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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

May 2009

LaserFest receives NSF and DOE funding 29 May 09

The year-long celebration of laser technology has received $300,000 from the federal agencies to support educational outreach initiatives.

Fraunhofer ILT notches femtosecond record 29 May 09

Researchers claim "paradigm shift" in the design of commercial femtosecond lasers.

Harvest solar power from tinted windows 28 May 09

New Energy Technologies (Washington, DC) has developed ultrasmall transparent solar cells that can be coated onto glass, plastic or even paper.

Photon burst detects single atoms 28 May 09

Single atoms can be detected faster and more accurately than ever before, thanks to a new twist on a conventional detector.

Liquid flow controls tunable microlens 26 May 09

Tiny liquid lens offers flexible focusing on a single biochip.

Data storage enters the 'fifth dimension' 22 May 09

Optical data storage over one terabit per cubic centimetre possible, say researchers.

Lumileds redefines its shades of white 21 May 09

Philips Lumileds classifies its LEDs according to market needs.

Fianium fashions a focused theme 21 May 09

UK fibre-laser specialist to push materials processing agenda at next month's LASER show.

Bright white light from organic LEDs 20 May 09

Physicists switch on energy-efficient light bulb made from organic phosphor.

Optofluidics offers ultrafast switching 20 May 09

Organic photonic device shapes up for optical communications, computing applications.

From simulation comes optimization 19 May 09

Software vendor targets designers of fibre lasers and fibre amplifiers.

Quantum cryptography hits the fast lane 15 May 09

Toshiba unveils a high-speed photon detector that could pave the way to practical quantum encryption.

Blue-sky thinking from TOPTICA 15 May 09

Blue laser diode lined up for applications in interferometry and holographic data storage.

Korean firms intensify LED attack 12 May 09

Seoul Semiconductor, Samsung LED and LG Display position themselves to take advantage of solid-state illumination.

On-chip plasmonic trap debuts 12 May 09

Swiss researchers integrate plasmonic trapping with microfluidics for lab-on-a-chip applications.

Photoacoustics sheds light on brain function 12 May 09

Photoacoustic microscopy could be used to monitor brain activity non-invasively.

Innovate your way to €10,000 11 May 09

The Innovation Award Laser Technology could net a cool €10,000 for individuals or project groups who can turn their research into a working industrial application.

Newport, Rofin-Sinar take a hit 08 May 09

Financial results from the two companies demonstrate the severity of the economic slowdown across all sectors, but both find reasons for optimism.

Worldwide quantum security 08 May 09

Physicists demonstrate feasibility of satellite-based quantum cryptography.

Green laser diode generates record power 07 May 09

Danish researchers unveil a high-power green laser diode to rival solid-state technologies.

GE: holographic storage has turned the corner 06 May 09

After six years of development, the company has demonstrated materials that should support 500 gigabytes of data.

Rolled-up metamaterial could act as hyperlens 06 May 09

Swiss-roll-like structure could boost resolution of optical microscopes.

Laser Photonics: made in the USA 01 May 09

A US company has positioned itself as the only domestic manufacturer of a flat-bed fibre-laser cutting system.

Munich luminaire is better by design 01 May 09

Energy-saving LEDs deliver enhanced illumination of public buildings.

Camera snaps at record speed 01 May 09

A camera that can take photos 1000 times faster than competitors could bring dynamical physics into focus.

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