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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

October 2009

Moore and more progress in electronics and photonics 27 Oct 09

Meyya Meyyappan of the NASA Ames Research Center picks out some of his favourite papers from Nanotechnology as the journal celebrates its 20th volume

Light rotates nanorotors 27 Oct 09

Result paves the way for measuring torques on molecules with high sensitivity

Laser vendors seeking the 'next big thing' 23 Oct 09

Although the laser micromaterials processing market has taken a clobbering this year, growth is set to return in the medium term, opening up opportunities for laser vendors who are prepared to invest in R&D and new products. Tom Hausken of Strategies Unlimited predicts far-reaching changes across the laser supply chain.

Optofluidics set to flow smoothly out of the lab 23 Oct 09

Optofluidics is making big strides in applications ranging from biomedical technology to chemical synthesis, doing things more efficiently and cheaply than conventional techniques, and even promising feats otherwise impossible. Breck Hitz reports.

Photonic-crystal fibres: the route to success 23 Oct 09

The photonic-crystal fibre enables scientists to think in new ways about guiding light – and to follow that with innovative applications. Marie Freebody goes right back to the source and speaks to the inventor of the multifaceted fibre, Philip Russell.

'Mini lasers' illuminate dark molecules 23 Oct 09

Stimulated emission microscopy sheds new light on biological samples.

Intel turns to photonics to extend Moore's law 22 Oct 09

Intel's Photonics Technology Laboratory in California is showing how optics may one day enable computer-chip designers to overcome the fundamental limitations of electronics. Breck Hitz talks to the lab's director, Mario Paniccia.

Innovation: focus on lasers 21 Oct 09

A round-up of new laser products for applications in materials processing, optical sensing, laser surgery and plenty more besides.

Optical simulator is all about vision 19 Oct 09

Optometrists could benefit from a liquid-crystal device that corrects vision in both eyes simultaneously.

IQE targets high-growth markets 12 Oct 09

Acquisition of NanoGaN complements IQE's existing wireless, opto and solar businesses.

Microwaves live on the edge 12 Oct 09

Eliminating backscatter could boost optical communications

Start-ups: is it time for something new? 08 Oct 09

With the global economy in the dumps, this looks like no time to be starting a new photonics business. But even now, argues David Nugent of Elucidare, determined innovators can still connect with capital.

Optics pioneers scoop Nobel prize 06 Oct 09

Trio share SEK10m prize for their work on fibre optics and charge-coupled devices

'Optical engine' moves through the gears 05 Oct 09

Embedded optical-engine technology will underpin high-speed interconnect applications.

PRI lets industry set the agenda 05 Oct 09

Optics companies in France and beyond will benefit from the inauguration of PHOTON Recherche Industrie, an industry-led show dedicated solely to photonics.

Constricting light packs in more data 05 Oct 09

A telescope that compresses light could speed up optical communication systems.

Fisheye gives new route to perfect images 01 Oct 09

UK physicist sheds light on Maxwell's 150 year-old design

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