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GSI Group unveils 400W fibre laser

15 May 2009

RUGBY, UK, 15 May 2009 – GSI Group, Laser Division is continuing to enhance its ground breaking range of JK Fiber Lasers. This month sees the launch the new JK400FL 400W CW fiber laser, doubling the available power of the range.

The JK400FL has all the advantages already demonstrated by the other units in the range, but with increased power and performance. Capable of faster processing speeds and the capacity to cut and weld thicker materials, these improvements make for a highly efficient machine that is both time saving and cost effective.

Applications laboratory analysis shows superior performance over traditional laser processing with increased cut quality and speed, lower dross levels and smooth spatter free welds. The stable single resonator and in-built pulse shaping capability are other features that make this laser stand out from the crowd. Despite the increased power GSI have kept the JK400FL compact and simple. The absence of free space optics means there is a little or no maintenance required.

The JK400FL offers exciting new power levels to the JK Fiber Laser range. Using the same single resonator platform as the rest of the range ensures a more rugged design than the use of amplifier stages to increase the CW power level. The single mode output fibre delivers a near diffraction limited beam that is consistent and stable across the whole power range. At maximum power the wall plug efficiency is better than 25%, leading to economic operation and low environmental impact.

In addition to the new features this higher powered laser offers, the user can still find all the attributes that are associated with the JK Fiber Laser Range. The 400W laser provides proven, in-built back reflection protection ensuring the laser continues to work even in the most demanding applications, without the need for a costly Faraday isolator bringing its associated disadvantages. The fully integrated, proprietary Graphical User Interface (GUI) control software and user customisable machine control interface in the JK400FL makes the initial laser installation flexible and straightforward, whilst allowing full control over the laser power and modulation pulse shapes. GSI have developed a range of welding and cutting process heads, including viewing options, specifically optimised for the JK Fiber Laser range ensuring precision processing and full compatibility.

The requirements of system integrators have been carefully considered in the development of this product range by providing a flexible and versatile interface and easy implementation of necessary safety requirements for high power lasers.

As the JK400FL laser doubles the power available from this product range it is expected that significant new market sectors will be opened up to the JK Fiber Lasers. GSI Laser Divisions previous experience in addressing these markets with the lamp pump JK Laser range, mean that it is the ideal partner for exploiting the benefits of JK400FL Fiber Laser.

For more information on GSI JK Fiber Lasers, visit www.gsiglasers.com/LaserProducts.aspx?page=11.

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