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Historical Archive (January 2003 - June 2010)
The historic archive provides access to articles published prior to SPIE's acquisition of optics.org in July 2010.

March 2010

Circuit-based resonator shrinks laser design 30 Mar 10

An inductor-capacitor resonant circuit allows researchers to miniaturize laser technology to unprecedented levels.

Business briefs 29 Mar 10

Featuring news from Optics Balzers, StockerYale, Edmund Optics, JPSA and more.

QuantumFilm set to replace silicon sensors 26 Mar 10

A quantum dot-based image sensor will challenge silicon's dominance.

PCF project unites European experts 25 Mar 10

NextGenPCF develops photonic crystal fibre for biomedical, telecommunication and sensing applications.

InSight predicts boom in 3DTV sales 23 Mar 10

Market analyst InSight Media says that it has produced the best 3DTV forecast to date

Edmund Optics predicts gradual recovery in 2010 22 Mar 10

As many major economies emerge from recession, could 2010 mark the start of the road to recovery for the optics industry? Jacqueline Hewett asks Robert Edmund, the president and CEO of Edmund Optics, what 2010 holds for his company

3D invisibility cloak unveiled 22 Mar 10

Researchers hide a tiny bump from near-infrared light

General Motors plans new display 22 Mar 10

Car giant General Motors is working on a head-up display that uses the entire windscreen

Business briefs 19 Mar 10

Featuring news from Coherent, Texas Instruments, BIOLASE, Boeing and Jenoptik

Skin cancer treatment gets mobile 19 Mar 10

A light-emitting plaster designed to treat non-melanoma skin cancer is formally launched across Europe

Graphene makes ultrafast laser 18 Mar 10

Cambridge University team's result paves the way to graphene-based photonics

Fibre draws on binary semiconductors 15 Mar 10

Optical fibres with semiconductor cores possess nonlinearities that make them ideal for mid-IR sensing, security and biomedicine

Business briefs 12 Mar 10

Featuring news from Zygo, II-VI, EPIC, LIMO and Osram Opto Semiconductors

Silicon photodiodes blend into the UV 12 Mar 10

Organic semiconductors provide a simple way of fabricating photodiodes that are sensitive to UV light

Sony targets laser projector market 11 Mar 10

Sony says its new RGB laser source is ideal for large screen projectors

Jenoptik opens laser centre in Korea 09 Mar 10

New laser application centre targets the electronics, photovoltaics and flat-panel display markets

Turbines see the wind of change 09 Mar 10

Laser-equipped wind turbines predict wind speed and direction for optimal electricity generation

Green lasers: variations on a theme 08 Mar 10

Well over a dozen papers at this year's Photonics West meeting in San Francisco boasted improvements in harmonic generation to produce visible laser beams, most of them in the green spectral range

Avalanche photodetector breaks speed record 08 Mar 10

New design could lead to optical computers

Small component, big opportunity 02 Mar 10

Two-element VGA lens points the way to higher-resolution wafer-level cameras for ultraslim mobile phones

Nanofibres in a spin 02 Mar 10

Researchers in Italy succeed in rotating polymer nanofibres using just light

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