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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

August 2006

JDSU announces improved performance in 2006 31 Aug 06

Optical communications sector upturn and JDSU's new test and measurement division drive significant Q4 and full year growth in turnover and reduce losses.

'Automatic focus' CMOS camera modules launched 31 Aug 06

Global Optics develops and prepares to market auto-focus CMOS camera to cellphone, digital camera and laptop markets.

IMEC installing world's first 'extreme' UV process tool 30 Aug 06

Will become a cornerstone for advanced lithography R&D projects including sub-32 nm node critical layer patterning; optical path stabilisation; and reticle handling.

Luxtera claims first single chip dual XFP transceiver 29 Aug 06

Will permit economically-feasible fiber-to-chip connectivity. Technology is "the future" of optical interfaces, developer claims.

LED modules offer a bright future for aviation lighting 29 Aug 06

LED lighting offers exciting benefits for aircraft both in terms of how the lighting can be designed and the installed functionality it can deliver, according to James Stratford of Universal Science.

'Lumalive' textile presents variable LED display 29 Aug 06

A novel display-embedded textile from Philips Research can turn clothes into walking dynamic advertisements.

Business Briefs 25 Aug 06

Including news from Candela Laser, IPG Photonics, Dynasil, AMS Technologies, Fiberguide, Datalase, Rofin Sinar, Aixtron and Trimedyne.

Rugged fiber optic components show steady sales growth - survey 24 Aug 06

Value of ruggedised fibre/optics components will hit $2.9 billion by 2012, military-aerospace dominance of market will cool.

'See-through' silver could boost LEDs 24 Aug 06

Physicists in the UK have discovered that thin films of silver - a normally opaque material - can be made highly transparent by sandwiching them bewteen zinc-selenide-coated glass blocks.

Kyma Technologies plans to fill LED 'green gap' 24 Aug 06

Kyma adopts a novel approach to developing new green LEDs for a US Department of Energy funded R&D program.

On the move 24 Aug 06

A regular round-up of staff changes within the industry featuring Aerotech, Forth Dimension Displays, Optical Surfaces and more.

Near-infrared response for laser etched silicon 23 Aug 06

A microstructured silicon photodetector that exhibits a photoresponse at 1.31 and 1.55 microns could inspire a host of specialized imaging applications.

Wavelength converter wins award for Lawrence Livermore Lab 22 Aug 06

US National Ignition Facility Project team wins recognition for development of color-changing laser.

Zygo reports 'record' Q4 2006 and full-year earnings 22 Aug 06

Optical metrology system developer reports "record" orders, sales and earnings, says that sales demands reflect its change in focus from laboratory to industry.

Taiwanese DRAM firms set up LED venture 22 Aug 06

Promos Technologies, which specializes in making dynamic random access memory chips, has decided that now is the time to get involved in the LED business.

Lasers light up blood-flow dynamics 21 Aug 06

A laser-based technique that can monitor blood-flow velocity in real-time could have a big impact on the efficacy of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Diode laser stacks to brave 'space' conditions 18 Aug 06

With the restructured company set on seeking out new markets, Jenoptik subsidiaries are partnering to develop a "space compatible" pump laser intended for use in a satellite-mounted atmospheric analysis lidar system.

Synova secures $8.1 million to drive expansion 18 Aug 06

With the aim of improving local support for its Laser MicroJet laser-assisted water cutting systems, the Swiss technology company has raised $8.1 million from fellow Swiss backers.

Business briefs 18 Aug 06

Includes news from Osram Opto Semiconductors, Quintessence Photonics, Optikos, and others.

Microscopy sheds light on organic solar cells 18 Aug 06

Organic photovoltaic cells promise cheaper solar power, but researchers still need to work out how to improve their efficiency.

Triple-junction solar cells enter the mainstream 17 Aug 06

Two commercial deals reveal how triple-junction solar cells based on compound semiconductors are now challenging silicon-based photovoltaics for large-scale terrestrial applications.

Si-Light wins funding to commercialize silicon LED 16 Aug 06

University spin-off exploits dislocation loops to force light out of silicon.

Polymer mirrors ready for space test 16 Aug 06

Thin, reflective piezoelectric polymer films could replace traditional polished mirrors in space telescopes. But first they need to survive the rigours of space.

Lensless mirror array focuses light with subwavelength resolution 15 Aug 06

Researchers at MIT put coherent superposition to the test and focus 15 laser beams into a 180 nm diameter spot without using a lens.

Cree banks on LED lighting as income falls 14 Aug 06

Profits tumble as Cree invests in new technologies that the company believes will bring financial reward over the next few years.

Optical microscope reveals single proteins 14 Aug 06

US researchers have developed a fluorescence optical microscopy technique that can image cellular proteins with nanometer-scale resolution.

Japan sees recovery in laser machining market 10 Aug 06

A Japanese market study has found that domestic sales of industrial laser machining equipment have bounced back after a period of decline.

Business briefs 10 Aug 06

Including news from Jenoptik, Ocean Optics, New Wave Research, Aspectrics, and others.

Universal Display sells more, but also spends more 10 Aug 06

Higher operating costs have wiped out sales growth for the OLED manufacturer.

Optical scans illuminate breast tumours 09 Aug 06

A portable optical scanner for the early detection of breast cancer could be commercially available within the next three years.

Brightest LEDs are rough around the edges 09 Aug 06

By simply roughening the front and back surfaces, a Taiwanese team have tapped nearly three times more light from GaN-based LEDs.

Miniature lens mimics the human eye 04 Aug 06

The human eye has inspired researchers who are developing a self-focusing artificial lens.

Business briefs 04 Aug 06

Including news from Varioptic, Unaxis, New Scale, LINOS, and others.

Bookham's revenues improve, but share price falls 04 Aug 06

Fourth-quarter results fall short of analysts' expectations, but new products and high-power lasers show strong growth.

Start-up promises cheaper solar panels 03 Aug 06

Can light-channelling technology cut the cost of solar panels and bring solar energy to the masses?

$6 million US project plans silicon-based laser in five years 02 Aug 06

A holy grail of the silicon semiconductor industry is to develop a silicon-based laser, which is exactly what this MIT-based project intends to achieve.

Cymer reports improved Q2 results, plans share buyback 02 Aug 06

Deep UV laser developer Cymer reports improved Q2 business; semiconductor industy-targeted lasers show sales growth; company announces share buyback plan.

World's "bluest" sky revealed 02 Aug 06

Brazil is the place to visit if you want to enjoy the best blue sky.

optics.org joins the podcast revolution 02 Aug 06

The optics.org podcast makes its debut with a bang: a fascinating interview with a leading optics academic. Plus: of the hundreds of newly signed-up optics.org community members, we have randomly selected 10 to win iPod media players.

Light Blue Optics secures $2.5 million funding 02 Aug 06

Seed funding from a 3i-led consortium will speed development of the laser-based mini-projection system and drive company expansion.

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