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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

July 2009

Nanoscale light source can change its colour 30 Jul 09

Tiny 'free electron laser' could find applications in displays, medical diagnostics.

Photonic circuits move on 30 Jul 09

Kyoto University researchers manipulate photons at the surface of a photonic crystal for the first time

Micro materials processing, big opportunities 27 Jul 09

Disruption in the micro materials processing market opens up opportunities for laser suppliers.

Twinkling nanostars: a golden opportunity? 27 Jul 09

New spin on bioimaging exploits the light-scattering properties of rotating nanoparticles.

China's LED production on a growth trajectory 23 Jul 09

As recently as 2002, China imported all of its LED chips. The country now meets half of this demand with domestic production and is making the transition from incandescent bulbs to solid-state lighting. Richard Stevenson catches up with the progress.

The heat is on for the world's biggest laser 23 Jul 09

The National Ignition Facility in the US is pursuing one of the grand challenges of science: controlled thermonuclear fusion in the laboratory. Our American correspondent Breck Hitz talks big science with Edward Moses, the director of NIF's multibillion-dollar research programme.

Picosecond lasers: the power of cold ablation 23 Jul 09

Picosecond lasers are a universal tool for ablating almost any material without the downsides of unwanted thermal side-effects. Bernhard Klimt and colleagues at LUMERA LASER explain how cold ablation has changed the face of micromachining.

LaserFest 2010: it's time to take the laser to the people 23 Jul 09

Marking the laser's 50-year journey from the first flash of coherent light, Thomas Baer tells OLE why it's time to celebrate one of the great inventions of the modern age.

Understanding nanoscale light emission 22 Jul 09

US researchers shed light on the optical properties of nanoparticles.

VCs bet on Light Blue Optics 21 Jul 09

Despite the economic gloom, Light Blue Optics has raised an additional $15m in venture-capital funding to accelerate development of its holographic laser-projection system.

Lasers look inside human bones 20 Jul 09

Spatially offset Raman spectroscopy could help diagnose bone disease.

3D nanopillars make good photovoltaics 17 Jul 09

Devices built on low-cost, flexible substrates show promising light-conversion efficiencies.

Active OLEDs ready for prime time 15 Jul 09

Analysts predict that active-matrix OLEDs will dominate future growth in the organic display market.

Spectralus claims green-laser breakthrough 14 Jul 09

A Silicon Valley company has developed a highly efficient green-laser microchip for use in mobile projectors.

Optical transistor breaks size record 13 Jul 09

Smallest optical transistor brings all-optical circuits and optical computing a step closer.

Solar power: manufacturability matters 10 Jul 09

A new breed of solar-power collectors has been optimized for use in large-scale commercial deployments.

Optical spectroscopy identifies responders 09 Jul 09

Measuring haemoglobin concentration using optical spectroscopy could provide an early predictor of a tumour's response to chemotherapy.

Jenoptik Group ramps up in Asia 07 Jul 09

Joint venture and laser applications centre will broaden Jenoptik's presence in Asian markets.

Sound approach to optical microscopy 03 Jul 09

German scientists move well beyond the penetration limits of optical microscopy thanks to a technique that uses the sound of light.

Astrophotonics: measuring up to the universe 03 Jul 09

Photonics opens up new era for astronomical instruments.

Teamwork delivers scientific CMOS imaging 02 Jul 09

A new CMOS image sensor for the first time challenges the highest-performing imaging devices for scientific applications.

Ocean Optics leaves its mark on the Moon 02 Jul 09

The optical sensing vendor has supplied a spectrometer for NASA's LCROSS lunar mission.

GE claims data storage breakthrough 01 Jul 09

Data stored using microholograms could allow 100 DVDs to fit on one disc within three years.

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