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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

September 2006

Business briefs 29 Sep 06

Including news from BAE Systems, Microvision, Planar Systems, JP Sercel Associates, e2v, Aixtron, Arima, Multiwave Photonics and others.

Japanese lab develops 'record-breaking' Ti:S femtosecond laser 29 Sep 06

Japan's AIST builds 10kHz Ti:S femtosecond laser for semiconductor treatments; exceeds previous best performance by 250%.

Excimer lasers provide unique processing ability 29 Sep 06

An excimer laser's high-power ultraviolet emission enables applications in research, micromanufacturing and biomedicine. Rainer Paetzel and Ruediger Hack provide an introduction to the technology and review key factors that potential buyers should consider.

Report reveals high-power LED innovation 29 Sep 06

A new series of LED Quarterly Insights reports, produced by the publishers of optics.org, kicks off with an in-depth analysis of the latest advances in high-power LEDs.

'Sugar cube sized' projector devised 28 Sep 06

Researchers in Germany have developed a "sugar cube sized" projector, based on a single 2D mirror.

Sharp offers new angle on simultaneous viewing 28 Sep 06

Display maker comes up with a triple directional LCD that offers unique content based on the viewer's orientation to the screen.

Fiber optics makes airplanes safer 28 Sep 06

Researchers in the US have devised an optical on/off switch that could be safer and more reliable than electrical controls in airplane cockpits.

Medical display sales: a picture of health 27 Sep 06

Europe's market for medical displays will more than double from $110 million in 2005 to $290 million by 2012. Growth in the US will be almost as strong, rising to $1.8 billion.

‘Lumalive’ textiles light up the catwalk 25 Sep 06

Acclaimed German fashion designer Anke Loh has chosen to use the light-emitting fabric from Philips called Lumalive textiles in her latest fashion collection.

Is consolidation the answer? 25 Sep 06

Tom Hausken of Strategies Unlimited believes that the photonics industry is fundamentally fragmented. Here, he outlines the problems facing a market full of niche players and offers his opinions on the future.

Business briefs 22 Sep 06

Including news from Essex Corp., Adaptive Optics Associates, CarlZeiss, Alis Corp., JDSU, Quebec Photonics Network, Custom Sensors, Kotura, Enablence, Colorlink and others.

Bookham sells test site; admits accounting flaw 22 Sep 06

In a deal that includes a lease back option, the fiber-optic component maker expects to net $9.5 million from the sale of its Paignton, UK, assembly and test facility.

Intel sells optical components business for $115 million 22 Sep 06

Following Intel's announcement of its restructuring, which will see 10,500 jobs cut, the semiconductor giant is selling its optical components business to fellow Californian company Cortina Systems.

Intel claims silicon laser revolution 22 Sep 06

The development of the first hybrid InP-silicon laser by Intel and UC Santa Barbara could provide the breakthrough that silicon photonics is looking for.

Oxxius secures $10m for diode-pumped lasers 22 Sep 06

Green, blue and UV laser module developer plans to extend its product range with new investment.

Under the spotlight: OCT 22 Sep 06

Optical coherence tomography is fast becoming one of the most exciting areas in biomedical photonics as developers get to grips with high-speed, high-resolution Fourier domain detection schemes.

Modern imaging reveals ancient text 22 Sep 06

US scientists are exploiting specialist imaging technologies to preserve a 700-year-old manuscript that contains the essence of Hindu philosophy.

LCD recycling project: green and valuable 20 Sep 06

A project to extract the materials from redundant liquid crystal displays is expected not only to make these materials safe, but also to recycle millions of dollars worth of valuable chemicals.

New standard proposed for HD DVD content mastering 18 Sep 06

Three major companies with data storage interests have announced an alliance to develop a new optical storage format called UDO-DMD.

Bright future for photovoltaics 15 Sep 06

The 21st - and largest ever - European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition took place in Dresden, Germany, between 4-8 September, heard more than 900 speeches. The general conclusion from visitors and presenters was that there is enormous and growing demand for this technology.

Laser TV: coming to a home theatre near you 15 Sep 06

Novalux believes that its Necsel laser platform meets all of the requirements for use in high-volume applications, such as laser-based rear-projection televisions.

15 Sep 06

Important news for optics.org readers 15 Sep 06

You'll need to sign in as a member of the optics.org community to read some of the articles posted on the site this week.

Buoyant times ahead for laser processing market 15 Sep 06

Not only has the market for laser materials processing systems returned to the levels of 2000, double-digit growth is now expected through to 2010.

Superlens microscope gets up close 15 Sep 06

Researchers have obtained the first direct near-field optical images using a so-called superlens made of negative refractive index metamaterials. The development could enhance near-field microscopy.

Business briefs 15 Sep 06

Featuring news from Flir Systems, ADE, Cambridge Research & Instrumentation, Invitrogen, Cedip and others.

Retina morphs into silicon device 15 Sep 06

An artificial silicon-based retina could offer a unique insight into how the mammalian eye works.

Cell-piercing laser lets DNA in 15 Sep 06

Researchers in the UK have found the optimum conditions for using a laser to create a hole that allows molecules such as DNA to be introduced into biological cells.

Top of the pops on optics.org 14 Sep 06

In a new series, optics.org gives you details of the Top 10 most read stories on our site from the previous month.

Research reveals how blue LEDs emit light 13 Sep 06

A new understanding of the mechanism behind blue LED luminescence could lead to the development of revolutionary new families of light emitters.

Marine emissions detector exploits cascade laser 12 Sep 06

Growing demands from the EU are driving BP to consider the quantum cascade laser approach to gas assessment.

Multicolor LEDs take the tube 12 Sep 06

Oxley Developments' rugged, tri-color LEDS have found a new customer in London Underground's trackside lighting systems.

Smart fibres measure optical and thermal signals 11 Sep 06

They may look unconventional but the photosensitive fibre structures being developed at MIT promise a new way to measure the amplitude and phase of an optical signal. Rob van den Berg talks to the team to find out more.

Bookham announces $23.5 million private placement of common stock 11 Sep 06

Company intends to use proceeds for "general working capital" purposes.

Philips plans Lumileds LED plant in Singapore 08 Sep 06

A new Philips Lumileds wafer fabrication facility will enable the company to double its output of high-power LEDs.

Business Briefs 07 Sep 06

Including news from Bombardier, Sony, Cambridge Display Technology, Photonic Products, Perkin Elmer and others.

Jenoptik, Rheinmetall to develop laser-based flight simulators 07 Sep 06

Partners hope precision simulators will further extend market from military to civilian aircraft.

Samsung commercializes 7in LCDs with single chip driver 07 Sep 06

The novel display eliminates the need to have a separate printed circuit board for timing control and power components. Previously, multi-chip approaches have limited the design of very slim portable electronics.

Switchable lotus effect creates self-cleaning surfaces 07 Sep 06

A material that becomes super-water-repellent when illuminated with ultraviolet light could act as a self-cleaning surface in countless applications.

IPG Photonics files for public share offering 07 Sep 06

The fiber laser specialist is looking to float on the US stock market to raise cash that will be used partly to fund its diode manufacturing expansion.

NMR goes optical 07 Sep 06

A novel laser-based technique for NMR could lead to real-time two-dimensional imaging of samples, with a resolution limited only by light diffraction.

On-chip gratings improve stability of laser diodes 06 Sep 06

Quintessence Photonics has written gratings into its infrared laser diodes that narrow the emission spectra and reduce temperature sensitivity.

Jenoptik restructures and debuts polymer division 06 Sep 06

Having recently established both polymer and micro-optics divisions and invested heavily in new facilities, Jenoptik is repositioning itself to capitalize on demand for both custom and mass-produced optical products.

Novel route to 'solar grade' silicon 04 Sep 06

A solar-grade silicon derived from metallurgical silicon purification will increase the availability of feedstock to the ever-hungry photovoltaic industry, claims developer Dow Corning.

Blue laser disc to allow 200GB capacity 04 Sep 06

Media pioneer TDK achieves "massive" capabilities for high definition blue laser technology.

GE invests $100 million to grow LED business 04 Sep 06

GE invests heavily to develop LED solutions to reach the world's estimated $12 billion lighting market.

Infrared sommelier robot helps choose wine 04 Sep 06

A robot being developed in Japan uses infrared spectroscopy to "taste" wine and food.

Photonic crystals go magnetic 04 Sep 06

Physicists in Germany have made a new type of photonic crystal by fine-tuning the magnetic, rather than the electric, properties of a material.

Business Briefs 01 Sep 06

Including news from nLight, Optikos, Intralase, Wavelight, Pioneer, Omron and others.

High output RGB sources promise laser TV 'by 2007' 01 Sep 06

Novalux says its new 750 mW red "Necsel" laser and 3 W green and blue models are paving the way for laser projection TV.

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