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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

February 2009

French program evaluates LED performance 27 Feb 09

A program designed to test LED lighting for indoor illumination aims to promote the optimal use of LEDs in buildings.

High-power sources boost IPG results 26 Feb 09

Bright spots included a new anti-UAV weapon and entry into the metal cutting sector.

Red-shift draws Rohm's GaN lasers to green 25 Feb 09

Rohm has unveiled a continuous-wave 499.8 nm laser, claimed to be the longest recorded wavelength yet produced by a GaN diode.

AMOLED revenues on the rise 25 Feb 09

Wider use of active matrix OLEDs balanced the decline of their passive matrix cousins in 2008.

Supercontinuum senses multiple gases 25 Feb 09

Optics.org speaks to the team pioneering supercontinuum cavity ring-down spectroscopy.

EUV microscope inspects masks on-site 23 Feb 09

The first reflection microscope to use an EUV laser illumination source could provide chip manufacturers with a rapid, on-site method for inspecting lithography masks.

Detecting colour on the nanoscale 20 Feb 09

Nanotube-based devices developed by Sandia in the US mimic human vision.

Investors are still out there and looking for the best plans 18 Feb 09

Economic conditions are going to remain difficult, but photonics companies should not stop looking for inward investment. Bill Magill explains why strong projects can still attract the attention of venture capital.

Roadmap endorses extremely large telescope 18 Feb 09

The 42 m Extremely Large Telescope is one of the key priorities identified in Europe's newly unveiled 20 year astronomy roadmap. Jacqueline Hewett finds out how this decision was reached and the monumental challenges facing the scientists developing the massive mirror.

Energetiq brings deep ultraviolet light to life 18 Feb 09

A new technique for generating extreme high-brightness deep ultraviolet light sources could radically change research in the life sciences. Caryl Richards finds out more.

Samsung launches first projector phone 18 Feb 09

The handset integrates Texas Instruments' emerging DLP technology.

Optical imaging: reading your mind? 17 Feb 09

A brain-computer interface based on near-infrared spectroscopy can decode a person's preference from their thoughts alone.

Financial focus 16 Feb 09

Rofin-Sinar, Flir, Qioptiq and JDSU are looking for bright spots amid the financial gloom.

Room temp QCL stretches to 3.1 microns 13 Feb 09

Short wavelength QCL research gets a boost as a UK team reports a room temperature device emitting at 3.1 microns.

BeamGage profiling breaks new ground 13 Feb 09

The Ophir-Spiricon software suits multi-camera, multi-user environments.

OPTITEC is a shining light of French photonics 12 Feb 09

The south of France is home to a thriving optics and photonics community. Belle Dumé talks to key players to find out the benefits of living and working in the land of light.

Bouncing atoms take a measure of gravity 12 Feb 09

A laser-based technique could lead to the development of precise and compact accelerometers.

Lasers capture energy transfer in action 11 Feb 09

An optical method is unravelling the secrets of photosynthesis - one of nature's most efficient solar energy processes.

People news: movers and shakers 11 Feb 09

News of appointments at Raydiance, Navitar, Photonic Products and more.

Sony laser gives 1W power in deep UV 11 Feb 09

The Chicon source maintains beam quality and stability at high power.

Simple source reaches for the stars 10 Feb 09

A tunable 589 nm source made from commercial parts offers a simple route to sodium guide stars.

Jenoptik brings TESAG's wafers in-house 10 Feb 09

Acquiring its long-standing wafer supplier extends Jenoptik's diode laser activities.

Nanowire wafer tunes over 200 nm 06 Feb 09

Precise fabrication is the key to achieving a nanowire-based laser with a tuning range of 200 nm.

Coherent braced for tough times 06 Feb 09

Restructuring will help, but the next quarters are still set to be difficult.

UDC talks to the hand 05 Feb 09

Flexible active-matrix OLED displays could change the face of communication devices.

3S PHOTONICS looks outside telecoms 05 Feb 09

The company's new 1064 nm pump laser module is intended for industrial fibre-laser applications.

Terahertz spectroscopy turns to telecoms 05 Feb 09

An optimised device structure paves the way towards handheld THz spectroscopy systems based on 1.5 micron telecom technology.

Financial focus 04 Feb 09

How Corning, Planar Systems, Zygo and Micronic are faring in the economic climate.

Newport aims to ride out recession 04 Feb 09

Some markets stay robust, but semiconductor equipment sales were the lowest since 2004.

Versatile coatings allow fresh optical properties 04 Feb 09

Engineers must closely control the properties of optical materials to combine low cost with high performance. Allan Jaunzens of Evatec explains how optical coatings can help.

Quantum cascade lasers penetrate the market 04 Feb 09

Quantum cascade lasers have opened up a whole host of important applications in the mid-infrared. Marie Freebody speaks to Federico Capasso to find out about the latest progress in the laser's development and the factors that are shaping its commercialization.

Simple Raman source accesses yellow 04 Feb 09

A Raman laser that emits picosecond pulses at 559 nm is said to be ideal for two-photon fluorescence microscopy.

Spectral signatures spot counterfeit liquor 03 Feb 09

Broadband absorption spectra can provide quantifiable signatures of different liquids.

Photonics West 2009 - In pictures 02 Feb 09

A collection of some of the more unusual sights at this year's exhibition.

Bookham, Avanex: the merger is on 02 Feb 09

The rumour that refused to go away finally becomes reality, as the two components vendors agree to merge.

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