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The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

May 2006

Diode laser innovation gives consistent pumping without cooling 31 May 06

Alfalight's design for an uncooled diode laser, based on WST - Wavelength Stabilized Technology - maintains a precise wavelength over a 30ÂșC temperature drift

All-optical scheme mirrors transistor behaviour 31 May 06

A US-developed system could lead to all-optical transistors and single-photon switching for quantum information networks.

Photonic crystals to help drive auxiliary power in cars 26 May 06

Researchers in the US are studying the potential of thermophotovoltaic systems as auxiliary power generation units (APU) in cars.

Business briefs 26 May 06

Including news from OmniVision Technologies, Nichia, JDSU, Zarlink Semiconductor and more.

CLEO 06: In pictures 25 May 06

Some eye-catching images from this year's event.

CLEO 06: New products shower the exhibition floor 25 May 06

A brief look at some of the new products launched at this year's exhibition.

LEDs dominate new organic semiconductor patent registrations 24 May 06

Analysis of patent registrations during mid-2005 shows that the applications for organic semiconductor technologies are mutiplying rapidly. The vast majority of these are in the LED sector.

'Multi-million dollar' order for Powerlase DPSS lasers 24 May 06

Korean technology giant LG Electronics has placed a multi-million dollar order with Powerlase for DPSS lasers intended for LG's Korean display-making plants.

CLEO 06: Taking photonics to market comes under the spotlight 24 May 06

Experts in patient diagnostics, homeland security and medical imaging share their views on the commercialization of photonics as part of an exclusive CLEO/QELS panel discussion.

CLEO 06: DARPA keeps its eye on the far-side 23 May 06

Keeping ideas fresh is the key to finding the next disruptive technology explains DARPA's deputy director, Robert Leheny.

CLEO 06 opens its doors to delegates 23 May 06

Organizers are expecting this year's show at the Long Beach Convention Centre, US, to be a big hit, with more than 300 exhibitors, over 200 technical sessions and 2186 paper submissions.

Jenoptik reorganises and opens 'Europe's largest' plastic optics facility 19 May 06

As the company opens Europe's largest dedicated plastic optics R&D and manufacturing facility today, Jenoptik is rebranding itself. Its subsidiary formerly known as Wahl Optoparts is refashioned to better fit the group identity and grow its medical technologies business, while Jenoptik Jena is reborn as Jenoptik Germany.

Business briefs 19 May 06

Including news from Rofin-Sinar, Forth Dimension Displays, Luminus and JPSA.

Carbon nanotubes target OLED anodes 19 May 06

Indium Tin Oxide is no longer the only option for OLED anodes, say researchers in Canada. Carbon nanotubes can do the job too.

AlN epilayers produce LED emitting at 210nm 18 May 06

The shortest-wavelength LED ever seen has been fabricated by a research team at NTT in Japan.

'Hybrid' assembly technique connects optical devices precisely 17 May 06

A hybrid assembly technique, based on tessellating "Lego"-style building blocks, provides a simple and reliable method of integrating optical devices.

$15m funding boost for new sensor center 16 May 06

Mid-infrared emitting quantum cascade lasers are to play a key role in research as Princeton plans its new multi-million dollar interdisciplinary sensor engineering center.

Helicopter LIDAR speeds up pipeline inspection 15 May 06

Adlares, E.ON Ruhrgas and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) think that their airborne LIDAR system could help to revolutionize gas pipeline monitoring, increasing network inspection rates from 2 to 80km/h. James Tyrrell catches up with Adlares' Matthias Ulbricht to find out more.

Robust mirrors take on demanding applications 15 May 06

Selecting the right mirror for the right job is no trivial task. However, help is at hand as Michael Case and Mark Dykstra guide you through the process.

Ultrafast pulses fool heat-seeking missiles 15 May 06

A femtosecond laser's ability to generate an intense electric field makes it ideal for disrupting missiles that use infrared guidance systems. Emmanuel Marquis describes a ground-based solution that could protect civilian and military aircraft against missile attacks.

Slowing light in optical fibres sees fast progress 15 May 06

Slowing down light to produce optical delay lines for communication networks has advanced enormously in the last year. Luc Thévenaz and Miguel Gonzalez-Herraez chart this recent progress and describe the new challenges facing developers of practical devices.

Multiphoton approach shapes ultrafast pulses 15 May 06

A new method of phase and amplitude control delivers near-transform limited pulses, even after passing through complex beam delivery systems such as multiphoton excitation microscopes. Steve Butcher and colleagues from Coherent explain.

Silicon detectors eye-up photomultiplier markets 15 May 06

Photomultiplier tubes are facing stiff competition from silicon-based low-light detectors. Jacqueline Hewett asks Joseph O'Keeffe, a founder of Irish firm SensL, why he believes that silicon devices have what it takes to displace incumbent technologies.

Business briefs 12 May 06

Including news from Cree, EPIC, Uni-Pixel, JDSU and more.

Cambridge Display Technology reports mixed results for Q1 2006 12 May 06

The latest quarter of trading figures show a dip for OLED developer Cambridge Display Technology. But the company isn't worried, citing variations in demand for its licensed technology. And in any case, OLEDs are set to find more and larger scale applications, CDT says.

OLED and 'paper-like' displays to reach $10.2billion by 2011 10 May 06

New types of flexible an refreshable displays based on OLEDs and "paper-like" materials will take the market by storm over the next five years, generating sales worth more than $10billion. optics.org looks at the writing on the wall.

Holograms trap airborne water droplets 10 May 06

UK researchers unveil a new way of using holograms to manipulate arrays of liquid droplets and test their physical and chemical properties.

Salmon DNA improves OLED performance 08 May 06

Incorporating salmon DNA into the structure of a conventional OLED makes it ten times more efficient and thirty times brighter, say researchers in the US.

Immersion enhances holographic microscopy 08 May 06

Researchers say that they have found a short-cut to achieving higher resolutions; one that could improve imaging resolutions by up to 80%.

Doubled praseodymium offers route to UV 05 May 06

Researchers in Germany and Italy unveil a simple way to generate continuous UV light which could be useful for fluorescence microscopy.

Powerlase boosts production area following rapid sales growth 05 May 06

UK-based high power diode pumped laser developer Powerlase has reported dramatic growth in demand and consequently is expanding its factory area. optics.org interviews the company's sales manager about this growing niche marketplace.

Nanostars could bring 3D sensing 05 May 06

US researchers unveil star-shaped nanoparticles with some unusual optical properties: each arm of the star has a unique spectral signature.

Business briefs 05 May 06

Including news from Firecomms, Inphase, JDSU, Corelase and more.

Mains powered OLED targets traditional lighting 05 May 06

Organic electroluminescent devices made using low-cost inkjet printing or reel-to-reel fabrication could one day surpass the power efficiency of commercial fluorescent lamps say researchers in the US.

Photonic technologies address new markets 04 May 06

Delegates at last week's Photon Forum hear that key VC investments are being made in optical networking, biophotonics, photovoltaics, and displays and illumination.

BFI Optilas management buys out the company 03 May 06

Photonics and electronics component distributor BFI Optilas has been bought out by its management team, which says it plans to "further expand the company's European operations".

Laser and metrology systems makers deliver positive results 02 May 06

Quarterly results from three companies at different stages of their fiscal years tell a similar story: markets and forward bookings are both up, while consolidation rolls inexorably on.

Camera and display makers report strengthening markets 02 May 06

Newly-published quarter year results for Flir, Dalsa and Planar Technologies suggest a pattern of improving markets for their products worldwide. But to maintain double digit sales growth the companies are diversifying, restructuring and constantly refining their ranges.

Insects inspire artificial eyes 02 May 06

3D polymer structures are packed together to create an artificial eye.

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