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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

February 2006

Business briefs 24 Feb 06

Including news from Coherent, Vistec Semiconductor Systems, MC2, Colibrys and more.

Teleclones make their debut 24 Feb 06

A team of physicists in Japan and the UK has demonstrated "quantum telecloning" for the first time. Telecloning involves sending quantum information to more than one receiver.

Renault concept car uses novel lighting technology 24 Feb 06

Micro-optical features in the headlamp cover create a veil of light in certain operating modes while leaving the main and low beam functions unaffected.

In-line tool improves OLED manufacture 24 Feb 06

Researchers using an in-line vertical OLED manufacturing process aim to set milestones in terms of cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Emcore adds DARPA funds to terrestrial solar push 23 Feb 06

With three deals to supply GaAs-based solar cells for terrestrial applications already in place, Emcore gets a further boost from DARPA.

IBM beats optical lithography limits 22 Feb 06

IBM develops an optical lithography technique capable of producing structures less than 32 nm in size which its says gives the industry seven years of breathing space.

Business briefs 17 Feb 06

Including news from OmniVision Technologies, PI, JDSU, Konarka and more.

Doubled fiber laser creates yellow light 17 Feb 06

A frequency-doubling technique promises more efficient, cheaper and more reliable yellow light.

Lumileds unveils high power devices 17 Feb 06

LED expert Lumileds brings a high-power device and a tiny, portable emitter on to the market in the space of two weeks.

Strain sensor boasts high dynamic range 17 Feb 06

A simple strain sensor with a high dynamic range combines the advantages of polymer and silica optical fiber.

Massive slowdown in HB-LED market growth 17 Feb 06

Despite stronger-than-expected sales of mobile phones in 2005, the market for high-brightness LEDs grew just 8%.

Financial focus #2 15 Feb 06

The latest financial results from Rofin-Sinar, DALSA and FLIR Systems.

Financial focus #1 15 Feb 06

The latest financial results from Bookham, Newport and Coherent.

Doubled diode offers compact blue source 15 Feb 06

A new simple design of solid-state blue laser could be an attractive solution for many clinical and industrial applications. Lisa Tsufura and Eric Takeuchi explain.

Kilowatt fibre lasers drive IPG sales boom 14 Feb 06

Sales of fibre lasers are soaring, thanks to growing industry approval. Oliver Graydon spoke to IPG Photonics, one of the first firms to commercialize the technology.

Shallow etch powers up dilute-nitride VCSEL 14 Feb 06

Alight Technologies is tackling the need for powerful long-wavelength, singlemode VCSELs by marrying its photonic-bandgap technology with Infineon's dilute-nitride platform.

Optical devices enhance lab-on-a-chip systems 14 Feb 06

Microfluidics is a rapidly emerging field with researchers around the globe working on lab-on-a-chip systems for diverse and widespread applications.

Business Briefs 10 Feb 06

Including news from Osram, ficonTEC, Carl Zeiss, CIP and more.

Miniature laser projectors have colorful future 10 Feb 06

A patented micro scanning mirror is key to Fraunhofer IPMS's latest laser projector technology. Mobile, miniaturised full-color laser projection systems might be a step closer to market-reality thanks to work being carried out at the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems (IPMS) in Germany...

ULO Optics buys back independence 09 Feb 06

ULO Optics, formerly Umicore Laser Optics, thinks that independence is the way to beat the competition and has just completed a management buy-out. James Tyrrell speaks with Paul Maclennan to find how the UK firm plans to tackle its low-cost rivals and why CO2 lasers can hold their own against competition from fiber.

Tunable filter relies on liquid crystals 08 Feb 06

Meadowlark Optics says its tunable liquid-crystal based filter can switch its transmission characteristics in around 100 milliseconds.

Stress tunes polymer laser output 07 Feb 06

Displays and networks could benefit from a low-cost, thin-film tunable organic laser developed in the US.

Business briefs 03 Feb 06

Including news from DataLase, Corning, Scitec Instruments, Ocean Optics and more. Corning plans to invest an extra $75 million into Samsung Corning Precision Glass (SCP), its Korean LCD glass substrate business...

Nichia sales hit by white LED price cuts 03 Feb 06

Falling prices for white LEDs are blamed for Nichia's first sequential decrease in annual sales and profit since it launched its flagship blue LEDs.

Scattered light creates optical matter 03 Feb 06

Scientists in the UK build a 2D array of particles using light scattered off a prism.

On the move 02 Feb 06

A regular round-up of staff changes within the industry featuring Rofin Sinar, TeraView, Aculight and more.

Forty years of fiber 01 Feb 06

2006 marks the 40th anniversary of Kao and Hockham's breakthough paper on fiber optic communication. Optics.org talks with Philip Hargrave of Nortel about how fiber won over the skeptics.

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