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December 2005

Business briefs 23 Dec 05

Including news from Lumics, Optical Surfaces, 3M and Corning and more.

Patent highlights 21 Dec 05

A festive pick of this year's patent applications including a light scattering bauble and a telescopic Christmas tree.

Research roundup 21 Dec 05

A look at the innovations reported this month including a promising candidate for an electrically-pumped silicon laser.

Business briefs 16 Dec 05

Including news from Boeing, Toshiba, Cynosure, AIXTRON and Lumileds and more.

Backpack laser system cleans up 14 Dec 05

European laser cleaning specialist has received its first orders for a ready-to-wear fiber laser system.

NIF breakthrough on road to ignition 13 Dec 05

Scientists validate key models predicting plasma flow and ignition temperature.

European body to support photonics 13 Dec 05

Photonics 21 was launched this month in Brussels as the latest in a series of European technology platforms.

Three photons make tiny shapes 12 Dec 05

The first three-dimensional structures to be fabricated by three-photon polymerization are unveiled.

Business briefs 09 Dec 05

Including news from Agilent Technologies, Cree, OmniVision Technologies, GSI Group and more.

Photons make first quantum networks 08 Dec 05

Three separate teams report advances in using single photons for quantum communication in this week's Nature.

Crystal technology aids development of OPOs 07 Dec 05

Optical parametric oscillators offer a convenient source of coherent light that can be tuned across the ultraviolet, visible and infrared. Günter Warmbier describes the principle of operation and key characteristics of these useful devices.

Electronic labels on trial 07 Dec 05

Printed information labels in shops could be about to be replaced by bistable LCDs and wireless receivers. Oliver Graydon speaks to ZBD Displays, a pioneer of the technology.

2005: The year in review 07 Dec 05

OLE looks back at the scientific breakthroughs, emerging applications and business deals that have hit the headlines in 2005. Enjoy reading and reminiscing!

Infrared detector expert sees rapid market growth 07 Dec 05

XenICs of Belgium is developing a new breed of compact and uncooled infrared cameras based on compound semiconductor detectors. Jacqueline Hewett spoke to the firm's founder Bob Grietens to find out what applications are adopting the technology.

Laser vibrometry checks heartbeat 07 Dec 05

Italian scientists demonstrate a non-contact technique for analyzing heartbeats.

Remote imaging LIBS makes debut 07 Dec 05

Heritage applications look set to benefit from a remote imaging and ablation system based on LIBS.

HB-LED supplier count tops 100 06 Dec 05

More than 100 companies are now selling high-brightness LEDs at different levels of the supply chain, says a new report.

Business briefs 02 Dec 05

Including news from Novaled, Philips, Oxford Instruments and Sony.

Research round-up 02 Dec 05

A look at the scientific innovations reported in journals in November including measurements of femtoforces.

Engineered silicon emits laser light 01 Dec 05

Silicon riddled with tiny holes shows lasing action in the infrared.

Fish waste creates DNA photonics 01 Dec 05

Marine-based DNA gives a low-loss biopolymer with attractive optical properties.

Photonics foundry reinstates chip making in Canada 01 Dec 05

The Canadian government has invested C$43 million in building a compound semiconductor fabrication facility that it hopes will drive the growth of start-ups and small businesses. Richard Stevenson talks to the facility's director, Sylvain Charbonneau.

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