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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

November 2006

Hybrid paper/display erases itself, cuts waste 30 Nov 06

Another step on the road to "digital paper", Xerox’s new paper/display development results in temporary documents on reusable paper.

$18m venture thrusts Emcore into solar systems 30 Nov 06

In a strategic move that will ensure a lucrative, exclusive customer supply deal for its solar cell division, Emcore has invested millions in a company specializing in solar-powered water pump technology.

WDM market sales hit $900 million per quarter 29 Nov 06

On the back of strong sales in Europe, wave division multiplexing technologies are booming, says analyst Dell'Oro.

Femtosecond laser pulses create 'black metal' 29 Nov 06

Laser surface treatment promises more efficient detectors, as Chunlei Guo explains to optics.org.

100Gbit Ethernet demonstrated on 4000km live network 27 Nov 06

Higher speed Ethernet is now required to support increasing demands of IP network.

Fiber laser improves micro-crack repairs 27 Nov 06

Laser welding of microcracks is an established technique but a new fiber laser-based process from Germany gives such repairs an unprecedented degree of accuracy.

Scientists exploit insect wings to make lens coatings 24 Nov 06

Scientists from Peking University, China, talk to optics.org about how the intricate wings of cicadas can be used to replicate nanostructures that function as anti-reflective coatings.

New driver makes low-cost OLED displays bigger 23 Nov 06

Cambridge Display Technology’s Total Matrix Addressing could increase the size of passive-matrix OLED displays to 10 inches.

Semiconductor lighting runs on 220/110Vac 23 Nov 06

Seoul Semiconductor can now mass produce its Acriche semiconductor lighting sources, which run on mains/wall power at 220/110 Vac.

Business briefs 23 Nov 06

Including news from Spire, Lightwave Advisors, Display Search, Research & Markets, Prysmian, Nortel, Stratos Lightwave, Shaefer, Avago, Osram OS, LightPointe, Quintessence Photonics and others.

Management buyout at Oxford Lasers 22 Nov 06

Oxford Lasers has been wholly acquired by its own management team.

3D images aid radiotherapy planning 22 Nov 06

An innovative imaging system could enable radiation therapists to target tumours more effectively.

'Top of the pops' on optics.org 22 Nov 06

Whether it be our archive or hot news, our analysis of what you have been reading reveals that every corner of optics.org draws a growing community of readers.

2006: a boom year for enterprise optical networks 21 Nov 06

This year, 2006, will come to be seen as a "banner" year for enterprise deployment of optical networks, says analyst IDC.

Ultrafast laser installed at Cardiff University 17 Nov 06

The Manufacturing Engineering Centre, at the University of Cardiff, Wales, UK, has installed a laser-based, ultrafast micro machining system.

Business briefs 17 Nov 06

Including news from Ficontec, Newport, Zygo, NeoPhotonics, Lumics, Photline, Optima Research, Huawei, Dalsa, Olympus ITA, and others.

Disc laser improves glass cutting 17 Nov 06

A new German applications company has developed a better technique for cutting glass using disc lasers.

Positive take on optoelectronics market - OIDA 16 Nov 06

Expanded report addresses many new market segments.

BinOptics completes $6 million funding round 16 Nov 06

BinOptics has raised $6 million to increase the production capacity of its telecom and datacom lasers that feature etched-facet technology.

Work starts on 'first' X-ray free electron laser 16 Nov 06

The world's first X-ray free electron laser is under construction at Stanford University, US, and scheduled to be ready by 2008. Meanwhile Yale has launched its Nanoscience and Quantum Engineering Center

Spin measured without destruction 16 Nov 06

US researchers have exploited polarized laser light to make the first non-destructive measurements of the spin state of a single electron in a quantum dot.

White emitting LED chips hit 138 lm/W 15 Nov 06

Nichia has developed LEDs with indium tin oxide contacts that can deliver an efficacy of 138 lm/W and an output of 402 lumens at 2A.

X-ray photo uses world's fastest flash 15 Nov 06

The first image using an extremely intense, ultrashort wavelength X-ray "flash" from a free-electron laser (FEL) provides proof-of-principle for a new lensless, atomic-scale imaging technique.

Cascaded photonic crystal offers directional emission 14 Nov 06

Computer modelling reveals that a simple photonic crystal structure could be an effective way of coupling light into optical fibers, ridge waveguides and lenses.

Bookham, Coherent results and other business 10 Nov 06

With news from Bookham, Coherent, Corning, Barr Associates, Modulight, Nextrom, AP Technologies, JP Sercel Associates, Tessera, Cymer, Heidelberg Engineering, Eagleyard and others.

Chiral liquid splits light by polarization 10 Nov 06

Every physicist knows that refraction causes light to bend as it passes from air into water. But in a chiral liquid, refraction is a little different: the light splits into two separate beams of opposite circular polarization.

High-brightness LEDs find applications galore 10 Nov 06

Knowing the exact requirements of an application and understanding performance characteristics will help you to avoid common pitfalls when purchasing high-brightness LEDs. Mike Godwin and Gunnar Klick look at the technology and its inherent trade-offs.

Liquid lenses shape up 10 Nov 06

Researchers are developing lenses that can alter their focal length in response to changes in their environment. Hongrui Jiang and Liang Dong provide an insight into the field.

Warsaw offers up wealth of photonics talent 10 Nov 06

Founded on a strong tradition of solid-state physics and crystal growth, Warsaw has long been a key player in the optoelectronics sector. James Tyrrell and the DTI's central Europe expert, George Tomka, report from Poland's capital.

Infrared expert Cedip plots rapid expansion 10 Nov 06

Cedip Infrared Systems of France is forecasting growth of 20% in 2007 as the company expands into Asia and the US. Philippe Darses, co-founder and managing director at Cedip, talks to Jacqueline Hewett about how to make money from infrared imaging.

Microparticles feel the pinch 10 Nov 06

Optical tweezers help to measure the refractive index of micrometre-sized particles.

Optical memory project builds on ring laser 08 Nov 06

An optical memory based on a semiconductor ring laser is under development in a new project by a pan-European consortium of universities and companies.

Laser technique reveals earthquake trouble spots 08 Nov 06

Researchers at the University of Leicester, UK, have used a powerful laser mounted on an aircraft to uncover earthquake fault lines hidden by forest cover, which have never before been seen by earth scientists.

Positive move for cavity-dumped Ti:sapphire 08 Nov 06

Spectroscopy, laser-based electron sources and high-order harmonic generation are all set to benefit from a cavity-dumped Ti:sapphire oscillator operating in the positive dispersion regime.

Scientists tie up fiber to make knot laser 08 Nov 06

Researchers demonstrate a miniaturized fiber laser in their quest to develop a compact light source for sensing and communications applications.

Fiber-optic connector and splice market enjoys dramatic growth 08 Nov 06

Growth set to continue as copper networks' capacity is exceeded; US market value to triple to $1.6 billion by 2010; fastest regional growth in Japan/Pacific rim.

Miniature spectrometer targets lab-on-a-chip 07 Nov 06

Researchers in the US unveil details of a tiny diffractive imaging spectrometer.

Sofradir plans mass-production of IR detectors 07 Nov 06

Decision to invest €9 million follows five years' consecutive growth, increased customer demand and industrialization of a new technological process.

'X40' group to cut cost of 40G links 07 Nov 06

Comms industry system developers unveil "X40" collaboration to cut 40 Gbit/s costs with hot-pluggable multi-rate 40Gbit/s optical transceiver.

JDSU's Q1 '07 results show improvement 07 Nov 06

Revenues steady; GAAP net loss reduced; non-GAAP income rises; Commercial Laser and Optical Communication sectors show improvements.

'Optical' bandage treats several skin cancers 03 Nov 06

The causal relationship between sunlight and skin cancer is well known. But the cause can become the treatment. A Scottish physics professor and dermatology consultant have developed a new way of treating skin cancers with "light bandages".

Phase imaging shows tension in red blood cells 03 Nov 06

An optical technique that allows researchers to observe the membranes of living cells in real time could offer a better understanding of diseases such as sickle-cell anemia, malaria and cancer.

Business briefs 03 Nov 06

Including news from Kodak, Diomed Holdings, Dalsa, Axetris, Ciena, Sofradir, Omron, Perkin Elmer and others.

Opnext ogles $150 million stock float 03 Nov 06

Laser chip and avalanche photodiode manufacturer Opnext looks to raise funds on the US stock market.

Video 'pill' makes internal diagnoses 02 Nov 06

When swallowed by a patient, a tiny video camera "pill" will deliver direct diagnoses of various digestive tract conditions.

Stocker Yale acquires Photonic Products 01 Nov 06

Product portfolio broadened; cash flow, revenues and profitability all set to increase.

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