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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

January 2006

Business briefs 27 Jan 06

Including news from Mesophotonics, CVI, MagiQ Technologies, Cymer and more.

Photonics West in pictures 27 Jan 06

A selection of some of the sights from this year's show at the San Jose convention center, California, US.

Metal cutting drives fiber laser market 26 Jan 06

Valentin Gapontsev of IPG Photonics gives his view on the high-power fiber laser market. Talking at Photonics West's busy LASE session, Valentin Gapontsev began with some startling market data about the fiber laser industry...

LED backlighting looks to the big screen 26 Jan 06

iSuppli's Kimberly Allen puts the spotlight on LED backlighting at Photonics West's display market seminar.

Thales High Tech Optics relaunched as Qioptiq 25 Jan 06

Candover brands its EURO 220 million purchase and reveals plans for expansion.

Tiny ultraviolet DPSS laser debuts at Photonics West 25 Jan 06

French start-up Oxxius is developing a compact solid-state UV source to challenge today's bulky water-cooled gas lasers. On a packed exhibition floor, one company catching the eye of Photonics West attendees was French start-up Oxxius...

Lasers bring relief to injured dogs 24 Jan 06

A fiber coupled YAG laser system that can zap bladder stones brings urinary relief to dogs.

Diode makers ramp up output power 24 Jan 06

Alfalight, nLight Photonics and Coherent reveal their latest achievements at day one of this year's Photonics West event in San Jose, US.

Business briefs 20 Jan 06

Including news from Emcore, AU Optronics, Zygo, Ibsen Photonics and more.

$70 million science institute opens its doors 20 Jan 06

Leaders from academia, industry and government celebrate the launch of the University of Manchester's Photon Science Institute in the UK.

Large area color sensor goes vertical 19 Jan 06

A vertically integrated color sensor developed in Germany and the US could enable alias-free high resolution colour CMOS cameras.

Simple scheme combines multiple beams 19 Jan 06

Sixteen laser beams are combined into one high-power source thanks to four specially-designed components. The researchers say the combined beam has both a high output power and a good beam quality making it ideal for applications such as laser range finders, free-space optical communications and materials processing....

Display news 18 Jan 06

Sharp invests in LCDs as Matsushita and Toray team up to build world's largest PDP plant.

Start-up targets thin-film silicon solar cells 16 Jan 06

As the cost of solar cells based on crystalline or bulk silicon continues to rise, US-based start-up InnovaLight says its silicon nanocrystal technology not only offers cost savings when it comes to manufacturing but some unique optical advantages as well.

Business briefs 13 Jan 06

Including news from Edmund Optics, Goodrich, FLIR Systems, DALSA and more.

Nanoparticles pinpoint brain activity 13 Jan 06

Laser heating of tiny gold particles helps researchers in France to observe how a rat's brain is wired up.

Fibers help Keck telescopes see further 13 Jan 06

Astronomers hail the coupling of the Keck telescopes with optical fibers a success in this week's Science.

China turns its eyes to photonics to fuel growth 11 Jan 06

In mid-2005 the UK's DTI Global Watch Service sent a fact-finding mission to China to study its capabilities in electronics and photonics manufacturing. This is what they found.

EMCCD cameras take imaging to a new level 11 Jan 06

High-end cooled digital cameras featuring electron multiplying CCD technology are revolutionizing our ability to image very weak photon fluxes successfully, says Colin Coates.

Key technologies to keep an eye on in 2006 11 Jan 06

Looking ahead over the next 12 months, the optics.org team forecasts that slow light and polymer solar cells are two key technology areas that are likely to be regularly making the headlines. Here's an update on their status.

Metamaterials make debut in visible region 11 Jan 06

Materials that have a negative refractive index at optical wavelengths have now been fabricated by scientists in Europe and the US for the first time. Rob van den Berg explains why they could ultimately lead to new types of lens, antireflection coating and biosensor.

Edmund Optics thrives on imaging applications 11 Jan 06

Think "Edmund Optics" and the words "catalogue firm" probably aren't too far behind. But, as president John Stack tells Jacqueline Hewett, there is a lot more to the company.

On the move 10 Jan 06

A regular round-up of staff changes within the industry featuring Varioptic, Kaleido, Laserlines and more.

Ophir snaps up Spiricon 10 Jan 06

Laser beam diagnostics specialist Spiricon is set to become part of the Ophir group. Ophir, the Israeli provider of optical test and measurement equipment, has acquired Spiricon, the US laser beam diagnostics specialist, for an undisclosed sum. The deal, which is still having its legal technicalities finalised, is expected to close before the end of the month, in time for the Photonics West 2006 show...

Business briefs 06 Jan 06

Including news from Kodak, Carl Zeiss, Samsung, ACOL Technologies and more.

Taiwan hits trillion mark 05 Jan 06

Latest figures are released from PIDA, Taiwan's photonics industry and technology development association.

Optical sensor could save landmarks 04 Jan 06

A new UK fiber sensor project aims to help geomorphologists unravel the mysteries of limestone decay.

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