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Start-up spotlight: Admesy

31 Mar 2008

A Dutch start-up focuses on turnkey colorimeters and colour measurement solutions for production environments.

What is Admesy's core technology, and what makes it unique/commercial?
"Admesy specializes in colour measurement solutions, in particular for production environments," said Marcel Janssen of Admesy. "We believe in easy-to-use devices where software is the main key to integration into our customer's production site, and our products are based on long experience of in-line testing and industrial diagnostics."

What products does Admesy sell?
Admesy specializes in colour measurement, colour correction, white point adjustment and colour matching. The company designs colorimeters for in-line usage and can provide custom-made colour measurement solutions to customers.

"We sell colorimeters and total solutions based on our own product designs, integrated into turnkey solutions to fit our customers' needs," said Janssen. "We also create other test and measurement solutions, such as vision systems and data logging systems, and have a successful history of vision application development for the display industry and other demanding customers."

Admesy products include the Brontes colorimeter, which uses interference filter-based technology to ensure long-term stability and consistency and can measure up to 5500 colour points per second. Applications include equipment for contrast/luminance/colour point measurement for the LCD and LED industry, data logging systems for in-line usage and vision systems for defect pixel detection on sub-pixel level.

The company also creates software for PC or embedded systems, and provides firmware solutions that comply to the relevant standards.

"We can advise on quality assurance, and also be actively involved in implementing quality assurance strategies and supplying the tools needed for that," said Janssen. "For customers employing out test and measurement solutions, we can also act as consultants in experimental design and process optimization."

What application areas does Admesy target?
"We target a variety of market segments where colour quality needs to be guaranteed. Within those markets we mainly target production environments where high speed and stability of our devices is very important."

What were the origins of the company?
Admesy was founded by three former Philips employees, who had all been active in the LCD industry for about 15 years.

What are your future plans?
"We aim to increase our product portfolio further and cover new market segments," said Janssen.

Quick facts:
Funding: The company is funded by both private and external funds.

Admesy BV
Nieuw Eyckholt 294N
6419 DJ Heerlen
The Netherlands

Telephone +31 (0)45 5713288
Fax +31 (0)45 5213156
E-mail info@admesy.nl
Web www.admesy.nl

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