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October 2006

Another transmission record on the data highway 27 Oct 06

No speed limit yet, say researchers at Berlin's HHI, as they transmit data at 2.56 Tbit/s through a single fiber.

Copper sheet securely welded by disk lasers 27 Oct 06

Trumpf has met the challenge of welding shiny copper sheet by using multi-kilowatt disk lasers. The company has also reported positive financial results for 2005-6.

Business briefs 27 Oct 06

Featuring news from Luxtera, JMAR Technologies, Olympus, Ocean Optics, Finisar, Exfo, Ultratech, Nanometrics, Time Warner Cable, Siemens, BFI OPtilas, e2v Technologies, Flir Systems, SPI Lasers and others.

Laser fusion integral to European roadmap 27 Oct 06

A European high-power laser fusion facility costing Euro 800 million is one of 35 large-scale research proposals that have been recommended to the European Commission for their science roadmap.

Newport to buy Picarro's Laser Products business 24 Oct 06

Newport drives forward in booming solid state laser sector with acquisition set to turn over up to $7 million next year.

'Top of the pops' on optics.org 24 Oct 06

September's figures for the Top 10 most-read stories on optics.org reveal that a few old favourites have staying power but it is mainly fresh material that has caught your eye.

Scientists switch on to convertible 2D-3D display 24 Oct 06

Cell phones, monitors and televisions could all benefit from a switchable display that offers 2D or 3D viewing.

Hollow waveguides catch ESA’s eye 24 Oct 06

Hollow waveguides that eliminate alignment issues could be deployed on satellites in the future.

Photon 'fusion' boosts solar cell performance 24 Oct 06

Scientists have manipulated light - such as sunlight - to combine the photons' energy with particular wavelengths. Previously only possible with high-energy density laser light, the process could pave the way for more efficient solar cells.

Nano-manipulation creates brighter flat panels 23 Oct 06

New types of optical and electrical coatings will make TVs, mobile screens and flexible displays brighter and less power hungry.

Microparticles feel the pinch 23 Oct 06

A new method for measuring the refractive index of micrometre-sized particles has been developed at Australia's University of Queensland.

Hair-thin endoscope delivers 3D images 23 Oct 06

Optical endoscopy may soon be possible in delicate and difficult-to-access areas, thanks to a new single fiber technique.

Exitech put up for sale 20 Oct 06

Laser manufacturer Exitech has been put into administration following cash flow difficulties.

'Super screen' takes TV viewer to the stadium 19 Oct 06

Hot on the heels of hosting the football World Cup, a novel projection technique from Germany gives the highest resolution ever live images, and seems to take viewers closer than ever before to a live event.

Micronic reports 'weak' nine-month and Q3 results 19 Oct 06

Despite the supposed growth of its core display and semiconductor markets, Micronic Laser Systems reports weak trading figures for 2006, especially in the third quarter.

Imaging spectrometry reveals sub-cellular world 19 Oct 06

A new mass spectrometry technique could enable biologists to analyse dynamic processes in cells, where many features of interest are smaller than the resolution limit of optical microscopes.

14 Tbit/s transmitted over single fiber 19 Oct 06

NTT demonstrates "world's highest" optical transmission capacity - equivalent to 140 digital high definition movies delivered in one second.

Extreme UV conference promises many applications 19 Oct 06

Gathered in Barcelona this week for the 2006 International Symposium on EUV Lithography, several key industry representatives highlighted developments in areas critical to EUV development and commercialization.

Optical laser system senses biomolecules 19 Oct 06

A laser-based technique for rapid - and multiple - protein identification promises a multi-functional optical biosensor with particular applications in disease diagnosis.

Business briefs 18 Oct 06

Including news from In-Stat, AMI Semiconductor, Flir Systems, Asylum Research, Avantes, Ledtech Electronics, Fabrinet, BAE Systems, Perkin Elmer, Zygo and others.

JDSU acquires Metconnex portfolio 17 Oct 06

Deal strengthens JDSU's position with ROADM - reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer - technologies. JDSU also drops all pending litigation against Metconnex.

Powerlase, University of Central Florida to develop EUV sources 17 Oct 06

Collaboration aims to produce next generation of quality laser-produced plasma - for extreme UV sources.

Prism coupler thins out backlights 17 Oct 06

Omron in Japan is developing an optical component which they say can reduce the thickness of a mobile phone's backlight by 40%.

'Brightest ever' laser fired, claims Northrup Grumman 16 Oct 06

Test demonstration delivers multi-kilowatt output “illuminator” laser. Combines power performance with high beam quality at 5,000 pulses per second.

Laser controls chemical reaction rates 16 Oct 06

Canadian researchers have for the first time exploited laser light as a catalyst to control chemical reactions.

Business briefs 13 Oct 06

Including news from Osram Opto Semiconductors, Selex Communications, Liquid Metal, Biolase Technology, Dialog Imaging Systems, Dassault Systèmes, ADE, KLA-Tencor, Quintessence Photonics, Luxtera, Melles Griot, CVI Laser, Photon and others.

Pump it up: new proposals for X-ray lasers 12 Oct 06

Scientists at Berlin's Max Born Institute have devised a new type of pump laser for X-ray lasers that produces a continuous, repetitive regime at 100Hz and energies exceeding 1J.

Varioptic and Dow collaborate on 'next generation' lenses 12 Oct 06

Partners to co-research and develop liquid lenses; Varioptic launches improved autofocus model; mass production commences in China.

Shell turns to cascade lasers for oil exploration 12 Oct 06

A cross-disciplinary UK consortium wins funding to develop a laser detection system that could be used to discover hidden fields of oil and natural gas.

Imperial Innovations invests $280K in the Midaz touch 11 Oct 06

Midaz Lasers, a new spin off from Imperial College London, is joining the race to provide high-power DPSS lasers to the booming part-marking sector.

Massive telephoto lens puts Zeiss to the test 10 Oct 06

German firm comes up with a lens weighing 256 kg to satisfy a wildlife photographer.

Hybrid diffractive optics offer an elegant solution 09 Oct 06

Thanks to a set of unique properties, diffractive optical elements have the potential to transform light into almost any desired distribution. Joshika Akhil gives the low-down on the technology that can benefit laser marking, material processing, heat treatment, sensing, non-contact testing and optical metrology, to name just a few applications.

In situ method drives up yields and reduces costs 09 Oct 06

There is a lot more to making an optical filter than meets the eye. Dominik Goessi looks at the role of in situ monitoring in the production process and reviews the technology.

ZnO-based LEDs begin to show full-colour potential 09 Oct 06

Start-up company MOXtronics has recently produced the first coloured ZnO-based LEDs. Although the efficiency of these LEDs is not high, improvements are rapid and the emitters have the potential to outperform their GaN rivals.

Handheld laser device hardens tools 09 Oct 06

Hand-held device supports laser processing up to 4kW - but without complex CNC or robot programming.

Lasers meet fluids: an integrated approach 09 Oct 06

An optical manipulation and analysis platform that can fit onto a fingernail could signal a significant change in the field of microfluidics.

Eye scan shows first sign of Alzheimer's disease 09 Oct 06

Scanning the lens of a human eye with infrared laser light can reveal the earliest signs of Alzheimer's disease in a matter of seconds, according to US start-up Neuroptix.

Laser tomography gets under your skin 09 Oct 06

German scientists have developed an optical technique that for the first time allows the effects of skin aging to be monitored non-invasively and in real time.

SemiLEDs buys reactor to scale up GaN production 06 Oct 06

SemiLEDs, a company developing novel light emitters based on a copper alloy substrate, has ordered a high-volume production machine from Aixtron.

Carl Zeiss cell test shortlisted for 'Future Prize' 06 Oct 06

Laser-based micromanipulation provides high-purity biological specimens for research and diagnostics.

Business briefs 05 Oct 06

Including news from Verizon, Strategies Unlimited, Toshiba, Sabeus, CVI Laser, Northrop Grumman, Zygo, Cascade Technologies and others.

Spectra-Physics claims diode laser power record 05 Oct 06

ProLite diode laser delivers 714 W of CW output.

UK funds Photonics Knowledge Transfer Network to support industry 05 Oct 06

Significant financial support and technology transfer will benefit industry in three target sectors: devices & networks, instruments, and high-power photonics.

Single polymer nanowire detects light 04 Oct 06

Photodetectors based on single polymer nanowires could form building blocks for nanophotonic devices.

Expanding Photonics21 announces key autumn meetings 04 Oct 06

Photonics21 set to participate in European Information Society Technologies event in Helsinki in November. Also a general meeting of the group is set for November-December.

Quantum encryption sets long-distance record 04 Oct 06

Extremely sensitive photon detectors have enabled researchers to transmit an encrypted quantum key over a record-breaking distance of 184.6 km.

'Braincell' circuits to solar orbits: the future of optics 03 Oct 06

Subjects as diverse as automatic optimization of optical systems, the likely arrival of nanoelectronics at a "super-human" component density and the design of optics for a near-sun solar orbiter were discussed at a recent conference in London.

Scientists make switchable microlenses in a single-step 03 Oct 06

Microencapsulation is a simple and effective way of mass producing arrays of tiny spherical lenses say experts in Asia.

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