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The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

July 2006

Laser experiment to explain dark-matter mysteries 31 Jul 06

A dark matter particle known as the axion, formed by the interaction of a laser and a magnetic field in high vacuum, could be the key to a better understanding of dark matter, dark energy and why matter exists at all.

Tiny motor shakes up camera phone market 31 Jul 06

A piezoelectric motor developed in the US is proving its worth as optical zoom and autofocus modules continue to shrink in size.

Business briefs 28 Jul 06

Including news from Newport, Corning, Coherent, Panasonic, Schott, and Cambridge Display Technology

Nanoetching makes LEDs brighter 28 Jul 06

Applications ranging from medical imaging to home cinema projectors could benefit from a nanoetching technique that promises to radically enhance LED brightness.

QinetiQ leads project to develop mid-infrared lasers 28 Jul 06

Conventional designs of mid-IR lasers, which cover the range 3-5 micron, have required cooling to -200ÂșC. This R&D project aims to overcome such problems.

Siemens buys up 3-D inspection specialist Opto-Control 27 Jul 06

With the acquisition of Opto-Control, Siemens has boosted the inspection capabilities of its SIPlace surface mount technology offshoot.

Oxford Lasers boosts sub-contract manufacturing capacity 27 Jul 06

Oxford Lasers to grow its business by 25% with a boost in its micromachining activities. Formerly a copper laser specialist, the company expects to reap the benefits of diversification.

On the move 24 Jul 06

A regular round-up of staff changes within the industry featuring Ocean Optics, Powerlase, Pacific Silicon Sensor and more.

Optical software: which program is right for me? 21 Jul 06

With a variety of optical design software on the market, choosing the right package for your application can be difficult. Michael Stevenson breaks down the options and lists important questions to consider when searching for the software that suits your needs.

Terahertz technology discovers its market 21 Jul 06

CLEO/QELS' terahertz programme was a big hit with conference delegates this year, running over two days and featuring more than 50 international speakers. James Tyrrell profiles Picometrix, a firm that has successfully transferred its telecoms know-how into the terahertz sector, and looks at what is driving the market today.

Nordic know-how powers Finnish photonics hub 21 Jul 06

Tampere in the west of Finland is renowned for being a centre of research and industry. Jacqueline Hewett visited the city to find out why its photonics industry is flourishing.

Quebec: Canada's north pole of optoelectronics 21 Jul 06

On the brink of its 400th anniversary, Quebec City is a must on the tourist trail. But around the city's famous stone walls there is also a hotbed of photonic activity, from the city's three cutting-edge R&D centres to dozens of diverse companies. Matthew Peach reports from Canada's National Optics Institute and profiles three up-and-coming Quebecois players.

Diamond layer could boost output powers 21 Jul 06

When it comes to cooling devices, common options include thermoelectric or Peltier methods but thin films of diamond are increasingly entering the equation. Matthew Peach speaks to Dwain Aidala, president and chief operating officer of sp3 Diamond Technologies, about the company's latest deposition reactor and its contribution to novel optical devices.

Planar to acquire Clarity Visual Systems for $46 million 21 Jul 06

Combination of $46 million plus stock to secure acquisition, enable Planar's move into command and control and digital signage large-format display markets.

High efficiency 5W pump diode laser delivers at 915nm 21 Jul 06

Lumics' novel 5W laser chips, designed for the pumping of fiber lasers, are specified to operate at 60% efficiency and have achieved 80% in laboratory tests.

Business briefs 21 Jul 06

Including news from: Cascade Technologies, Planar Systems, Clarity Visual Systems, Kopin, e2V Technologies, Atmel Grenoble, CMC Magnetics, Ritek and Prodisc.

Environmentally friendly fiber takes on medical role 21 Jul 06

Scientists in Canada develop a biodegradable fiber with optical, microfluidic and drug release properties.

Quintessence Photonics wins contract to develop high-precision optical sensing lasers 20 Jul 06

Optical sensing is critically important in defense, security and industrial markets. Hot on the heels of last month's US Army deal, Quintessence has won another contract based on its novel internal grating technology.

Qioptiq Group makes bid to take over Linos 20 Jul 06

Qioptiq investor company Candover has announced its plan for public takeover of Linos. Major Linos shareholder agrees to price of EUR 16 per share.

Silicon photonics solves its "fundamental problem" 20 Jul 06

The prospect of on-chip optical interconnects comes one step closer as researchers achieve continuous optical amplification in silicon without the need for input electrical power.

Shedding light on biomaterials 20 Jul 06

Researchers in Germany believe that the ability of some biomaterials to guide light is due to light scattering, and not fiber-optic effects as previously thought.

Photodetecting fibers enable easier optical imaging 18 Jul 06

Researchers in the US have exploited polymer photodetecting fibers to demonstrate a simpler way to measure optical fields.

Silicon photonics enters the broadband age 17 Jul 06

US researchers have built a broadband light amplifier on a silicon chip that can process large numbers of wavelengths at the same time.

Deep Photonics wins Semicon West technology award 14 Jul 06

Recognition for the developer of the "deep" UV laser developer at Semicon West. optics.org interviews Deep's VP marketing about this fast emerging technology.

Business briefs 14 Jul 06

Including news from: University of Surrey/Qinetiq, Aculight, Eikos, Breault Research Organisation, M Squared Lasers, Elliot Scientific, Sony, CVI Laser, Ekspla, Core Optics and Digital Optics.

Paint-on semiconductor promises cheaper night vision 14 Jul 06

Researchers have developed a solution-processed photodetector that they claim can outperform costly crystal-grown chips.

UK photonics strategy seeks commercial success 14 Jul 06

A wide-ranging review of photonics activity in the UK has revealed that fragmentation in the industry is limiting the potential for large-scale commercial success.

New products vie for high-power LED market 14 Jul 06

Amid fierce competition in the high-power LED market, manufacturers are lining up to introduce new products that deliver greater efficiency and more light output.

'World's first' argon fluoride laser boosts efficiency of 45nm lithography 13 Jul 06

Claiming its new ArF laser to be the world's first laser for 45nm immersion lithography, Cymer is hoping to corner this semiconductor development technology market.

Cree shares plummet after profit warning 13 Jul 06

Cree is blaming lower profits on a less favorable sales mix within its LED product line and higher manufacturing costs associated with new products.

Laser beams create caesium 'strings', potential memory media 13 Jul 06

Researchers at Bonn University in Germany have used laser beams to create a string of caesium atoms. Such a structure could act as a memory for quantum devices.

Laser-powered cantilevers lighten payload 12 Jul 06

Scientists have come up with a CMOS compatible, direct patterning technique for making arrays of optically activated cantilevers out of lightweight carbon nanotube film.

EXALOS shines in aerospace, medical markets 07 Jul 06

The Swiss manufacturer of superluminescent light-emitting diodes is reaping the benefits of its strategy to develop products for non-telecom applications.

UV-LEDs set for growth as chip firms get hitched 07 Jul 06

Korean LED manufacturer Seoul Optodevice Company and AlGaN device specialist Sensor Electronic Technology get together in a bid to ramp the manufacture of ultraviolet-emitting semiconductors.

Business briefs 07 Jul 06

Including news from BridgeLux, CIP, Aixtron, Avago Technologies, and others.

Novel micro lens boosts diode laser performance 06 Jul 06

The so-called Fast Axis Collimation lens, developed by Optics For Devices, a division of Schott, can overcome the common problem of beam divergence in diode lasers.

Berliner Glas launches Opto Mechanical Systems division 05 Jul 06

Traditional component companies sometimes expand by selling more components but a more sophisticated approach is to develop into a systems integrator where value and profit growth may be accelerated. Berliner Glas, already a significant components supplier turning over almost EUR 90 million, has announced it is expanding in this way.

Femtosecond laser offers high-speed DNA diagnostics 05 Jul 06

Researchers in Canada have developed a new laser that, they say, enables high-throughput analysis of optical DNA biosensors.

Microsharp film targets LCD backlights 03 Jul 06

UK firm Microsharp unveils a non-periodic film which it hopes will eliminate interference effects generated in LCD backlights.

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