned in tunable laser case 16 Apr 09

Out-of-court settlement with JDSU leaves Bookham with an immediate bill of $1.5m, rising to a maximum of $8m.

Light activates antibacterial coating 16 Apr 09

UK researchers unveil a coating that kills bacteria under hospital lighting.

Pulsed-laser debut for optical inspection 15 Apr 09

Japanese laser specialists close in on a more reliable light source for optical inspection.

DOE report updates LED research priorities 15 Apr 09

Warm-white light, lower costs and a better idea of device lifetimes are near the top of the US wishlist

Curved light bends the rules 14 Apr 09

US researchers are taking advantage of the unusual properties of Airy light to build a host of new optical tools.

Optical interferometry for surface metrology 14 Apr 09

Manufacturing a precision surface requires a balance between satisfying the optimum quality requirements at the minimum cost. Steve Martinek summarizes the challenges of increasing the precision levels of optical interferometers for this application.

Fibre lasers look to large mode areas 14 Apr 09

New approaches to obtaining diffraction-limited beams from large-mode-area fibres point to unprecedented ruggedness and output powers. Breck Hitz investigates.

Optical syringe aids studies of single cells 14 Apr 09

The next time you look at a list of microscope accessories, a photoporation module for cellular analysis could well be available. Jacqueline Hewett talks to Kishan Dholakia about the clinical and commercial potential of optical injection by photoporation.

Organic photovoltaics: think long 13 Apr 09

US-European R&D collaboration seeks to extend the lifetime of organic solar cells.

Shedding light on breast cancer 09 Apr 09

Optical interrogation could help oncologists individualize treatments for breast cancer.

JWST mirror finishes cryogenic test 09 Apr 09

The James Webb Space Telescope's first mirror segment has completed its initial series of temperature trials.

Light: the medicine of the future has arrived 08 Apr 09

Light as a therapy can heal injuries and reduce pain in humans and animals. James Carroll of THOR Photomedicine discusses the rapidly growing field of low level laser therapy.

Ultrafast fibre lasers need insight for success 08 Apr 09

Marie Freebody speaks to Fianium's chief executive officer, Anatoly Grudinin, to find out how misconceptions about ultrafast fibre lasers are threatening their commercial success.

Lumileds claims double LED brightness 08 Apr 09

Philips Lumileds has produced what it says is the highest-extraction-efficiency photonic-crystal LED to date.

Soliton laser offers broad tunability 07 Apr 09

Femtosecond source's "extremely fast" wavelength tuning could find applications in multiphoton microscopy and optical coherence tomography.

Klastech launches the first CW ruby source 06 Apr 09

Exclusive to optics.org: Innovative intra-cavity design has produced a continuous-wave ruby laser, with other novel sources set to follow.

World's biggest laser powers up 02 Apr 09

Physicists are on the verge of demonstrating perhaps the ultimate application of the laser: creating nuclear fusion in the lab.

Lidar probes volcanic plume 02 Apr 09

Optics.org speaks to the researchers who braved Mount Etna's most recent volcanic eruption in a bid to demonstrate the gas sensing capabilities of their lidar system.

People news: movers and shakers 01 Apr 09

News of appointments at Fianium, Konarka, Mad City Labs and Endicott Research Group.

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