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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

March 2006

Business briefs 31 Mar 06

Including news from JPSA, OmniVision Technologies, Vertilas, Chi Mei Optoelectronics and more.

UK allocates multi-millions for LED lighting projects 31 Mar 06

The UK Department of Trade & Industry is to provide funding of £9 million for collaborative R&D projects in the fields of organic electronics and solid-state lighting.

Negative refraction lenses trap particles 29 Mar 06

Perfect lenses with a negative index of refraction at microwave frequencies find a practical application - trapping and manipulating particles.

Single exposure step creates 3D structures 29 Mar 06

A US team explains how to pattern large area photopolymer surfaces using just a single exposure to a high intensity laser beam, aiming to eventually fabricate 3D photonic crystals by the square meter

QinetiQ spin-out secures GBP6.6 million 29 Mar 06

Stingray Geophysical plans to commercialize QinetiQ's fiber optic seismic monitoring technology, which can be deployed permanently on the seabed.

Terahertz QCLs image samples in 3D 28 Mar 06

Researchers combine high-power terahertz quantum cascade lasers with a three dimensional image reconstruction technique.

Business briefs 24 Mar 06

Including news from Rofin-Sinar, JDSU, FLIR Systems, Quantel and a possible merger between telecommunications giants Lucent Technologies and Alcatel.

Surface plasmons squeeze light 24 Mar 06

Research showing how light at telecommunication wavelengths can be squeezed to below the diffraction limit is unveiled in this week's Nature.

Laser system tests the water 24 Mar 06

Water bottling facilities could soon be using a laser-based system that monitors for harmful organisms such as E Coli and Legionella.

Bookham diversifies with Avalon acquisition 21 Mar 06

Bookham snaps up Avalon Photonics, a Swiss maker of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers, in a deal worth at least $5.5 million.

Liquid-liquid waveguide lets light flow 21 Mar 06

Researchers in the US have come up with a microfluidic waveguide that relies on the thermal gradient across its core and cladding liquids to channel light.

On the move #3 20 Mar 06

A regular round-up of staff changes within the industry featuring OIDA, Lucent Technologies, DataLase and more.

Optical barcodes show promise as microlabels 17 Mar 06

A new study shows how micro diffractive gratings have potential in tagging samples and products

Business briefs 17 Mar 06

Including news from Seiko Epson, Novalux, Ocean Optics, Cree and more.

Coherent shells out $376m in cash for Excel 17 Mar 06

Coherent looks to double its share of the materials processing market in a deal that could be worth $30 per share to Excel investors.

Broadening scheme solves slow light bandwidth issues 14 Mar 06

Practical all-optical buffers and optical routers are now a step closer thanks to work being carried out in Switzerland and Japan.

Eye-safe laser detects Greenhouse gases 13 Mar 06

Applications ranging from remote atmospheric gas sensing to medicine might benefit from the development of this new laser.

Nanomotor rotates microscale objects 10 Mar 06

In this week's Nature, researchers in the Netherlands unveil a nanomotor that can rotate objects 10,000 times its size.

Business briefs 10 Mar 06

Including news from Toshiba, Canon, Lucent Technologies, Nichia, Lumileds and more.

High-speed VCSEL targets supercomputers 10 Mar 06

Japanese firm NEC unveils a VCSEL operating at 25 Gbps per channel at this week's OFC conference.

$13.55 billion boost to Singapore R&D 09 Mar 06

Singapore is chasing R&D high flyers Sweden, Finland and Japan as it kicks off the latest round of its five yearly science and technology spending plan.

Suction creates optical fiber preforms 09 Mar 06

A simple suction technique is an ideal way to create optical fiber preforms whose core is made from multiple constituents, say researchers.

On the move #2 09 Mar 06

A regular round-up of staff changes within the industry featuring DALSA, Nanoident Organic Fab and JDSU.

Firms must join forces to tackle light bulb culture 06 Mar 06

HB-LED makers should concentrate on building relationships with their customers in order to break down the incumbent culture based around the light bulb, say analysts.

Waveplates offer precise control of polarization 06 Mar 06

Understanding polarization, polarization control and waveplates can be a daunting task. Emily Kubacki from CVI Laser describes the how, why and what of waveplates.

Edmund Optics solves LED coupling problems 06 Mar 06

The days of the quartz halogen lamp in machine vision applications could be over. Jacqueline Hewett finds out how Edmund Optics went back to basics to improve the coupling efficiency of an LED, turning it into a practical alternative.

Diode lasers get fundamental push to higher power 06 Mar 06

nLight is confident that no fundamental barriers stand in the way of squeezing 1 kW out of a single 1 cm diode laser bar. James Tyrrell speaks with Paul Crump to find out why.

Ultra-clean fabrication inspires Nufern growth 06 Mar 06

When the telecommunications industry dried up, the military market came to the rescue of speciality fibre firm Nufern. Company president Martin Seifert tells Jacqueline Hewett how Nufern turned things around and found new applications for its fibre.

Business briefs 03 Mar 06

Including news from Bookham, CIP, Vodafone, FLIR, IEE and more.

Tiny pyramidal mirrors trap atoms 03 Mar 06

A new concave pyramidal mirror could provide an alternative method of trapping atoms. Researchers in the UK have devised new micromachined concave pyramidal mirrors to hold atoms in magneto-optical traps (MOTs) and control their motion on atom chips...

LCD glass makers gear up for HDTV boom 02 Mar 06

Corning predicts that the market for Gen 5.5 substrates and above could grow by 150% in 2006. The US display glass maker gives James Tyrrell the latest market breakdown.

On the move #1 02 Mar 06

A regular round-up of staff changes within the industry featuring ROFIN/Baasel Lasertech, nLight and the WM Keck Observatory.

EAM-based all-optical converter runs at 40 Gbit/s 02 Mar 06

Researchers in France have developed an EAM-based converter that operates at 40 Gbit/s.

Artificial atoms amplify light 02 Mar 06

A UK-Swiss team describes how it generated laser light without the need for a population inversion in the current issue of Nature Materials.

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