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April 2006

Business briefs 28 Apr 06

Including news from Varioptic, Physik Instrumente, Kodak, Corning and more.

Fujitsu and Mitsui launch QD Laser to commercialize quantum dot lasers 27 Apr 06

QD Laser is a new company aiming to take quantum dot lasers into the fastest moving sectors of the telecommunications market; metro / access and LANs. Partners Fujitsu and Mitsui have initially invested around $2.5 million and expect to achieve a leading commercial position with this "superior" technology by 2010.

Lasers lock-in tritium for on-chip power 27 Apr 06

A laser-based technique for manufacturing Bragg gratings has been adapted to provide a potential source for on-chip radioisotope power.

Corning reports first quarter 2006 sales of $1.26billion 26 Apr 06

Corning's first quarter results of 2006 exceeded the company's expectations, helped by strong sales into the LCD sector, among others. However, various extraordinary costs restrained the company's full potential, this quarter.

Gold nanoparticles enhance laser heating 26 Apr 06

Ice melts at lower incident laser intensities when the sample contains gold nanoparticles, say researchers in the US.

CVI Technical Optics acquires Quality Laser Optics 25 Apr 06

CVI Technical Optics, the Isle of Man-based subsidiary of CVI Laser, has acquired its island neighbour QLO, with the aim of boosting business based on the companies' expertise in phosphate disc polishing and optical coatings.

On the move 25 Apr 06

A regular round-up of staff changes within the industry featuring CVI Laser, Umicore and ROFIN/Baasel Lasertech.

CMOS-based RFID cameras set for European trial 24 Apr 06

A European consortium dubbed OPTAG thinks that its CMOS panoramic cameras and RFID tags could bring the airline industry annual savings of more than EURO 115 million.

Business briefs 21 Apr 06

Including news from Micronic, Philips, CVI Laser and more.

Alfalight plans 50W laser diodes with 'unprecedented' beam quality 21 Apr 06

The output of a single laser diode has been held below 10W or so by adverse thermal effects and materials limitations. Now Alfalight is commencing a multi-million dollar project to develop a 50W diode.

Fiber lasers to 'capture 25% of industrial laser market by 2010' - survey 19 Apr 06

By 2010, the fiber laser will have captured at least a quarter of the $2.8 billion industrial laser market, taking share from conventional sources including multi-kilowatt types, says a new market report.

Sony and NEC form joint venture for optical disc drives 18 Apr 06

As Hollywood studios are poised to start releasing films in Blu-ray and HD DVD formats, two of the larger optical disc developers have joined forces in a bid to leap-frog the competition in the high definition storage market.

Micro-optics enable system innovations 18 Apr 06

Micro-optics are enabling new generations of compact optical devices thanks to their functionality and cost-efficiency. Thomas Asshauer and Matthias Merschdorf explain.

Resonant-cavity LEDs fire up in-car networks 18 Apr 06

The plastic optical fibre networks that feature in many of today's cars have data transmission rates that are limited by LED switching speeds. This barrier can be overcome, says Firecomms' John Lambkin, if these sources are replaced with resonant-cavity LEDs.

Attosecond lasers light up the atomic realm 18 Apr 06

Physicists are now producing attosecond laser pulses that are short enough to probe atomic and subatomic electron processes. Rob van den Berg spoke to Ferenc Krausz and Reinhard Kienberger, two pioneers in attosecond physics, about their work.

Bordeaux region ripe for photonics growth 18 Apr 06

James Tyrrell visits the Aquitaine region in south-west France to give OLE readers a taste of what the "Route des Lasers" can offer the photonics industry.

Immersion ideas extend optical lithography 18 Apr 06

IBM announced last month that it had fabricated the smallest high-quality line patterns ever created by optical lithography. Jacqueline Hewett spoke to the researchers involved to find out how they did it and what the breakthrough means for the industry.

Business briefs 13 Apr 06

Including news from Aglient, Dalsa, Olympus Microsystems and more.

Osram hits efficiency milestone with 808nm lasers 13 Apr 06

Optoelectronics giant Osram Opto Semiconductors demonstrates 808nm laser bars operating at 64% efficiency in its German laboratories.

3D-profile laser sensing wakes up tired inspection 12 Apr 06

A laser-based, non-contact measurement system is helping Continental Tyres check all of its products for defects that could affect vehicle safety.

Optical technologies at the heart of spectacular engineering celebration 11 Apr 06

21st-century optical lighting technologies are throwing light onto a classic 19th-century engineering innovation

Nanophotonics means products, not markets 11 Apr 06

Nanotechnology has long promised to revolutionize the optics industry, but major commercial success for nanophotonics products has remained elusive. Tom Hausken argues that the revolution is happening, just not in the way that we anticipated.

CMOS sensor developer OmniVision reports 'record' third quarter 10 Apr 06

Once again, an image sensor developer benefits from the global market's insatiable demand for higher resolution cameras in mobile handsets. Beyond the sales figures, optics.org asks OVT about the factors driving this sector.

Samsung targets active-matrix OLEDs at mobile TV phones 10 Apr 06

Emergent mobile TV phone sector will create substantial market for Korean giant's AM-OLEDs

Zygo reports strong growth in flat panel display business 10 Apr 06

FAB demand boosts business for optical inspection systems

Ammonia detector targets lithography 10 Apr 06

Lithography is just one of the applications set to benefit from an ammonia detector operating at parts-per-billion levels.

Camera phones focus liquid lenses on expanding market 07 Apr 06

The general availability of the industry's first multi-mega-pixel auto-focus liquid lens for camera phones spells the beginning of the end for conventional mechanical lenses, says its French developer.

Liquid crystals solve bifocal headaches 07 Apr 06

Bifocal spectacles made from liquid crystal change their focusing power by simply applying a voltage.

JOPA publishes special issue on nanophotonics 07 Apr 06

Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics has published a special issue on the Fundamental Aspects of Nanophotonics.

Europe's first photonics agenda demands more investment, better organisation 07 Apr 06

More money for the European photonics industries - from both private and public sources - as well as better coordination of the sector are vital if Europe's currently strong position in these markets is to flourish.

Business briefs 07 Apr 06

Including news from Coherent, Zygo, Light Blue Optics, Nichia and more.

Machine vision market shows solid growth in 2005; positive outlook for 2006 06 Apr 06

The machine vision sector is booming, according to a new market survey. Growth is set to continue through 2006, particularly in 'smart' cameras and application-specific systems.

Laser range finding pinpoints golf market 05 Apr 06

Tiger Woods warms up for the defense of his US Masters crown this week by winning the Laser Link long drive contest.

Microfluidic mixing tunes dye-laser in real-time 05 Apr 06

Researchers shrink a dye-laser set-up into a tiny polymer package suitable for lab-on-a-chip microsystems.

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