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The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

March 2009

Nanowires boost single photon detection 31 Mar 09

Superconducting nanowires can be used to realize high-performance broadband single photon detectors at infrared-visible wavelengths.

Industrial laser sales set to tumble 30 Mar 09

Sales of lasers for industrial uses are falling, but fibre lasers should bounce back first.

Fringes boost interferometer resolution 26 Mar 09

Scientists needing to make sensitive displacement measurements will benefit from a simple way to increase the resolution of an interferometer.

Plasmonic lens improves photodetector 26 Mar 09

US researchers are seeking to patent a simple photodetector design that incorporates a plasmonic lens that doubles the efficiency of the device.

Bright future beckons for OLED lighting 24 Mar 09

Revenues from lighting are set to overtake displays as OLED technology advances.

Lumileds upbeat over key markets 24 Mar 09

Despite economic conditions, the company remains confident about growth prospects in several markets.

Thin-film deposition boosts metamaterial production 23 Mar 09

A well-established thin-film deposition technique used in the optics industry could lead to large-scale production of optical metamaterials.

e2v helps Kepler go planet-hunting 19 Mar 09

Forty two individual sensors form the largest CCD array ever launched by NASA.

Optical tweezer gets hands-on 19 Mar 09

Fingertip control of a set of optical tweezers offers users an intuitive method of particle trapping and manipulation.

Evanescent waves boost LED brightness 17 Mar 09

Japanese and French researchers are using evanescent waves to enhance the light output of LEDs.

Roadblocks remain for fibre lasers 17 Mar 09

Growth continues in materials processing, but the full potential of fibre lasers is not yet known.

Glass phosphor broadens LEDs for OCT 12 Mar 09

Japanese researchers plan to commercialize a low-cost LED lighting system that they say doubles the depth resolution of conventional OCT systems.

Financial focus 12 Mar 09

Green laser delays hinder Microvision, defence stays healthy for Kopin and StockerYale.

Tweezers tap into nanolithography 11 Mar 09

Optical nanolithography receives a boost as researchers claim that their new approach is a major step forward in generating arbitrary nanopatterns.

Breathalyser promises fast TB detection 11 Mar 09

Laser-based detection of tuberculosis bacilli could revolutionise screening for TB.

Ambient lighting adapts automatically 09 Mar 09

Optics.org speaks to the coordinator of a European project that aims to enhance the lives of the elderly with ambient lighting.

People news: movers and shakers 09 Mar 09

News of appointments at LINOS, TRUMPF, CrystalQ and Sarnoff.

InnoLight and Lumanova to merge 09 Mar 09

The deal creates a strong German-based manufacturer of diode-pumped solid-state lasers.

Nanotubes get fibre lasers pulsing 06 Mar 09

A broadband saturable absorber based on carbon nanotubes can be used with fibre lasers emitting anywhere between 1 and 2 microns.

Fluidic lens sees clearly 05 Mar 09

Eye examinations could become faster and much less intrusive thanks to the first fluidic lenses that correct vision.

Quantum dots boost solar cell efficiencies 03 Mar 09

Combining the light-absorption ability of quantum dots with the current-generating capacity of a bulk semiconductor could enhance solar cell efficiency.

Customer relations essential during economic instability 02 Mar 09

During his 27 years in the speciality fibre game, Chris Emslie has learned that consulting with your customer is vital. Jacqueline Hewett asks why this approach has proved to be so successful.

InGaAs cameras allow broader NIR applications 02 Mar 09

InGaAs detectors have paved the way for near-infrared detection in industrial applications. Bob Grietens of XenICs describes the latest advances in InGaAs NIR camera technology.

Nanoparticles inspire plasmonic solar cells 02 Mar 09

Combining the properties of plasmonics with thin-film solar cell technology could disrupt the future of grid electricity. Caryl Richards talks to Kylie Catchpole at the Australian National University to find out more about advancements in plasmonic solar cells.

DLP Pico Kit allows developers to get creative 02 Mar 09

The Texas Instruments DLP Pico Projector Development Kit and chipset has already attracted massive interest at trade shows in the US and Europe this year. Jacqueline Hewett asks Arun Chhabra of TI to explain why the technology has got the pulse of the photonics community racing.

Holographic storage verges on success 02 Mar 09

Holographic technology is on the brink of revolutionizing optical data storage and distribution. Kevin Curtis of InPhase tells Marie Freebody about the final push to market and why this technology could replace conventional magnetic and optical data storage.

Fibre lasers stretch from cells to wind farms 02 Mar 09

Turning a laboratory laser into a real industrial application needs flexibility. Koheras tells Tim Hayes how it adapted its fibre laser technology to suit two different markets.

Mobius boosts power in parallel 02 Mar 09

Parallel processing scales up laser power for high-throughput machine tools.

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