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The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

June 2006

Microstructured fibers tackle bandwidth bottlenecks 30 Jun 06

Microstructured "holey" fiber could be ideal for tackling the looming bandwidth problems associated with electrical interconnects, according to a team from UK defense and security firm QinetiQ.

Daylight Solutions receives US$ 7.5 million 'Series A' financing 30 Jun 06

On the back of its development of miniature sources for the mid-infrared sector, Daylight Solutions wins multi-million dollar funding. Lucrative applications in security, bio-med and imaging appear to be substantial for this newly portable technology.

Business briefs 30 Jun 06

Including news from Apogee, SUSS MicroTec, Zygo, Advanced Photonix, and others.

Patterned mid-IR source lowers cost of gas detection 28 Jun 06

Vehicle exhaust monitoring and fire rescue operations could benefit from an affordable, surface-structured PbSe chip that operates at 25 degC and emits more than 2 mW in the mid-infrared.

Diode laser offers 'almost infinite' modulation capability 27 Jun 06

Laser developer Omicron Laserage, based in Rodgau, Germany, announced at last week's Optatec show in Frankfurt that it has created "what no other manufacturer has achieved".

Broadband detector bound for Mercury 27 Jun 06

French firm Sofradir is developing a single detector sensitive over a 1900 nm wavelength range and capable of withstanding the harsh conditions around Mercury.

Photonic crystals tailor beam patterns 23 Jun 06

Optical tweezers and high density optical storage are just two of the applications that could benefit from compact photonic crystal lasers capable of producing diverse beam patterns on demand.

Business briefs 23 Jun 06

Including news from Jenoptik, CVI Laser, Koheras, Quintessence Photonics, and others.

Avago launches high-power LEDs as handset market fades 23 Jun 06

One of the largest producers of visible LEDs introduces its first high-power LED products.

White LED raises efficacy benchmark 22 Jun 06

Researchers at Cree have demonstrated a cool-white LED that achieves an efficacy of 131 lumens per Watt at 20mA.

Nanosolar to build world's largest solar cell factory 21 Jun 06

US start-up raises $100m to achieve high-volume manufacture of its thin-film photovoltaic technology.

Fiber laser creates hidden icons in glass 21 Jun 06

IMRA's icon writing process turns ordinary glass panels into flashing signs.

Laser Zentrum Hanover celebrates its 20th anniversary 16 Jun 06

As Laser Zentrum Hannover blows out the candles on its 20th birthday cake, optics.org interviews managing director Andreas Ostendorf about the centre's crowning achievements and what he believes the future holds for the laser.

Diamond deposition promises higher output optical devices 16 Jun 06

A diamond deposition tool will allow optical component manufacturers to take advantage of the material's excellent thermal properties. When it comes to cooling devices, common options include thermoelectric or Peltier methods but now, thanks to a new hot filament deposition reactor, diamond is also entering the equation. Optics.org interviews Dwain Aidala, president and COO of sp3 Diamond Technologies.

Business briefs 16 Jun 06

Including news from QED Technologies, EXALOS, Samsung, OFS and others.

Levitated dye droplets show lasing action 16 Jun 06

Researchers from Sweden and Denmark have developed a method of lasing from levitated liquid droplets containing laser dye. The technique could be used to probe sensitive biomolecules, and in the future for high-throughput biochemical analysis.

Quantum-dot laser shows broadband capability 16 Jun 06

Ioffe Institute spin-out NL Nanosemiconductor has developed a ten-layer quantum-dot laser that can operate over a 25 nm wavelength range while retaining singlemode operation.

Beam profilers provide crucial laser statistics 16 Jun 06

A beam profiler is an essential tool for any laser user. Carlos Roundy describes the options available and how to pick the right profiler for your application.

Optical integration moves back onto the agenda 16 Jun 06

Photonic integration was one of the hot new ideas that emerged during the telecoms boom, but it was subsequently shelved by cash-strapped component vendors. Now, as Roy Rubenstein reports, the technology is back on the table and could be set for a big revival.

Power-over-fibre drives remote data exchange 16 Jun 06

Photonic Power provides an all-fibre solution that enhances power and data transmission of remote sensing devices. Mort Cohen explains why power-over-fibre is an attractive alternative to batteries and bulky copper cabling when operating in harsh environments.

Fujitsu, Mitsui venture targets quantum dots 16 Jun 06

Fujitsu and Mitsui have invested around $2.6 m in QD Laser, a joint quantum dot laser development venture. Matthew Peach finds out why the firm expects to achieve a leading commercial position in optical communications with the technology by 2010.

Nano-optical solver offers rapid solution 16 Jun 06

German firm JCMwave, a Zuse Institute Berlin spin-off, has come up with optical software that can model electromagnetic wave propagation on a laptop, solving Maxwell's equations and offering solutions in just 10 s. James Tyrrell learns more about the company that has grabbed the attention of Infineon Technologies and Siemens.

OLEDs on the look-out for unique application 16 Jun 06

Analysts expect the OLED panel market to grow by more than $200 m in 2006 as the technology gathers momentum. Kimberly Allen of iSuppli looks at the prospects for passive and active OLEDs in the face of stiff competition from LCDs.

Bookham launches modular multiplexer technology for LED projection systems 15 Jun 06

California-based optical component developer says that digital micro mirror device projection manufacturers, in particular, should benefit from this compact optical module.

Unaxis Optics makes 'strategic' investment in Novalux 14 Jun 06

The Liechtenstein-based coatings specialist takes a substantial stake in the Californian source maker and agrees joint development plan for projection laser technology. At the same time, Novalux raises US$21.7million in 'B' funding.

Fishing line guides THz 13 Jun 06

Taiwanese researchers make a low-loss terahertz waveguide out of readily available polyethylene fiber.

Carbon dots light up for optical tagging 12 Jun 06

"Carbon dots" - polymer-coated carbon nanoparticles that photoluminesce - could be less environmentally harmful than semiconductor quantum dots. Such particles have been developed by researchers at Clemson University, South Carolina, US.

Business briefs 09 Jun 06

Including news from Sofradir, Varioptic, Philips and Novaled, Quantel Medical and more.

GLT and Luminous join forces to deliver edge-lighting for LCD TVs 09 Jun 06

A 24-inch working prototype of an edge-lit LCD TV was demonstrated by GLT at the Society for Information Display (SID) conference & exhibition this week, as Tim Whitaker reports.

OLED manufacturers face pricing pressures 09 Jun 06

As competition intensifies in the small-to-medium display market, OLED manufacturers are working to introduce lower cost fabrication techniques.

Photonics North Diary 08 Jun 06

A look at some of the highlights from this year's event in Quebec City, Canada.

Fiber laser emits light radially 06 Jun 06

Applications ranging from in vivo molecular imaging to photodynamic therapy could benefit from the development of a new radially-emitting fibre laser.

Business briefs 02 Jun 06

Including news from Corelase, Edmund Optics, Uni Light Technology, OpSec and more.

On the move 02 Jun 06

A regular round-up of staff changes within the industry featuring Konarka, eagleyard Photonics, SPI Laser and more.

CLEO/QELS delivers postdeadline feast 01 Jun 06

The postdeadline session at last week's event featured breakthroughs in femtosecond sources, superlensing, supercontinuum generation and lots more.

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