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June 2009

Laser cladding keeps aero engines flying 30 Jun 09

Fraunhofer ILT and its industrial partners have developed an innovative and cost-efficient repair technique for engine components.

LIDAR system achieves pinpoint precision 29 Jun 09

A laser ranging system targets future formation-flying satellite missions.

Ready, steady, go: the recovery is coming 29 Jun 09

Industrial laser companies must be ready to meet a potentially rapid increase in demand from the manufacturing industry when the world economy starts to recover.

Oclaro strengthens diode portfolio 25 Jun 09

A new line of diode bars is part of Oclaro's strategy to become the largest merchant supplier of high-power laser diodes.

QD-LEDs emit over whole visible spectrum 25 Jun 09

MIT researchers develop unique structure to make RGB-emitting devices.

Gazing into the crystal ball 24 Jun 09

Leading executives are already making plans for what happens after the downturn.

CrystalClear outcomes on PV efficiency 23 Jun 09

Pan-European R&D project pushes cost:performance of industrial crystalline-silicon photovoltaic technology.

Get on the bus 19 Jun 09

Prototype solar power source is put through its paces for possible mass-transit applications.

Nemotek thinks big in miniature optics 17 Jun 09

Moroccan vendor has high hopes for its wafer-level imaging technologies.

Lasers make their mark in medicine 16 Jun 09

Biomedical optics and medical laser applications are among the headline themes at this week's LASER World of Photonics conference.

Koheras, Crystal Fibre get it together 15 Jun 09

Integrating the sister companies produces 'probably the largest pure-play fibre-optics company in Europe'.

Sizing up radiotherapy 15 Jun 09

Real-time mapping of a patient's radiation dose during cancer treatment is a step closer thanks to researchers in the Netherlands.

Why Coherent is thinking small 12 Jun 09

The US laser manufacturer is launching the industry's smallest carbon dioxide laser capable of delivering an average output power of 1 kW.

Innovation is the secret of success 12 Jun 09

Thomas Kessler, vice-president of European operations at Edmund Optics, talks about crisis management during the downturn and the priorities for the optics industry when growth returns.

'Blackening' boosts bulb brightness 12 Jun 09

Laser-fired filaments yield brighter, more efficient light bulbs.

The bottom of the market? 10 Jun 09

Demand for laser equipment remains flat, but rising RFQ activity promises a modest recovery later this year.

Mitsubishi rewrites the rules on red laser diodes 10 Jun 09

Diodes with stable lasing at 638 nm meet the requirements of picoprojection systems.

Everything old is new again 09 Jun 09

Laser Beam Products successfully reworked a set of infrared mirrors used in an Antarctic research vessel - once it removed the seaweed.

Metal pumps liquid uphill 08 Jun 09

Medics could benefit from a laser-treated metal that channels liquid at record speeds.

Powerlase pushes green agenda 08 Jun 09

UK laser maker Powerlase will be using the LASER exhibition to showcase what it claims are "the highest-power green lasers available commercially".

Fibre sensor offers tunnel vision 05 Jun 09

Distributed fibre-optic sensing could help railway companies monitor track beds and tunnels for possible collapse.

QPC Lasers: back from the brink 05 Jun 09

The high-power laser-diode manufacturer has been rescued by an unknown group of investors.

Will TRUMPF trump its rivals with TruDiode? 04 Jun 09

The first product in the new series of direct-diode laser sources from TRUMPF, Germany, will be on show at LASER 2009.

In optics, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts 04 Jun 09

Networking between universities, start-ups and established industry vendors is a key driver of growth within the optics industry.

Direct-diode lasers: they've got the power 04 Jun 09

High-power direct-diode lasers have emerged as a competitive option for applications like cladding, welding and heat treating. Stuart Woods of Coherent explains why the basic construction and operation of direct-diode systems translate into low cost-of-ownership.

Going green: Nichia laser hits 515 nm 03 Jun 09

Commercial viability of green diodes beckons with devices that boast lifetimes of hundreds of hours.

Oclaro, Newport swap assets 03 Jun 09

Newport purchases the Oclaro New Focus product line in exchange for the Newport Spectra Physics high-power laser diode business and $3m cash.

Twisted optical fibres: it's time to think chiral 03 Jun 09

Taking inspiration from the helical-shaped designs found in nature, Chiral Photonics is adding a new twist to optical technologies. Dan Neugroschl, the company's president, tells Marie Freebody about the unique ways in which light interacts with chiral structures.

Green lasers gear up for display markets 03 Jun 09

The advent of cheap and efficient green lasers is eliminating one of the last remaining hurdles to the commercial success of laser displays and laser television. As Breck Hitz explains, laser vendors are rolling out a raft of innovative products to drive market growth.

A new generation of solid-state lasers 02 Jun 09

A radical rethink of solid-state-laser design is opening up growth applications in analytical instrumentation. Nicolas Féat of Oxxius explains how monolithic resonators are enabling a new class of sources with higher powers and improved stability.

In the spotlight: OLEDs in a final push to market 02 Jun 09

OLEDs are making waves in the displays and lighting markets. Stefan Grabowski tells Marie Freebody about the milestones that need to be reached before the technology finds widespread commercialization.

Europe's big lasers: the exawatt roadmap 02 Jun 09

Researchers and industry will need to work closely together if Europe is to maximize the returns on its investment in a planned new generation of high-power laser facilities being built over the next decade. Caryl Richards reports on the challenges and opportunities of big science.

Concentrated thinking targets photovoltaics 02 Jun 09

GreenVolts of California is building a 2 MW power plant to demonstrate the commercial viability of concentrator photovoltaics technology. Richard Stevenson reports on the optical design and engineering challenges that will need to be addressed along the way.

Live imaging in finer detail 01 Jun 09

Cell biologists set to benefit from "super-resolution" video imaging.

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